Idhu Enna Maayam – Tamil Full Movie | Vikram Prabhu, Keerthy Suresh | G. V. Prakash Kumar

Wait for me, if you
are not too scared. I know that’s why you are
running away from me. Constantly changing places. Wait for me, if you
are not too scared. I know that’s why you are
running away from me. Constantly changing places. Hey! How was your scene? Wonderful response. – Lot of applause.
– Good. Study your dialogues properly. They have
come for us and we must not disappoint them. Arun. It’s your scene next.
Come fast. I am tired. My love! You look like
you are about to faint. From wandering these menacing woods Didn’t you get any other
place to take me out? There are lot of new
malls in Chennai. It would be crowded there, so I brought
you here. But these people are awful! I hate looking at his face now. It’s been two years since
you’ve finished college. Aren’t you ashamed to ask me for money? Is it? Just a moment. What are you studying? – I’ve completed my studies.
– Completed? – Then what are you doing at present?
– Designing. Meaning? Fashion. Designing costumes
and styling for actors. Oh! Tailoring is it? You
could’ve told me like that. If we study the Vedas, we
go to work at the temple. If we study in a college,
we go to work at a bank. Who will give you a girl if you roam
around with your theater and rehearsals? You are not bothered about yourself.
Think of your younger brothers. Nithya It’s been two months since
you’ve paid the hostel fee. Pay it up fast as it is difficult
to manage this anymore. Long live our leader! Long live tomorrow’s
Chief Minister. – Day after tomorrow’s Prime Minister!
– Cut Cut – Shot OK.
– Please come back soon after the tea break. Do it with an emotion! Show some feelings, only then
will they make you stand in front. I was supposed to act in Thillu Mullu. I
didn’t agree to shave my mustache and I lost that chance. In Vaazhve Maayam, they
wanted me to grow a beard. I didn’t agree to it either.
Lost that chance too! Is this a proverb
to recite everyday? I am telling you so that
you do not become like me! You should live the character. I am the hero in my theater play. If
any of my audience see me here… Your play doesn’t have an
audience, forget yours! He might have told you that, but when he
told me he said he would continue in the US Brother. Dad’s friends and mom’s colleagues
have come for the birthday party Why don’t you too join us? These days, no one watches theater plays
even if we offer them free tickets! We cannot be running it as a service. We have to do something. Sandhya! Sandhya! Sandhya, I know that you’ll be here. – Then prove that!
– How? By having coffee with me. This will not work out for me. Understood? I am ashamed to ask money at home. This is all what we know. How can we do
another profession when this is our passion? What if we make our passion
as our profession? How many times do I have to tell you? Why are you stalking me? First you will want to be a friend,
and then you’ll say that you love me! Sandhya! You know
that I like you. Can you please stop it? When you say
all this I am starting to hate myself. Don’t say so. It’s OK that you look average. Is it hot? You will be finished
if you stalk me. I don’t want to see your face. How clever of her to
not pay the bills. Something that happens in cinema,
is wrong in real life… Why is that? Because everything is
rehearsed in cinema. What if we apply the same in other’s life? Life is real. It’s overambitious to rehearse
and change something in life. – Are you in love with that girl?
– Truly… Madly… Deeply… – Who is that girl?
– She is from my locality. I have been following her for two years
and have tried a lot to express my love. Nothing happened. It’s OK.
My fate. What if she comes and
proposes to you? Can I do that? You can do it brother! Looks like all his fees will
be utilised on all these! Opposite poles attract. We should actually be
putting him in the laundry! The world is a stage. We
all act in our lives. But we do not know the climax. If we need the climax of our wish, then we need to change
the screenplay a bit. Sandhya will come to the coffee shop
at Mylapore tomorrow evening at 5.00 That’s where Operation Venky starts! – We have hired the coffee shop and junior artists only till 7 PM. When will she come?
– When have women been on time? You said shooting and that I
am doing a waiter’s role… I can’t find the cameras. It’s not like olden times.
We use new technology. There are cameras fixed to pens. Sandhya is coming. Move. Go now! Fan Music Why did you crumble my heart into pieces – I am sorry.
– It’s OK. I will give you
another one to break! This cafe is good isn’t it?
We should come here often. What else would
you like to have? Wow. Such a handsome guy. Yes. He looks like Hrithik Roshan! We should get settled if
we get a guy like him. Madam, What do you like to have? Madam, What do you like to have? One coffee please. Art Department! Tell him. Are you nuts? Why do you
shout out Art Department? In Cinema, it is the Art Department that
takes care of these. What do you know? She will now look at you. Turn slowly. – Your coffee mam.
– Thank you. – Your coffee mam.
– Thank you. She will now look at you again. It’s very difficult to get
handsome guys these days. – The family also must like.
– It’s enough if I like him, I am not bothered about family. She is going out. Go now. Rain. Rain comes when there is a storm. By saying storm, I meant you! Shall we? Thanks. – When is the next time?
– What? Rain… Storm… This was the number she gave. It’s ringing. Hello! Who is it? – It’s me Venky.
– Venky? – Who? Coffee shop… Rain… Storm… – I thought you would call me last night itself.
– You expected my call last night? I didn’t call so that I
will come to your thoughts. Super! – Super Super
– You!!! – Tell me. What else?
– Then…. Will you be coming to
the coffee shop today? – No
– Bye! She will not be coming to the coffee shop,
instead she is going to the beach at 4.00pm I think we can’t meet her. You moron! She has hinted you to
meet her at the beach. Oh is that what she said!!! It’s a big setup. We need a lot of actors.
It will be expensive. We have already
spent what he had paid. How are we going to
manage the expenses? Are you going to pawn your bike? It’s a loan. Please repay it. – I never expected that you would come here.
– Hey beautiful! – Don’t worry. Leave them.
– Hey dude! You are very lucky. You have managed to
get an awesome girl! She doesn’t look like one! There he is! Showing off! Oh! Hero is it? You wastrel. Move aside. Are you an action hero? Are you showing off before your girlfriend?
Come and fight if you dare. Come on! Come on! Come on! I am going to thrash your face. The director himself is acting as the dupe!
Is it a budget movie? Send more. Come on here boys. – Come on.
– Junior artists come over. Form a line… Come on now. Fall down. You go next. Fall back. – Some one else come on!
