Improve Healing with Lymphatic System Detoxification

Hello, John Ossipinsky here. If you’ve had surgery or you had a trauma and you just aren’t getting over it, meaning your body isn’t healing. You really need to try Lymph Drainage Therapy or Manual Lymph Drainage or what I developed called LymphPractic. When you had surgery, your body produces a lot of fibrin and that fibrin is like a yarn. That can overwhelm your lymphatic system. Plus think of the medications and possibly antibiotics that you had to have for the surgery and those all in combination can overwhelm the body. Remember our major lymph drains are right here in our neck. One vessel on either side of our neck that has to take the thousands of lymph vessels that have to bring their fluid to that area. So when you’ve had surgery and your body becomes compromised from again, medications or even just surgery itself, the lymph vessels can become congested and then your body suffers. So when you want to get well or if you see you haven’t been able to heal it’s really important that you incorporate some type of lymphatic drainage. By activating the lymphatic system, we improve circulation and natural detoxification of cellular waste and fibrin. So just by activating your body and I do it in a fully clothed session, we’re going to improve your circulation. You’re going to feel tingling in your body. This is what I typically get from people who come to me who are closed off. Many doctors send people to me when they haven’t, when they can’t detox anymore and I improve their detoxification. I open up their lymphatic system and they start doing much better. They can detox again. So, it’s very gentle, you’ll always feel relaxed when you leave. Again the first one to three times people will feel a little more of a detox reaction, especially if you’re very sick, but I’m used to working with people who have cancer, who are really not doing well, have Lyme disease, have a lot of pain, medications and when they start getting Lymph Drainage Therapy or some type of of lymph activation, like manual lymph drainage, we do better. Instantaneously, once we open up the lymphatic system your circulation is completed and you feel better. Your cells are getting oxygen. They’re getting nutrition and they’re getting rid of their waste and what we have surgery and when we’re not recuperating, we really fill up with a lot of our own cellular waste which creates inflammation and keeps us acidic and sick. So if you would like to do much better, after surgery or trauma and start to recuperate at a much faster pace, you need to incorporate some type of lymphatic drainage and you will see you do, but you will do much better. If I can help you understand how activating your lymphatic system can help you feel better and start to begin your healing process, contact me at If you live outside of the Phoenix, Scottsdale area contact me. My coaching will make a great difference in how you heal, Thank you.