How To Treat Fungal Acne | Malassezia Folliculitis Tiny Bumps

hello everybody and welcome back to my
channel so this video is gonna be all about skin how I treated these tiny
little forehead bumps I had and they were really really annoying and I was
actually very concerned about what was going on with my skin so after I
discovered this skin condition that I had and figured out how to treat it to
get rid of it I thought it would be a good idea to make a video because I know
a lot of people struggle with this skin condition even though I don’t think a
lot of people have heard of the term it’s very common I’m going to be putting
up pictures on the screen of what my skin looked like before I even knew what
this thing was called so as you can see in these pictures the concentration of
the breakout was really on my forehead I had these tiny bumps and texture on my
forehead and it got really bad when I went to Armenia and I think not only
with what I’m about to say I really think with the changes like the
temperature changes the climate changes the air water food everything kind of
affected my skin when I came back from Armenia that’s when my skin was at its
worst and I was really confused because I thought I was doing everything that
you’re supposed to do for good skin I was drinking lots of water I was eating
healthy I thought I had a pretty good skincare routine and my hygiene
was great so I was really confused about why I kept having these bumps basically
I came across this article/website/ encyclopedia I don’t even know
what it is honestly but it’s basically a website this guy broke down everything
you need to know about this problem I have a bunch of notes on my phone that I
took because there’s a lot of information that I would like to
share with you guys I also wanted to just share my skin journey it’s relevant
and a lot of you have been asking me about my skin products I use how I
maintain everything so I’m gonna get into more about this actual
skin condition basically if you have tiny bumps on your forehead on your
t-zone on your chin nose cheek forehead area even on your back not pimples bumps
you might have a condition called Malassezia folliculitis I’m
gonna read off from here because I cannot keep this in my head it is a
fungal type of skin break out that occurs when the hair follicle is
infected and an overgrowth of yeast is present problem is it’s not actually
acne and a lot of people think that is acne even dermatologists misdiagnosed
has acne but it’s not actually acne it’s like a fungal skin condition I thought
that it was just breakouts regular pimples stress pimples hormonal pimples
but they were actually fungal yeast overgrowth if that makes sense the basic
cause that I can summarize for you guys in non chemistry terms because this is
all chemistry and science and you know basically the cause of these tiny
forehead bumps is oils high sebum production stress / fatigue and products
that trigger the growth of yeast also this fungal condition it’s in the same
family as seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff and everything of that nature so if you
have dandruff I don’t happen to have dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis it’s
essentially the same or similar thing but on the epidermis it’s on the skin so
we’re going to get into all the sciency stuff the educational stuff but I’m also
gonna show you guys how to treat it by the way I am NOT a dermatologist I am
NOT a licensed skin doctor, I am just
going based off my own experiences and the information and research that I’ve
done myself there’s five basic factors when it comes to your skin and those
five happened to be hormones hygiene skin care diet and lifestyle and stress
skin care was the main thing that triggered this whole malassezia firstly
I’m gonna get into diet and lifestyle because I’m gonna get that out of the
way a lot of you already know that I have been vegan for almost two and a
half three years I would say approximately three years it’s really
important to have a healthy diet for your skin I know you’ve heard that
everywhere but it really is a lot of people might think that okay what’s a
healthy diet what is actually good for your skin I already have adopted a Whole
Foods plant-based diet and lifestyle so I was really confused about why I was
having this issue because I’ve always had good skin and after going vegan my
skin drastically improved I’ve always had pretty clear skin but any kind of
skin issue I had breakouts pimples of that sort got much better my skin
complexion was more even my face just looked a lot better you can eat chips
for breakfast lunch and dinner and be considered vegan but that
does not mean that you’re healthy so we have to use logic here people eating
chips is not healthy even though it’s vegan so when we refer to as vegan we
mean plant foods Whole Foods plant-based so if you’re eating a lot of processed
food I know Oreos are vegan like obviously it’s
not gonna be good for you or chips the best advice I can give you for diet is
to stay hydrated drink lots of water I know you hear that all the time it gets
really annoying but it’s the truth the best thing to do is to intake your fruit
and vegetables and legumes nuts seeds these are some of the healthiest food so
I’ve already adopted that so I was kind of past that but I’m definitely going to
mention that to you guys because a lot of people may not know that and I
help as many people as possible a lot of you might not know but dairy
is one of the biggest culprits for skin conditions and other health issues but
specifically acne dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis these are some of the issues
just some of the issues caused by dairy consumption it’s one almost twenty
twenty and people still think that dairy is a health food and that it’s healthy
when it is really not dairy is not a health food and dairy is not even a
human food so I would HIGHLY urge you guys to ditch dairy out of your diet out
of your lifestyle and I won’t get into the ethical issues related to dairy
production but I will give you guys the health point of view dairy is likely the
cause if you have a skin condition likely the cause of that skin condition
especially cystic acne pustules because if you do your research dairy is
essentially pus somatic cells galactose lactose even if you’re getting lactose free
you’re getting all these naturally occurring hormones estrogen
and don’t fight me on soy having estrogen we will get into a whole other
video about that but I highly urge you to switch to a plant-based alternative