– I just went. What a man? Won’t he ever grow old? Wonderful! Wow! He looks like a super hero. He is great. We have tried all means using Venky’s fees and the loan… She doesn’t budge to anything! We need to do black magic for
her to fall for his face! We’ll do that too. – Hey!
– Hi – What are you doing here?
– Just to join you for jogging.
– For me! So sweet of you. Sandhya! Sandhya, how are you? Just a moment. Have you forgotten me? – It’s me Priya.
– Priya? Hey! What is this? – Hi. I am so sorry, that I forgot you!
– It’s OK. – How are you?
– I am good.
– Let’s jog and chat. Sure sure! Come. – Venky! Where has he gone?
– She’ll call you now. – Pick it up!
– Hey where are you? – Pick it up!
– Hey where are you? I am at home. What? At home? – What happened?
– Hey Venky, its mom here. – Mom is calling me. I’ll call you later.
– Bye. Dude! She is getting confused. – Hi!
– Hey! What are you doing here? Come outside. Venky. He was here. OK. Bye. Have you come here too? I have been filled with your
thoughts wherever I am! Am I in love with you? – May be.
– It’s not may be. I think I am in love with you. Me too Sandhya! Yes Sandhya. I love you. Operation Venky is a success!!! Operation Venky is a success!!! Watch out for the car! Hear me out, dude No tension, no BP Life is just a passing cloud Just take it easy You smile for those whatsapp selfie poses You like those Facebook smiley faces Why do you get jitters when it comes to real life Why do you show faces Don’t build up your tensions
All the world’s a stage That’s a good name
for the company. – You’ve given just one contact number – We’ll
be in trouble if we provide full details. Where should we function from? You always settle my payments,
irrespective of your condition. That’s why I’m getting
you this place. We load or unload items
at times, during shoot.. Else the set will be free. You
can use whenever you want. – Where are you going this early?
– Office dad. – Where?
– UMT Sister concern of HMT. – What’s the work at UMT?
– Seems they handle matches. – Is that UTV?
– Something similar, it’s UMT. UMT will never back false love. Details of operations in UMT should remain
confidential within our team of six. Oh god, we’ve received
7377 applications. That doesn’t matter. It’s about
finding how many are truly in love. We’ll end up with just two then. Sonia, she is a model who does ads.
People will come thronging to love her. How will we know that
you’re truly in love? I’m one in the crowd.. ..but I’m the one for her! If your friends feel
worthless about you If girl friends say
goodbye to you Keep those hard feelings aside Life is like an onion
You cry for nothing Get me a tea Hear me out, dude No tension, no BP Life is just a passing cloud Just take it easy Excuse me.. You’re in my home? I can’t believe! I’m
overwhelmingly happy. – You like me that much?
– Can’t limit my love mam. I’m so touched. Operation success! I’m so happy to get my daughter
married to such a lovely family. Megha is working in an IT
company near Akil’s home. She hasn’t seen him before. He has never proposed
his love to her. But it’s too late now. Her dad has looked for an alliance for Megha
and they are visiting her place tomorrow. The guy is of rich background.
They may finalize this. Stop. License please. Insurance? Get down
from the vehicle first. You need to obey our words. We like your daughter so much. – We too..
– Don’t say that you like me too! I didn’t know I’ll come to
see such a beautiful girl. A slim and fair guy would perfectly match
her. Her life will also be blissful. You’re so rich. You can
do whatever you want.. Nope, our son’s decision is.. – Hello, who’s it?
– Rajaram here. I got caught in trap! Don’t get tensed.
We’ll be there. Who are you people? Get up. You seem to have
come to the wrong address Just a minute. I.. you. God is the Director We are all actors Days shall pass Why do you let
your heart tremble Have fun everyday Cherish the beauty around There is nothing much to do
around Everyday is a holiday Hear me out, dude No tension, no BP Life is just a passing cloud Just take it easy UMT will take care. Hello.. Mr. Santhosh Reddy, MD,
Green Valley Homes. Your flats are too good. You build excellent apartments,
but can’t you build love? I can fix a business
deal in a single meet.. But roaming around girls
or talking to them.. ..not my cup of tea. Why should you go behind her?
Let’s make the vice-versa happen. You need to spend a
lot, is that okay? I don’t mind about the
number of crores. Crore? What’s her name? Maya. – Got her photo?
– I don’t have photo. But.. This is the Ad made for
our company, Green Valley. Wow, mam is looking gorgeous.
Awesome pair. Can you give the advance?
We shall start. Not her. Is that her? Is that him then? Which girl? The singer of this song! She is magical. Her voice, her
beauty, her smile! Maya! I want her in my life. Of course, don’t worry.
We’re there to help. We’ll discuss and tell you. We’ll call you back. Thanks. We’ll surely call you. We maintain the policy not to
finalize a project immediately. Have you gone mad? Such a huge project from such a rich man. He is ready
to pay any amount. You said you’ll call later. For rich men like him, love
is just for time pass. How can we take it up without
knowing if he is truly in love? No, he is ready to
pay any amount. We’re doing this for our
survival, not money. Yes, not for money, stupid! We
shall get as an apartment instead. I never liked you, I never
loved you, understand? Arun is entering now. Captain of St. Mary’s college. 3 balls 12 to win. Come here. Was that no ball? And it’s not a no ball. Arun, are you okay? And 8 runs. Disappointed, and now
it’s going to be.. Oh god! They’re always like this. They’ll create troubles if they
are at the verge of losing. Reading Thirukural just once would not
suffice. Read it twice or thrice. Arun.. – Had dinner outside – No
mom, not feeling hungry. Why dear? Aren’t
you feeling well? – What wound is this?
– Got hit by a ball while playing cricket. Sit down. What were you doing without
even visiting a doctor? – Just a small wound mom
– Is this small? Oops, is it paining? You’re bearing so much pain in life.
This is nothing before those. Arun.. You go.. Oh, that’s fine. – Hi Arun.
– Hi. – Need to talk to you.
