How To Use Detoxify Xxtra Clean Full-Body Detox Drink

Hey guys!
Sam here with Waterbeds ‘n’ Stuff here to talk about
Detoxify’s Xxtra Clean Herbal Cleanse It is a temporary detox, pretty easy to use
so I will quickly explain this. Basically about three hours before you
need to be toxin free and clean you will drink the entire contents
of this bottle. Drink! Just like that! With this hand.
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[laughter] Now, after you’ve drank the
entire contents of this bottle, you’re gonna wait fifteen minutes; not twenty, not ten,
FIFTEEN minutes; and you’re gonna drink thirty two (32) to
fourty (40) ounces of water. After that you’re gonna have to pee like crazy.
It’s gonna happen. So about the third or fourth time
you pee after drinking this AND the water, that is when
everything’s flushed out, you’re clean, you’re good to go
for about five to six hours. And that’s it. Super simple. That’s all. [scatting]
That’s all folks!