Improving Medication Adherence

The GraneRX Solution provides individual unit-dose
medpacs that are convenient, easy to separate and are secured in the electronic medication
cabinet. This is an excellent system. We took the bins
and this is your medications. It’s a three- or four-day supply that we get in. Each resident’s
name’s are on here, and there’s three medications in each pouch. Each resident has two bins
they have a routine medication bin and they have a PRN bin in the drawer, which makes
for a much neater system, easier to pass medications. You also have a separate bin in the back where
you can isolate your eyedrops and your eardrops, your aerosols, your breathing treatments and
any other things that you would keep in a different drawer from your oral medications.
Your nurse is able to go through, pull off the medications for each time of the day.
Each package is serrated so it makes it very easy to open each pack. This system reduces
time and waste.