– What’s it? I’ve been eying on you for the past
one year, since I joined college. I try talking to you often. I got bold only today. I think.. I think I love you. What beautiful eyes? Pretty smile.. Beautiful hair.. Wait and see.. You will get a
smart guy in life. Arun, but I really.. I don’t believe love at first
sight, or love without seeing. It’s just an infatuation. True love is what we get after
understanding each other’s plus and minus. So will you be fine if we mingle
and you get to know me well? All the best. What is this? Is
that for Nandhini? She is of total waste. I’ve
been behind her for one year. – She is aged.
– Who is this for? It’s freshers day today! Hello everyone. My name is Mahadev.
I live in Cochin. I will definitely get a
girlfriend from any of these. Boys are to be seated here. Did any beautiful
girls come so far? No one! Among the first year, we have
one second year student. Let’s welcome Maya Sukumar,
second year, Media Arts. Hi everyone. I’m a Tamilian basically. Since my dad
belongs to air force, we migrate often. Now, here in Cochin. Is she fine? – Thank you
– Hey stop Stop it, be silent. – What should I say?
– Say about you. She doesn’t belong
to first year. Second year. I am the firefly I
am the lightning I am the cloud and the rain I am the snowdrops
and the flowers I am the butterfly Who am I, I wonder? How can I tell that I blow like a breeze To offer the sound of music Hey! Bowl now. Kishore you bowl. In this mighty beautiful
world I am a dancing bird I ll travel through the
moon and the stars There is no stopping
me in this life I ll fly across the skies I am a girl and a
woman Guess my age I am the wind and the
flower Guess my heart You know who I am I am the
woman of magic.. Maya If you stare at my look and
style You’ll be flattered An army will lose its war
Your heart will tremble When I walk the streets It
becomes an accident prone zone All the men in the world
idolize a women like me In this mighty beautiful
world I am a dancing bird I ll travel through the
moon and the stars There is no stopping
me in this life I ll fly across the skies Will the clouds wait for directions
to bring rain to the earth Will the wind wait for situations
to bring the natural sound of music Young age don’t see boundaries Walk as your heart says Flow like a river in
its natural course Seems Shaji gave you a love letter.
He is an utter waste. Don’t fall in his trap. – Love is something else.
– What’s it? It’s a feeling. We need to get that spark. What’s your point? Love at first sight, Shakespeare’s theory.
I strongly believe that. Can’t understand anything. Any girl born on this earth is
destined to a specific guy. When the two meet each other,
they automatically fall in love. Some guy should be there for me. Had she read this letter once,
everything would’ve been alright. You have been saying this for the
past two years and nothing happened. This is final year. If you don’t do something different and impress her.. You’ll lose both love and your life. Gorgeous you and smart me.. Time to get together.. I don’t know Malayalam. But this is a Tamil song. Language is not important for love. What’s important is body language. Shaji, leave. My friends told me to move closer with you. – Tell me Maya..
– Leave my hand. Tell me Maya. What are you doing senior? She
already told her disinterest. Why are you misbehaving
without moving away decently? Who are you guys to ask?
Mind your own business. Come senior. – How dare you touch me?
– Shaji leave them! How dare you! Arun, no please. You need to defend back
the one who hit you. Go.. Shaji, no please. I’ll finish you off if you repeat it. Are you a student or rogue? – How dare you hit a junior?
– They messed with Shaji first. This is the last warning. I’m excusing you as I don’t want this
issue to affect your cricket selection. Who complained? Maya, second year, Media Arts. I unfurl as a flower. You come in search of the flower. I become one with the breeze. What? Have you come to create troubles? Come, we’re ready too. Will you complain to the
principal if we excuse you? – What else will we do?
– Put your hands down. Being seniors will
you do anything? Stop. Yes I complained. You always come to quarrel without
knowing what happened. Do you know what your friend did?
He misbehaved pulling my hands. Will you be quiet if your class
girl undergoes the same? That’s why they asked. Apologize. – Ask sorry – Why should we? Ask sorry. That fault is yours. No body in my family has the
practice of apologizing. Ask. – Sorry – How will that suffice?
If you repeat it next time.. He apologized. Go. Why did you ask me to apologize? – Why are you finding fault in him?
– He went mad? He insulted me in front of juniors. Here we go! When you glance at me
I feel electrified When you glance at me
I feel electrified An electrifying woman has thrown me far
at a glance, has taken my breath away, I feel choked at her slightest glance on me
Just a look and She makes me beg for her love This is Maya’s address. She made me run
She bullied me like a ‘roaster’ I melt like an ice-cream on a summer day
I roamed all the nights I stood brave and tall like a light house
I became a zero-voltage bulb She made a thief of me
peeking in to all houses for her She made an owl of me
staying awake all night for her She made a donkey of me
braying my throats dry She made a buffalo of me
roaming with no sense on skin for her She made a monkey of
me jumping to find her A tea-shop besides a bus-stop She made a fool out of me The sight she glances The words she
utter My heart goes in a swing When I see her face When I hear
her voice I am going so high When you glance at me
I feel electrified When you glance at me
I feel electrified Arun.. What mom? Just one minute left for 12. – So what?
– Tomorrow is 27th of September. Happy birthday Arun. – Thanks – I pray god for you to have all
happiness this year as well. God bless you. He left, he doesn’t need us. Why do you want me to talk to him ever year He left us, but he left you for me. May be he doesn’t belong to my life.. ..but he’ll always be in your life, as dad. Pass it here. Cover it. Welcome Chairman sir! – What’s the score?
– I am surprised! Our college is likely to win. Super dude. We need to win the cup this time too. No matter what, we have to win. Oh god, what happened? What happened? Take him away.
Give him first aid. Sit, relax dude. Get out from here. You people hit our players. If there is some one in this
college to play hockey… …call them. Come. Let’s fight it. You have hit our players
and talk nonsense now. We cannot change the rules
of the game for you. We don’t have a
problem with that. Call out the guy who has
guts to play hockey here. We may be in dispute with each other, but we
should show unity when our college is in trouble. You’re a cricketer.
How will you play hockey? Both involves hitting the ball.
Let’s see. – What are you doing?
– Sorry What are you doing? Send him out, we may lose. Block him. Hurry, hurry. Chase the ball. Don’t leave. Quick, block it. Quick.. Block it. Quick.. We were careless! Don’t miss. Performance in Dubai. – Excellent opportunity. Hi.. Excuse me, hello. Excuse me, hello. One minute. Stop. – What.
