Hurricane Irma & Life Update

Hey, guys. Welcome back. I know it’s been a while. I have a lot to tell you. I survived Hurricane Irma, as did my babies. So, I meant to make a video before the hurricane
hit, and everything, but I was at Dragon Con and I got back from Dragon Con on September
4th, which was a Monday, like, really, probably around seven or eight o’clock. It was about a six, six and half our drive
home from Dragon Con. And, then immediately had to start preparing
for Hurricane Irma, because Hurricane Irma was going to hit Florida. And if you saw any of the satellite images
of Irma, it was about the entire size of the entire state of Florida. So, it was huge. We made sure that our house was as hurricane
proof as we could. We pulled in everything from our lanai, made
sure to get plenty of food and water. So, we had about like three weeks worth of
nonperishables, and plenty of water for us and the dogs. And, basically, we … I know baby. I did things like, I took Nyx to get her next
set of shots, so that if we had to go anywhere around other dogs, she would be safe. Incidentally, I can now start doing obedience
classes with her, so I’ll be doing clicker training with her soon. I also got a copy of Nyx and Phaedras’ vaccination
records so that if we had to go anywhere, again, I had all the information on hand. I got my car tuned up, just in case. But, I’ve lived in Florida since 2004, and
in the past, have never run from a hurricane. Basically, we just wait it out. I bought my home in a no flood, no evacuation
zone, so typically we’re pretty safe here. A lot of people actually evacuate to where
I live. It’s not like parts of South Tampa, which
flood like crazy. I felt pretty confident that we were going
to be okay. And then Saturday rolls arounds, and it’s
about two o’clock, and we’ve been watching the updates, and all of the projected paths
for the hurricane all week. And it’s stressful, and I’m tired. And Ray, and Dave, and I had decided that
if it was going to potentially hit as a Category 4 … Oh, no, no, no, no. I know baby. Oh, thank you. Ray, and Dave, and I decided that if the hurricane
was going to hit as a Category 3 or 4, then we should consider evacuating. Well, on Saturday around 2:00, the path updated,
and it looked like the eye, or the eastern wall of the eye of hurricane were going to
go over our home. So, we were like, all right, that’s it, I
guess we have to go. So, I packed up both of my dogs. You can see Phaedra back there, and Nyx right
here in my arms. And I packed up Ray, and Dave and we took
both of our cars, and left. We went to my friend’s house in New Orleans,
and we stayed with her for a few days. The drive to New Orleans wasn’t really bad
at all, because nobody was really evacuating there at that point. So, it was like nine or ten hours, wasn’t
long. I know baby, I know. I know, you’re like, wanting to get down. You’re such a sweet girl. And se we had fun spending time with my friend
Noel in New Orleans. We watched the hurricane hit, and it did a
lot, a lot of destruction to the keys and Miami. But apparently, our place never lost power,
never lost the internet or anything. So, Monday, we packed up to come home, and
we were planning on leaving around 8:00 a.m., which would be 9:00 a.m. my time. But Ray was the only person from his group
at work, that could get on to fix a problem, because nobody else had power, so we ended
up getting stuck staying in New Orleans until … We didn’t leave until, I think like two
o’clock our time. So, that made the drive back miserable and
grueling. Oh my gosh, I know. What should have been like a nine or ten hour
drive, turned into a 17, almost 17-1/2 hour drive. We were so tired, I kept looking, trying to
find a hotel that would take us, or a rest area. Everything was full, because everybody was
coming back. Like, I-10 East and 75 South were a nightmare. They were just congested, clogged up. Roads filled up with a million people. And the horrible thing is, a lot of those
people were driving 20 miles under the speed limit, which caused the traffic, and caused
all the congestion. But we couldn’t stop anywhere because everywhere
was filled. You couldn’t even stop in a rest area, and
expect to go to the bathroom, it was terrible. So, what we ended up doing was just driving
all the way through. We didn’t get home until like 7:17 a.m. on
Tuesday morning. And, I mean, I was so tired that by the time
I stopped driving, and I was just talking to Ray, and Dave to try and keep all three
of us awake, I would fall asleep mid sentence. It apparently had been such a long stressful
drive, that I was just not handling it well. So, we got back here, and we were happy to
see that we had power, we had internet, our house appears to have no damage. I still have to have somebody check the roof,
because I wasn’t willing to get up there myself. But, the outside of our house looks fine. The weren’t even any really trees down near
me, there were basically palm fronds from palm trees. But that happens just anytime there’s a stiff
breeze. So, we felt very lucky that our house had
no damage. We did drain our pool by a foot, just so that
if there was going to be excessive rain, the pool could take some of it. And when we came back, our pool was filled
to the brim. So, that seemed to have been a good call. But we didn’t have any water damage, no flooding,
or anything. We were so lucky. Many of our friends were not as lucky. The ones that are in South Tampa, have no
power. A lot of people didn’t get power back until
today. Some of them may not get power back until,
like next week. My friends in Orlando, which is where the
eye of the hurricane ended up hitting, or at least the eastern wall, some of them had
trees go through their homes. Some of them had their roof ripped off. Some of them have water damage. So, they definitely had it a lot worse. There was no way in hell I was going to leave
my dogs behind. When I looked at shelters, there’s only one
shelter in my county that would take dogs, and they don’t take dogs under four months. So, I couldn’t have even taken Nyx to a shelter
if I wanted to go. The only reason I was nervous about staying
in my home during the potential Category 4 hurricane, is that I don’t have any interior
rooms in my home that don’t have a window. Every room in my home has a window, or has
sliding glass doors, or both. So, it just made me extremely nervous at the
idea of staying. And like I said, this is the first time I’ve
ever actually ran from a hurricane or evacuated. So, I don’t know. It was pretty stressful. I’m really grateful to my friend, Noel, for
taking us in, and having a good time with the dogs. So, thank you. Oh my gosh. Nyx is such a goof ball. She’s like, “No, pay attention to me.” I know, I know, I love you, baby. It’s very hard to record videos whenever it’s
just me and the dogs, because she’s still not house broken, and I really, really don’t
want her to pee on my carpet. All the rest of my house … No, don’t chew
on that. That’s the mic. All the rest of the rooms in my house are
acid etched concrete floors, so they’re really easy to clean, but my makeup room has black
carpet, because the previous owners put black in here. And if you’ve ever had black carpet, it shows
every speck of dirt visible that you didn’t even know was there. It’s not ideal. And I have no desire to have the puppy pee
on the carpet. So, normally, she’s not allowed in here yet. So, yeah, I survived the hurricane. I feel very lucky to have power and electricity. My home is okay, it hasn’t been damaged. And we’re all okay. Definitely, this was the scariest hurricane
I’ve ever been through. And I moved down the day after Hurricane Charley,
so, I got to see the aftermath and damage of that hurricane. Anyway, I will have a video soon to talk about
my experience at Dragon Con, because this was the best Dragon Con I’ve ever been to. I had such a great time. And I will have a couple dog videos up, because
you guys have asked for those as well. So, let me know what’s going on with you,
because I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve talked to you. Thanks so much for watching.