How To Take Levothyroxine Properly | Best Way To Take Thyroid Medication | When To Take Synthroid

Are you or someone you know getting the most out of your thyroid medication? well at the end of this video I promise you, you’re gonna know everything you need to know first a few facts about hypothyroidism which basically means low thyroid levels it’s quite common it affects 1 in 70 women and 1 in 1,000 men in the UK symptoms include fatigue, weight gain, sensitivity to the cold and many more so to restore thyroid levels in our body levothyroxine and similar medicines are prescribed and here’s how to take it for best results lots of patients ask me this and there’s actually quite a lot of conflicting advice online so as long as you haven’t been directed differently by a prescriber then here’s what I recommend tip 1 if you don’t take any medication first thing in the morning take it as soon as you wake up ideally 30 to 60 minutes before breakfast or any caffeinated drinks and this is my favourite mug and here’s a fun fact for everyone pharmacists love these kind of facts so if there’s any watching I hope you enjoy it so some studies show that food reduces the absorption of levothyroxine by up to 20% so that’s why we say take it on an empty stomach and that’s the fact I hope you enjoyed it tip 2 thyroid medication isn’t usually taken at night because some people find it difficult to fall asleep now it’s probably due to the relationship between the adrenal hormone cortisol and the hypothalamus pituitary axis which regulates all hormones in our body and that includes thyroid stimulating hormone tip 3 avoid taking your thyroid medication at the same time as your calcium supplements, iron supplements and antacids as these will also reduce its absorption but fear not you can still take these medicines but wait at least 4 hours after taking your thyroxine before you take them I’ve also left a link in the description below with all the
medicines that interact with levothyroxine so feel free to click on it tip 4 soya isn’t on that list but it can stop levothyroxine from working properly so if you do eat it regularly or take any soya supplements it’s worth letting your doctor know so they can do extra blood tests kelp isn’t on that list either but trust me it is a good list for medication interactions kelp contains iodine which can make an under-active thyroid worse so avoid eating it if you’re taking levothyroxine tip number 6 always let your pharmacist know that you taking levothyroxine especially when you’re starting a new medicine or you’re buying something over the counter because they can then check if there’s any interaction if you have any friends or family who take thyroid medication help them get the most out of their medicines by teaching them what you’ve learnt today or if that takes too long just like, share and tag them in hey guys thanks for watching this week’s
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