– Thanks. What for? You came for my friends.. Excuse me, it wasn’t for your friends.
It was for my college. Sorry.. What is it for? – I mistook you and complained to
principal – This is your last warning. You do this one more time.. This is what principal told. You apologise casually. Got scared? – Consider me as a friend instead
of complaining. – Of course – That’s better.
– Friends! – Mam has come.
– Good Morning. I saw you talking to Arun. Ya so? I like Maya so much. So? You should somehow tell him about me and.. Help me to get her. How can I talk for you? This is her phone number. Please help me. What are you going to talk? This is Arun. What if she asks which Arun? Hi Maya, I’m your senior. There are many senior
students in college. – Hello.
– Hi. Who’s this? – Maya here.
– Which Maya? Your junior. Your junior. We met even today. Many junior girls talk to me in college.
Which girl are you? Sorry, I think you don’t remember.
It’s okay. – Hello..
– Ya.. Maya? Principal complaint Maya? – Sorry.
– It’s okay, tell me. – How did you get my number?
– I got your number from Pallavi. – Arun.
– Coming mom. I think you’re busy. We’ll talk later. – Nope, tell me.
– Nope nothing important. See you.. When? Hello.. He is asking me when. 5 pm tomorrow at Marine drive coffee shop. 5 pm tomorrow at Marine drive coffee shop. How are you here? I didn’t believe when you said that.. ..she’ll come here. Thanks a lot. You need to do one thing. Listen. You need to say good
things about me to her. Create a good impression
on me in her mind. What? What’s the problem? Costly restaurant. If she asks anything to eat.. That’s not a problem. No, have it all. Get her
whatever she wants. As per her wish. If you have balance money,
drink coffee with it. – Go fast.
– He’s coming. – Hi.
– Hey hi. – Sorry that I’m late.
– It’s okay. Gift? For me? – Actually, Pallavi..
– Order.. A chicken burger, spring roll, chicken
pizza, and half plate Tandoori chicken. – For you?
– A coffee? – Coffee?
– Okay, one coffee. Then? – Pallavi.. – Leave that. We shall
talk something interesting. You sing so well. Have you been
practicing since childhood? – I tried talking to him, but he kept on
diverting the topic. – Did you give the gift? Then there’s nothing to worry.
He’ll understand if he sees. Best friends! But it’s in heart shape. What is she trying to say symbolically? What is it? Mom, I bought it. It was nice.
So I bought for me. Is it good? Will you wrap it like a gift for yourself? Silly guys! Hey.. – Hey hi.
– Hi.. Did you see the gift? Come here.. – What happened?
– Why are you asking in front of her? – Why?
– She has been behind me for a long time. – Torturing so much.
– Don’t you.. Hi.. Okay, see you. Did he see the gift? Did he see the gift? – What’s your brother doing?
– Business. – Your brother?
– He is doing Engineering. My brother is an Engineer,
Computer Science. – Hi.
– What happened? – Break time isn’t it?
– We just met in the morning. – It’s been 3 hours.
– Just 3 hours, not 3 days. – Yeah! – What’s it?
– Nope, nothing important. – It’s important.
– Be quiet. – Sure?
– Ya. Okay, see you. When? Go! Maya is waiting. – I kept the money somewhere.
– Saying at the last minute. Have it. Go. – Hi. – Hi, what’s it, you
wanted to meet urgently? Just like that! – What happened?
– Nothing. I saw your gift. It was very nice. Actually, I.. – Don’t mistake me.
– No, I didn’t mistake at all. I understand. Would you like to have something?
Want to order? Go ahead. What is this? What is this? It was lying down. Some waste paper. – Excuse me..
– Yes.. – What’s your name?
– Ramya. – Which year?
– First year. – I’ll have..
– Would you like to have something? OK then, my work is done. I’m leaving. What work? – My work
– What’s it? It’s done. Why should we talk about it.
See you, bye. So? You are the dark night
and I am the moon The time we spend
together is sheer bliss I am lost while I am alive Is it love? You are the beach
and I am the waves My heart floats like a foam
I wish for our togetherness With the music of love
echoing throughout our lives A slight glance of yours kills me
And another glance gives me a rebirth You are the dark night
and I am the moon The time we spend
together is sheer bliss I am lost while I am alive Is it love? Is it your glance or your touch? Did my manhood excite you? Is it a fiery heat or freezing cold? Did my shyness fly off far from me? I wish for a world only for us I wish for your shoulders to lean I wish to utter your name and enjoy the
happiness I’ll be reborn to live after death I wish for our togetherness
With the music of love echoing throughout our lives – Creative strategies in advertising
include message. – Hello. Guys, our band is invited to
perform in Dubai annual festival. Shut up boys. Is this a class or something?
Get out. – Where is it? – In Dubai. – How many days?
– 10 days. Ten days? Super, enjoy. – Will your phone work?
– ISD roaming. – So..
– How will you communicate then? – Talk to whom?
– Nope.. What if your parents want to talk? Local numbers will be available.
We can talk if I buy one. Buy it surely, it’s a must. For talking to my parents? Ya, what else? – See you.
– After ten days. Bye It’s a minor fracture.
It will be all right. – Can we discharge doctor? – No, she has
to be here until the wound heals. – How is it now?
– Did you plan this to stop my Dubai plan? I’ll be joining in two days. Ya, thank you. I find it so hard to take
leave from my office. I’m thinking to call my mom to
take care of her during day time. – Why should we trouble her at this age?
You can ask your sister. – Uncle.. If you do not have any objection, I’ll
take care of Maya during day time. Hi. That’s okay, I’m leaving. – Hello uncle.
– Sit, carry on. – It’s okay.
– No problem uncle. – She’ll be all right soon.
– I’m thankful to you Are you guys in love? – No dad.
– I’ll happy if you do. It’s tough to get guys of his kind. You take rest. Got water? She is perfectly okay now. Thank you so much doctor. – Bye.
– OK Arun, come home sometime. You said you’ll need one week to get back. A surprise? – Maya, class is this way.
– I’ll be back. You want to hear Mamooka’s dialog? To temper the sword lesser than usual Chandu bribed the blacksmith Milton.. Where is Arun? He didn’t come to
college for one week. – Ya, in hospital..
