I see you | Discourse

my name’s not Arry it’s Arya Arya… I of House Stark you’re a highborn then you’re a Lady no, I mean yes this is castle-forged steal this is Valaryan Steal I always knew you were just another rich girl it’s going to be safer down in the crypts are you going to be down in the crypts they don’t scare me look I know you want to fight and I know you’re not scared of rapers or
murderers then you’re stupid they scare me this is different this is death is that a command Lady Stark don’t call me that I should be calling you mi’lady do not call me mi’lady as mi’lady commands as you wish mi’lady I’m staying I’m going to stay on an smith for the Brotherhood have you lost your mind they need good men Robb needs good men too we’re leaving tomorrow last time you saw me you wanted me to come to Winterfell what are you doing you don’t have to do this I want to let go of him took the look way but… what did the red woman want with you I’m Robert Baratheon’s bastard don’t you have something better to do you make my weapon yet how is someone so small such a pain in my ass did you kill someone or is it just because you’re a girl I’m not a girl no one can know
they won’t not from me you need him he’s helping me stay here if you’re afraid I’ve never had a family I can be your family you’ve gotten better thanks so have you you wouldn’t be my family I know death it’s got many faces I mean you look good thanks I look forward to seeing this one you’d be mi’lady we’re probably going to die soon my weapon I’ll get right on it