How To Signal With A Whistle- Prepping Emergency Survival Must Have Skill

how to signal with a whistle how to signal S-O-S emergency signals survival skills signal whistle codes signal for help Bug Out Bag Must have survival gear Life Bivy bivvy emergency sleeping bag hi it’s AlaskaGranny any time you head
outdoors for any kind of activity whether you’re hiking camping or fishing
make sure you bring a whistle avoid bug out bag mistakes a whistle can help you signal if you have an
emergency you can’t keep shouting because you can’t be as loud as a
whistle your voice and your body will get dehydrated and you’re probably not
going to be as effective as with a whistle make sure you get an emergency
whistle that’s designed to be at least 100 decibels loud or more the sound threshold
of a 100 decibel sound is 1.4 miles you can hear an emergency whistle 1 .4 miles away no one can yell that loud and be heard
that far away but a whistle can do it for you easily then you need to know how
to signal if you have an emergency with your whistle
the first way you should signal emergency with a whistle is with three long blasts then you want to wait
and listen to see if anyone responds another way is to use the SOS which is
three short blasts three long blasts three short blasts and then you want to wait and listen again hear that there’s already a plane coming
to my rescue anyway make sure you have an emergency whistle with you whether you’re outside
doing any kind of activity and make sure you have one always in your emergency
pack Bug Out Bag must have when you head out especially with children put an emergency whistle on a lanyard around
their neck one of the benefits of the Life Bivy from Go Time Gear is a 100 decibel emergency whistle
comes on the paracord attached to the bag pack that holds the emergency sleeping bag bivy survival sleeping bag whatever
kind of emergency whistle you get make sure you remember how to use it and you
have it with you when you go outside learn more at please
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