– A girl’s life is entirely wasted. What happened? You did everything and
asking what happened now? I don’t get you? Won’t understand if a
girl enters your life. He kept practicing cricket for 3 years, but was with
you in hospital without coming for state selection. He has to forget cricket
in his entire life. There is no next time for him. Happy? Maya.. I knew. I knew that you’ll come for me. I’ve been waiting for this day. Not that, Maya.. We need to thank Maya. She moved close with you to
express my love in-detail. When you got my gift from her, I
knew you have something for me. I’m happy that you understood
my love at least now. Arun has come searching for me today.. It’s all because of you.
Thank you so much Maya. Arun.. I need to talk to you.. In person.. Let’s go. I don’t have anything to
talk to you in person. I understand your anger. – Even if I’m in your position..
– Can you come to the point? Pallavi may be the reason for me to
talk to you in the initial days.. But.. I really like you.. Such beautiful eyes.. Pretty smile.. Beautiful hair.. You.. ..will get an awesome guy. I know that you like me. ..and you love me. Am I in love with you? Don’t cheat yourself Arun. I know. That’s why you moved this close with me. Excuse me. I wasn’t moving close
with you for my benefit. It was for him. He said he is loving you.
That’s the reason. Got it? You want to know anything else? Don’t lie. You’re lying. That’s the truth. I never liked you; I never loved you. Understand? Better understand. Assuming the sound may disturb.. – What?
– What DA? Santhosh keeps on calling me. Tell me something. Why do you cut my calls? This
is an excellent opportunity. Please.. Okay.. – He agreed.
– Superb! Maya is not like other girls. She never comes out often. We came to know one thing
on inquiring about her. She never likes lying or liar either. She will liike us all then! She regularly visits music class
and recording studio, when needed. She visits Adyar flower shop on Sundays. She’ll take the granny next
door to Besant Nagar church. Otherwise she steps only
on important occasions. Tomorrow is Sunday. She will
surely come to the flower shop. So that’s where Operation
Santhosh starts. Move They say MOVE even
before they say ACTION! Uncle move. – What is it?
– Dad! Action! Music Inform everyone that they should
be doing the same when Maya comes. Inform everyone that they should
be doing the same when Maya comes. – Hey that flower…
– Is Maya a big heroine? Won’t she come for rehearsals? She is a bit busy… – It’s wrong. In those days, Saroja Devi, K R Vijaya, Sowcar Janaki everyone….
– Uncle! We are losing the light. Cameraman
might get mad at us. Please go ahead. I have been searching
for him for long! All artists come here.
Come quick. – Please stay put at your positions. When the heroine comes, the director will say ACTION.
– MOVE! When he says MOVE, start moving. – Move now. Get back to your positions. Is it OK?
– Yeah OK! Ready – What’s happening?
– I can’t hear anything. What are you doing? Look here! No one is moving.
What’s happening? Get to the van fast. What are you doing Arun?
Open the door. She is nearing. Say something. Hello. Arun! Arun! Move! Move! You bloody dad! You stupid dad! Maya is that side.
Please go there. Go to the other side. Oops! Dust in my eyes! You spoiled a big opportunity. We wanted the first
impression to be the best You have made it the
worst impression We planned it in a wonderful
way and you spoiled it! I did give the instructions properly You people didn’t hear them.
What can I do? We also don’t know what to do! She is not the social type. She steps out once in
a blue moon. It’s difficult to meet her again. What if she doesn’t come? We will make her step out. – Excuse me
– Yeah – Is Mr.Premlal available?
– Oh! Have you come to meet Laljisir? – Yes – Please wait. His PA
will be here in a moment. – Please sit here.
– Thanks. We have Hrithik Roshan
movie’s re-recording on 5th. Evening? Evening he has to attend
Salman Khan’s family function. Hi Sir! On 11th? We have
Arnold’s music launch. So… Call me after 7 years. – Who is Nithya here?
– I am Nithya. You may be a great person in your place.
But all that will not be of use here. All that is required
here is Talent! – Can you please vouch for me?
– What nonsense! Lalji sir does not like
the word Recommendation! Sir Please! He has already selected a voice. So how much ever you
plead, the answer is a NO Hey! Don’t use your own dialogues.
Just talk the script only. – Move!
– I’ll see you outside! Who are you? You look like you
have come from Fashion TV midway! I got a call from your office
for a recording. I am Maya. Hey Maya! Lucky girl. If Lalji sir has liked your voice,
then you have a lot of talent. Come baby, let’s rock the world. Maya is coming inside. Be ready. Step inside with your right hand. The one singing
there is Lalji sir. Lalji sir! Maya Wow! Welcome my dear. Greeting sir! – Do you speak Hindi?
– Yes sir. I speak very well. I have been learning Hindi
from my second grade. My father was also working
in the Navy in North India Well… Well… – So we can all talk in Tamil.
– Oh yes! This is Director Sharma. He went to North from the south and proved his talent
there. Now he is back to the south to prove here! Haven’t you heard of him? No isn’t it? That’s why I said. – Namakkam!
– Since he has been throughout India, he mixes Namaste and Vanakkam. Namakkam! – Namakkam! She seems to have like it! Sir! – What?
– Tune You please get inside the voice booth.
We will play the tune. – Booth is there. Shall we?
– Please go. – Arun! Start the tune.
– Yeah. Is the tune ready? You called me saying that it is a big movie by a
famous director. Everything seems to be a drama here! Lot of people from Drama have made it
big in Cinema. Please play the tune. Sir. Which scale shall I sing in? Which scale! How about half a foot scale? One foot scale? One and a half foot? Whichever scale is comfortable
for you sing in that scale. Which scale should it be sung in? A minor. – A…
– A minor. – Yes. That’s fine.
– That’s the talent! Sing now. Arun! Lights off! Santhosh! Come and stand
near the mark here. Switch on the lights. – Ghost!
– Why have you switched on just one light? Put them all. Good that the lights have come
when you came. It’s a good sign! This is our producer, the
MD of Green Valley homes. He has been adamant on doing a music album with you after
listening to the jingle you sang for his company ad. Actually you have to thank him. Thank him. Thank you. Enough. Go for the take. Start playing. Take. Arun What are you doing here? Maya is
coming after finishing the song. She has got an awesome voice.
