How to Treat an Asthma Attack | First Aid Training

If you’re with someone who’s having an asthma
attack, the best thing for you to do is to stay calm and to help them out. Have them sit down. Sitting is the best position for them, rather
than lying down. Find their inhaler. Often times they will have it on their person,
or nearby. Give it to them to administer their own medication. It’s easier for them to do. They’re used to doing it, they know how to
do it, they know when to breathe in to get the medicine into their lungs. Sometimes people will try to help and they’ll
just spray, spray, spray, and it’s not in time with breathing. Don’t be alarmed by how many puffs the person
is taking. It may be more or less than you’re used to
seeing them take. Just let them do it and stay with them, reassure
them, keep them safe. If their breathing does not return to normal,
or if they’re having increased difficulty in breathing, call 911 and get help right