How to use Trauma Kits

(electric guitar music) – Hi, my name is Theresa Hood, and I’m a registered nurse
and the director of education at Rapides Regional Medical Center. Today, we’re here to learn about how to use the belt trauma kit, or BTK. This is the belt trauma kit, or BTK. It contains gloves, QuikClot Combat Gauze, SWAT-T Tourniquet, and a face
shield to use during CPR. First thing you wanna do
is put on your gloves, and I’m gonna put those on. (gloves rustling) Next, open your QuikClot Combat Gauze. There are six tear points
along the edge of the package, make sure you use these tear points because it’s very difficult
to open the package otherwise. Next, you wanna pack the wound, starting directly at the site of bleeding. Make sure you pack the wound completely, getting all gaps or channels
that are surrounding the wound. If it’s very large wound,
you may have to use more than one gauze. Once the wound is completely packed, you can use the rest of the
gauze to apply pressure. You wanna apply consistent pressure for at least three minutes. Do not press up and down on the wound, and do not remove the gauze to see if the wound has stopped bleeding. Again, apply pressure,
consistent pressure, for at least three minutes. After that three minute period, you want to apply the tourniquet. You’re going to stretch the tourniquet. And wrap the wound. You’re gonna use the entire tourniquet. Once you come to the
end of the tourniquet, you’re gonna tuck that into one layer of the tourniquet. And please bring the empty
QuikClot Combat Gauze package with you, it has directions
for medical personnel to remove the gauze. You can use these simple steps to dress any wound anywhere on the body. Whether it’s the chest,
the arm, or the leg. The wound does not have to be clean, the important thing is to
pack the wound, wrap it, and that person needs
immediate medical care. Make sure EMS has been activated. (electric guitar music)