Can be used in movies. – What a voice Maya!
– Maya is magic! Thank you sir! I thought your voice was beautiful… .. but you look much
prettier than your voice. – Who gave this dialog?
– It’s me. Look how it is working. Thank you. It has been awesome! He has
always treated me well at this house. – Lot of wonderful recipes
– Oh come on! Arun – Join us Arun
– Please come This is my college friend Raghu. This is his wife,
elder daughter Pavithra and younger one Anitha. You seem to be busy
even on Sundays! It’s a very stressful job.
He works even on Sundays! – Where did you say he is working?
– UMT – It’s the subsidiary of HMT. He is
the head of assembling department.
– Good I was also not interested
in the beginning. I came here because
my dad forced me. But after I came here… I liked uncle, aunty and Keerthi. You too.. Silence means acceptance Arun is an introvert. I didn’t inform him
of your visit and so he is a bit shocked. We accept this proposal. You discuss with Arun and
let me know on the dates to fix the marriage hall. Very happy! Please
do visit our house. – Why did you ask them to come?
– If we ask you, you wouldn’t agree. So we asked them to come. – They like you very much.
– Should I agree to it if they like? Did I ask for marriage? She is a good girl. I’ll be happy if it happens. I wish for it to happen. I have spent Rs.13,45,650 so far… .. to record a song. so, we have Rs.84,54,350 balance… – What?
– You were ready to spend up to a crore! Why do you look at it like business? This is not a business for me.
But it is a business for you. Why are you worried? We can record 4 more
songs and make money out of the album! – Did I come to you all to make a movie?
– No.. Music… Maya… Money… What’s wrong in making a movie? Why can’t we make a music video with Maya? How can I get close to her if you
shoot a music video with her? – It is possible. Because for the music video…
– I got it… We will convince Maya for the music video and on the day of the
shoot we will use Santhosh quoting the lead model’s absence. Isn’t that your plan? – That’s a wonderful idea.
– Maya will fall for you this time. Sorry. I am not interested in acting. Singing is my passion. So I
sang for you when you called. Already the song is a hit in India. If it has to be a
hit internationally, we need to make a music video. Hit? I haven’t heard it so far! You didn’t hear isn’t it? That’s
why we need to make a music video. – Madam! Order please.
– One cold coffee. Hey! That’s Karthik’s
father in law. Why is he coming here? – Lavanya! Stop him. Go stop him. Sorry sir. We have a private function
and so outsiders are not allowed. – I feel very hungry and I need to eat.
– I understand but… We have a special offer for lovers.
Would you like to try that? Lovers? Yes. Aren’t they lovers? If they look like a beautiful
pair, are they lovers? – I am so sorry.
– Will you let me in or not? – There is a restaurant outside.
– Why should I go there? Anyway I am paying. Don’t keep talking. I am very hungry.
Let me in. What is happening here? Did you
call some agent other than me? I don’t want coffee. – How many artists have you informed to come?
– I don’t want tea too. – That guy is talking extra dialogues. He is not even a member.
– Yes. That table there! – You are irritating me. Why should I go out?
– Sir please! Maya Would you like to order something? – Why shouldn’t I go in?
– Sorry sir! Impossible to let you in. – Why do you keep talking like a woman? Let me in.
– Sir please! – Go stop him!
– What will I do? You! Stop there! You! Why do you run? We can reap profits if you decide.
He has been struggling for long. – Is he not the MD of Green Valley homes?
– No. He has only Green Valley. Only if you wish he will be able to build homes! Please baby. Please. If this music video gets over, our
Operation Santhosh is a success Your plan is working
out very well. You practice now. Wonderful! Awesome! – Hi. Who is this?
– This is Arun, the director of this show. – Are the steps fine?
– The steps look to be very intimate. The song is very romantic. – Can you choreograph steps in such a way
where they don’t touch each other?
– Of Course! You go there. – You be here.
– Is the gap required? Yes – Why?
– The director asked for it. Are you ready? Shall we? No. Maintain the gap. You
dance in your positions. Is that OK? – These days people who don’t know about dance become directors!What to do!
– Yes master! For this, they can dance
in their houses, alone! We should not jump to the
10th step immediately. We should go step by step.
This is the first step. This concept is fine
as the first step. – Hi Maya baby!
– Hi.
– Meet Gayathri Raghuram master, World’s leading choreographer. Hello master. – Haven’t you watched Maanaada Mayilaada?
– That is Kala master. You all belong to the same family. She
is the choreographer of our album. – Oh my god!
– There is some problem outside.
– The model hasn’t come yet? Do you know the struggle
of my producer? He has missed the flight. Next flight is only in
the eve and we have planned the shoot only today. My poor producer. An eligible bachelor. You know how
much he is struggling without homes in his valley? – Isn’t he the model?
– Wow master. Wonderful choice. You have the eyes of Aishwarya Rai and the
body of Salman Khan. Why don’t you do it? The loss is for you isn’t it?
Please do it. Isn’t he the one
who should do it? – That’s what we are also saying. Shouldn’t he be doing it?
– Do whatever you want! Good. Are you ready? – I can’t bear their torture!
– You are worried about the model’s absence! The director has not arrived yet! I am the director. – You are the director? Who was the one who was breaking
my head the other day? – He is just the show director. – He won’t come isn’t it?
– Whatever we do..
– He will take care of it.. – Namakkam
– Namakkam – Old steps.
– OK Master. – Who changed the steps?
– What can I do? The master says that the chemistry will
work out only if the steps are intimate. You are present, yet lost Making me alive yet lost in life I see mirages of your face everywhere
that is instilled in my heart Why have you left me deserted? My eyes filled with tears
My heart filled with love Where is the face that
is filled with smiles? You are present, yet lost Making me alive yet lost in life There is no shadow without light I am lost without you The sky seems dark even after the sun rise The snow covers the path And it rains in the scorching sun It’s a sheer bliss when you are near me
Let me enjoy it again Like the flowers stamped on the roads
My love for you is hurt Days and nights shall pass
My dreams for you shall remain Come to me, my dear! You are present, yet lost Making me alive yet lost in life There’s nothing permanent in this life other than change
Rainbows are not formed only by a rain My heart isn’t listening anymore The love that is closer to you
Seems magnified when it is far I see it and I lose it
The very mirages of your face Dreams sleeping with me through the nights
are a sheer bliss of love I find ourselves distanced by time
My heart longs for you Come to me, my dear! You are present, yet lost Oh God! – Maya
– Wait. – Maya one second.
