How to Train German Shepherds : Learn where to get More Information on German Shepherds

Hi! I’m Melanie McLeroy with Taurus Training
for Expert Village and we’re now going to work with German Shepherds. And I’d like
to talk a little bit about breed characteristics of German Shepherds. Training German Shepherds
can be extremely easy or very challenging. There are all different types of Shepherds,
they are German bred, they are American bred, they have all different physical characteristics,
different colors. Sophie here…Sophers, is very interested in the food on the floor,
is a beautiful example of a Shepherd. She’s very calm. She is older. One thing to keep
in mind if you’re trying to choose a breed is that German Shepherds can be very hyper
and kind of spazy and they are just adorably clumsy and cute as they go through their adolescence.
And it takes a while for them to reach social maturity. A lot of them don’t reach social
maturity until three and a half or four years old that’s when they’re fully adult. It’s
extremely important to socialize your German Shepherd when he or she is a puppy. German
Shepherds have a breed characteristic of becoming aroused relatively quickly and they can develop
dog aggression at the onset of social maturity. So taking your dog to the dog park, doggy
daycare, are excellent ways to socialize your Shepherd. It’s also important to socialize
them to different people, different experiences when they’re young. These are dogs that
are used for protection and they’re excellent for that, even without any training for protection
however you want to be in control of that. Finally related to my last point establish
leadership with your Shepherd at a very young age. That way you’re in control of their
reactions. Remember you want your dog to pay attention to you and check in with you about
the appropriateness of their behavior. So as you’re training your German Shepherd
doing obedience, establishing leadership in a gentle way, then you’re developing the
right kind of relationship to have a lifetime of love and health behaviorally and physically
with your dog. Finally don’t forget to get them enough exercise especially when they’re