because it is healthier for you and it is better for the planet stress and
fatigue is also a huge part of this problem so the way I kind of combat it
malassezia was through yoga and meditation from the stress point of view
I wanted to mention hygiene so I have pretty good hygiene but I switched to a
satin pillowcase because I heard from research that it it doesn’t absorb
bacteria when you sleep as much as like a cotton pillow
what does malassezia feed on fatty acids oils esters glyceride polysorbates
amino acids and a whole list of other things fatty acids from 11 to 24 should
be avoided you can google that and just it will give you all the names of them
and then when you go to buy something just make sure it doesn’t have
that also a lifesaver there is a website called see Sezia and essentially you put the name of the product along with the
ingredients and it tells you if this will grow the fungus on your skin also
I’m gonna say something that a lot of people don’t want to hear that I didn’t
want to hear as well avoid coconut oil if you have Malassezia
folliculitis and the issue was that I had coconut oil in every single product
that I was using my gentle face cleanser by Kopari the coconut oil face
cleanser that I love has coconut oil in it my facial spray had coconut oil in it
so if you have this problem I would suggest avoiding coconut oil as well as
fermented products if you live in a hot climate a humid climate you’re much more
susceptible to malassezia because obviously yeast grows in heat and humid
climate so cold is much better for the skin I always thought that washing skin
with hot water or warmer water was much better cause you’re getting it
cleaner but it’s actually not the case with this condition because the heat
actually grows it and it disrupts the pH balance so if you’re able to take cold
showers or wash your face with cold water that’s much better
malassezia thrives in a pH range of 5.5 to 7.5 that’s in comparison with a
normal pH balance which is about 4.7 so as you can see 5.5 and 7.5 not 4.7 it’s
the two extremes that are the problem highly acidic and then highly alkaline
I’m gonna get into some of the products I’m using that you guys could also buy
if you have this problem I had to go through all my products and throw them
out and buy new skincare products because all the products I was using
were actually causing this issue like unfortunately I really hate to say this
but my tatcha water cream that I loved so much was causing this malassezia the
first product that I’m going to be mentioning is the Vani cream gentle
facial cleanser really good cleanser it’s foaming it’s dermatologist tested
free of dyes fragrance masking fragrance lanolin and parabens formaldehyde and
other preservatives it’s just a really gentle cleanser and if you have
sensitive skin like I do highly recommend the next product is the Thayer’s
natural remedies witch hazel aloe vera formula toner this is the original I
also have the fragrance free one I would prefer the fragrance free one because
fragrance can irritate your skin but this is just a basic toner you could
also put witch hazel straight on your face if you wanted to like diluted it’s
really gentle and I just put this on a cotton pad and go over like the t-zone
area it’s really good for like a refreshing moisturize but you’re still
toning and kind of cleansing that area it’s also really good after you’ve worn
heavy makeup and you want to get rid of any residual makeup this is also like
under $10 super affordable that Vani cream is about $10 I believe and this is
as well for a mask I’ve been loving the salicylic acid 2% mask for blemish-prone
skin by The Ordinary this is amazing it’s basically salicylic acid and
charcoal and it’s so good I saw a big difference my pores got smaller my complexion was a lot smoother and it kind of dried out those areas too so
I love this by the ordinary they were kind enough to send me a bunch of their
products I’m gonna show you first the moisturizer I’ve been using obviously
after throwing out my Tatcha water cream I was like what am I gonna use to
moisturize my skin because I have quite dry skin I found out that this is
essentially the only oil that is malassezia safe it’s called squalane not
squalene not to be confused with squalene with an e this is squalane with
an a and this is plant-derived squalene if you need some sort of moisturizer,
serum, facial oil, squalene is the best so I have two more serum-e type of products
the first one I want to show it’s not related to this fungal acne but it’s
helped me with my skin so this is also by The
Ordinary it’s alpha arbutin 2% + HA concentrated serum with 2% purified
alpha Arbutin and hyaluronic acid it’s a thick serum super thick if you have
discoloration around your mouth your chin any kind of discoloration
like that orange green blue purple I don’t know
this really really helps so I just kind of take a drop of this I take like one
single drop of this and I just put it all over the area that I want to treat
and it’s been working really well and then the last product I’ve been using
also not related to the skin condition but really really helpful in my skin
regimen Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% it’s essentially to control
sebum production and blemish control usually what I do with this is I put
it on my nose my chin and right like near my t-zone area where I get larger
pores especially on my chin and my nose I’ll take a little bit and it just
reduces the pore size and my makeup has been going on a lot more smooth
obviously so I’ve been using this guy for poor control and I love love love it
I hope you guys didn’t mind me constantly looking at my phone to
remember all this information because it’s a lot of stuff and I it’s like I
have a hard time remembering and even though I’m a student and I study science
I learned so much I probably dedicated about two to three
days just researching on this issue and finding products, calling the
manufacturers of each skincare company talking to their manufacturing I’ll
definitely link everything that I used to help me figure out my skincare
routine down below let me know if you guys would like me to do a skincare
routine actually showing how I use the products along with the other skincare
products I use obviously this is not my entire skincare routine I have
some other products that I love and I use but these are the products I use
just for this specific condition also leave your suggestions down below of
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enjoyed and I will see you in my next one