– Oh gosh! – Hello
– Hi – Hi
– Who is it? It’s me Pavithra. I had asked Keerthi
to pass on my number. Didn’t she? No Are you busy? Can we talk? – I am a little busy.
– So you cannot talk? – Traffic…
– That’s OK. We’ll talk in person. Network traffic in the signal. I know you are a shy person. I have
understood everything about you. Don’t you have to know about me. – Why should I get to know you?
– If we get to know each other only then we can lead a happy life. – To decide..
– We need to decide that… It is not easy to get the marriage
hall on the specified dates. – The boy is very shy.
– Don’t worry! We will take care of it. We thought everything will be sorted out.
But now it is ruined. I came to you guys after hearing a lot about
you. But now it looks like I’ve made a mistake. Why? What happened? If it was my business, I would’ve
completed the deal in a single meeting. You would finish the business in a
jiffy, but what about the building? We have just laid the foundation. We have to raise the building now. – He seems to increase the expectations.
– What is next? Fight Good idea. – You don’t want a dupe. Do you?
– I am OK with punches and kicks. We will use a dupe for
flying and falling. You called me to talk something. I’ve been thinking of it. – We need to get rid of Sekar.
– He seems to overdo things. Where are you guys going? There is a
shooting going on. Just go on your way. – He seems to show off.
– He is always in talks with girls. Hello Excuse me What’s the time? 3.20 PM Why are you guys just going
after taking the money? What are you saying? Which money? He has mistaken those
rogues for our men. What? They didn’t pay you? – First let me hit you. I will settle the payment later.
– Why should we get hit by you? What are you talking? – Get away or I will thrash your face.
– Correct. Show more emotion. – Any problem Santhosh?
– Yes. Problem for them. Will I spare them if
they make fun of you? Are you showing off
because she is around? – Thank God. You guys are following the script only now.
– Why is he talking like a lunatic? Get lost now. This is enough. He is not the one. Karthik. Tell him that
they are not our guys. Why did you hit them? They are not our men.
They are true rogues. Get back to your houses safely. It’s OK. Come. Why is she running? Run now. Get to the other side. Take him to the hospital.
Call the ambulance. Run now. She is right behind us. – Thank God. Is the scene OK?
– Don’t pull words out of my mouth. – Maya didn’t see isn’t it?
– Just missed. Ready Ready. Come on boys. Generally the cops are late during a stunt.
Why are you rogues late? Get lost now. – Pack up is it?
– They are paying double the rates. Would you want it? – Excuse me. Patient Santhosh?
– Fourth room on the right. – How are the reports?
– A and B centres are fine. But C centre will not sustain. Doctor. They are asking
about these reports. Oh this one. It’ very bad. Very very bad! He was alright. He was the one who
messaged me the hospital details. – Message? When was it? BC or AC?
– What does that mean?
– Before Coma or After Coma. – Coma?
– Yes – The bruises were not so serious.
– He is the doctor. The ones who hit him were real rogues.
What else do you expect? I had informed them
about the Stunt union… – Why are you putting an injection?
– You have taken two rooms here so you need to put an injection. They never inquired anything about the
disease before putting the injection. Wow! It’s a medical miracle. He has responded to your call. – We didn’t call him.
– Who called you here? All this is because of me… Maya Vishnu. Put the mask on. Let Santhosh not speak now. He is injured in the nose and cannot
breathe properly. This is for oxygen. His hand is also injured with multiple
fractures. Please do not touch. Do not touch. Please. – She was so close and I missed.
– A kiss is it? If not for the mask, I would have told her
that it was all for her. You guys ruined it. – Why are we required if you can say? We’ll make Maya to say that.
– You keep telling this! There is no love or anything in your plans.
I feel like am purposefully wasting money. – Please do not stop it midway.
– Are you worried about 54 lakhs? I’ll give that too. All these days you were going behind Maya.
But now she has come in search of you. You are there in her heart. We will next make you come
in her dreams for sure. OK. – Hey hi.
– Hi. – How are you? – I am good. How are you?
– Coincidence isn’t it? When there is a storm, there will rains. By saying storm, I meant you. Shall we? Sorry! It’s OK. Waiting to be awake! All the plans devised Maya! You come here. Oh Teacher! Hey Santhosh! Plans were devised to be flopped You jitter me whenever you are around me. – Can we go?
– This way please. My eyes are weary of the wait
Plans were devised to be flopped You jitter me whenever you are around me. Let go. Your plans will fumble. Let go. Your game will not win here. Move. You??? Oh my God. The plan is a flop. Let go. Your plans will fumble.
Let go. Your game will not win here. – Where is your father?
– We are also waiting for him
– Why uncle? – What happened?
– I saw your true colors with my eyes! I saw you getting intimate with a girl.
Disgusting! Me? What are you saying? – Shut up! I have come to ask if we still need to send our girl to this disgraceful family.
– We have also come to ask the same. We were asking him if we need to choose
the girl from such a man’s family. – What is all this?
– Oh my God. – What is this? This is not me.
– Then, that was not him! I do not trust this uncle. I welcome all of you for this historical
success event of the album Idhu Enna Maayam. I was told that it is an audio launch. But why is
he talking of a success that history has not seen? He is right. He said that it is a
success that history has not seen. The success is due to Lalji sir’s
music and Maya’s divine voice. I welcome Mr.Jackie Bruce Chan Lee, the head of JBCL
corporation who will distribute the album in China. What name is it? The only Chinese names that Bharath
knew was Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. Dudes! Greetings dudes! I took the first bus from China with a case
of 50 crore to make it for this function. Like many famous couples, it is a
pleasure to see Maya and Santhosh. – Why is he talking nonsense?
– We asked you to write the script. But you didn’t show any interest. A small Chinese sentence
has a big meaning. Hence this pair.. .. should unite in real life and… … prosper… …and grow. It’s time for lunch.
Shall I open the buffet? I pray to God… Lunch ready. Please come. – Lunch is ready it seems. Come.
– Hey! Wait. Which idiot asked them
to open the buffet? – We had informed that it is without
break and where do you guys go?
– This is a close up shot for you. What happened? They are giving our Audio CD’s there. So this plan is also a flop. What is happening here? We are raising the expectations. Is this your plan? – Did you underestimate UMT?
– The audio is a success – I don’t understand what is happening here.
– Me too. I don’t understand
what’s happening to me. What is he doing? It’s a feeling. My heart wants to talk a lot. but… He seems to talk on his own. This was not part of the plan. Whenever I see your eyes… … I am out of words. I am sorry. What do you mean? I mean… I think.. No… I am sure.. I am in love. I am in love with you. Love was once a part of my life.
It is no more in my life. I never searched the reason for it. But that love did create a
scar in heart and left me! After that… I do not have the strength to bear
the love nor the pain that it gives. I can’t Santhosh. I have great respect for you. You’ve become my good friend. I want this friendship to last a lifetime.
I hope you understand. Who asked you to propose? Was it part of the script? Why did you seek
us if you wanted to say it on your own? – It’s all over now.
– All means? All the expenses, all
the plans, everything. – It’s all over. – Arun.
– Can you please stop? Why didn’t we inquire about this person
in Maya’s life? It is your mistake. I was wondering why our
plans were flopping. What to do? There is
someone else in her heart. It’s difficult to put
Sathosh in his place. Let’s stop this
operation with this. He is there in her heart
and not in her life. What if we take away
that guy from her heart? You guys plan well isn’t it? Find out about that guy and create an impression
that he is a drunkard, rapist or a rogue. Then we can easily take
him out of Maya’s heart After that I can get
inside her heart easily. How is the plan? Wow. It’s an amazing plan. – Why don’t you join our company?
– This will surely work out. Let’s execute it immediately. As far as we have inquired about Maya,
she doesn’t have any friends in Chennai. So may be she might have known some
one in Cochin while she was studying. We can easily find out who that guy is
if we inquire the close friends of Maya. So let’s all go to Cochin. – Where are you?
– At home. – What happened?
– I am sick. I am lying down. – Did you visit the doctor?
– Yes. He advised me to take rest for two days. Will it take two days
for you to get back? Why? We have traced a few
friends of Maya in Cochin. Pallavi, Sidharth and Alex. We need
to go to Cochin to meet all of them. Fine. – I’ll be fine in two days.
– Take care of your health. Who is it? My College mate. Please come inside. My husband. Hi Tell me. Tell me Arun. Can you do me a favour? You will come along and we should
act as though you are a stranger? – I don’t understand.
– Please do it for me. I am really happy for you. Karthik. Come here. These are our tickets. Vishnu
and Lavanya are not in town. We four along with Santhosh
are going to Cochin. 7.45 PM Trivandrum mail. Don’t miss.
I’ll pick you up. These are your tickets. Take your ID proof.
I’ll see you at the station. So as far as you know, Maya was not in
love with anyone in college, is it? Isn’t it? May be Maya does not like you. It may be due to this reason that she
said that she loved someone else. If Maya’s friends don’t know about
him then that guy is not in Cochin. I know that this
will not work out. You were the ones who
wasted time on this. We need to spend more to find
the whereabouts of that guy. It’s better if we
close this project. I need to talk to you. Didn’t you like that girl? Do you like some one else? Me and your mom loved each
other and we got married. We parted due to some situation. But our love didn’t change. Before I could figure out what happened my
dad got me married for the second time. From then on I am
leading a fake life. I was truly happy only
when I was with your mom. You are the symbol
of that happiness. That’s why she sent you
to me when she expired. If you marry another girl after hiding your
love, it will keep pricking you like a thorn. If you have someone in
your mind, please tell me. Because, my father didn’t understand me… … and I don’t want to do the same to you. The operation is over! We have started accepting new clients. – Look at that application.
– Santhosh? Hey! Arun.. with Maya… It’s all over You drama, cheating and fraudulence..
It all ends today. – Do you know Maya?
– Does he know? Did you all know that he is the lover
of Maya that we were all searching for? What is this? We have been very close and you
never told about Maya to us. How will he ever say? He wants
that girl and my money. Santhosh. Mind your words. Why are you getting mad at him? What he said is right,
isn’t it? Why did you act as though you didn’t know Maya? Because, I didn’t love her.
I just know her. – She is a friend.
– Why didn’t you say this when they all went to Cochin? Why didn’t you tell us when we were
inquiring about Maya’s friends? Because he loves Maya. That’s why he was sabotaging all our
plans to make his plans a success. And you wanted my
money for that! Whatever it is. I am a professional.
I just did my job. I cannot be blamed if
she doesn’t love you. Whatever it is means? What do you mean by that? So you love Maya. Tell what it means. Are
you in love with Maya? Whatever it is means that you
are still in love with her? Did you take us for granted? How much have you cheated us? We
have toiled so much for this! Are you cheating your friends and me? Give back all the money that I have spent on you. Or else
I will have to inform the cops about your activities. Yes. I loved her.
I still love her. You want your money isn’t it? You will get it. Just leave. To hear it from you… … we aren’t the only ones… … Maya also is waiting. Yes Arun. I did fall in love with Maya. When I came to know that you are in her
heart, I decided that you must unite. Because, it was an accident
that you both got separated. It’s not both your faults She didn’t believe when you
lied that you didn’t love her. Because She knew you loved her. We can always have some one to talk on our
behalf, but not to express our love. Me and Maya decided to get
the truth out from you. We inquired about you, found out your friends
and devised this drama named Operation Arun. We thought that you would accept the
truth when I first told you about Maya. But when you hid this from us, we knew
that she was still in your hearts. During every plan, we were
waiting for you to open up. Take care of your health. Even after knowing that Maya was in your hearts, you
were hiding the truth. So we devised this last plan So Operation Arun is a success. What are you looking at?
At least go tell her now. Maya Enough You finally accepted that you love me. That is enough. I don’t want to know anything else. Maya… She is magic. Don’t miss her again
in your life. Maya just a moment.
Just a moment please. Just a moment. What are you going to say? Such beautiful eyes. You have a wonderful smile Such nice hair You will never get a better guy than me. I loved you Maya. I love you. I will love you forever.