Indie Lee on the Clean Beauty Revolution

Hey, Dermstore followers. I’m Kaitlin, and I’m Dermstore’s Community
Manager, and I’m joined here by Indie Lee, founder and CEO of the skin care line, Indie
Lee. And we’re here today to talk about clean
and natural beauty. Can’t wait. Let’s get to it. Let’s get started. Will you tell us a little bit about yourself
and how you got started in this industry? Sure. My story started after a life-changing diagnosis. So, November 4, 2008, I was diagnosed with
a rare brain tumor that doctors—I was given 6 months to live, and doctors said it could
be something environmental. That really was an awakening for me because,
up until that point, I never really thought about what I was putting on my skin. And to think that products that I was using
could have contributed to this potentially fatal brain tumor that I had. I realized that the rest of my life was going
to be devoted to creating healthier options, empowering others to live a healthier life. Fortunately, for me, I was able to find a
doctor who was willing to give me a shot at surgery. He performed it on April 22—Earth Day, so
I’m coming up on my 10-year tumorversary. Congrats. Thank you very much. You mentioned earlier the amount—the seconds
that it takes for a product to absorb into your bloodstream. Could you touch on that? Of course. So, you know, the skin is your largest organ. And, so, science is saying it could be up
to 60 percent of what you’re putting on your skin can be readily absorbed. And in sometimes as little as 26 seconds. Now, that’s not every ingredient, but it
makes sense when you think about, we have transdermal patches now for estrogen and cessation
of smoking. What you’re putting on your body is flowing
through. So, you have to look at is at what you’re
putting in and on your body. Which, I guess, brings us to a larger conversation
about this trendy, buzzworthy clean beauty industry—which isn’t technically a regulated
thing, but it is becoming so popular. So, why do you think it’s gaining such traction
lately? I think it’s because consumers are more
educated, in terms of products, and they are realizing that you no longer need to sacrifice
efficacy in products by just going a cleaner route. I firmly believe that you shouldn’t have
to sacrifice your health either for beauty products, which is, you know, where Indie
Lee came from. But I think it’s that educated consumer
and one that is searching for information, that now you’re seeing clean beauty really
come into the forefront, and you’re seeing that category grow, you know, exponentially. So, within the industry, how does Indie Lee
position itself? So, for me, this brand has always been about
transparency and authenticity, which is why I’m willing to share my story with so many
people. The brand is really about empowerment. The whole mantra is really to empower others
to live their healthiest life—whether it’s what they’re putting in or on their body. Sustainability is another big buzzword within
clean beauty, so what’s your brand’s relationship to animals and the environment? Sustainability, stewardship of the earth,
is something that is very important to me. I really love putting my hands in the earth,
and I really feel we need to take care of it—this is the only planet we have. So, whether it’s farming clean, organically
or animals—we are Leaping Bunny certified, we’re a cruelty-free brand, which means
no animals are ever harmed in the production and manufacturing of our products, and that
goes to the ingredients. But it also goes to our vessels. You’ll notice we use glass bottles. Our paper is Forest Stewardship Guild. You’ll see more and more certifications
that we’re taking on as a brand that shows our commitment towards sustainability. And, let’s dig into the ingredients a little
bit. So, what are your hero ingredients? How did you discover them? How do you source them? Why are those the big, top ones? So, certainly, the brand is known for squalane
because I tout the Squalane Facial Oil as being my holy grail—I use it every day. I found it when I was looking up what can
we use to moisturize our face and hydrate our face, and I realized it was part of our
skin’s sebum. You can derive it from several different sources. You can derive it from sharks—we do not;
we are Leaping Bunny, cruelty free. You can also derive it from sugarcane, as
well as olives. Our Squalane Facial Oil is derived from olives,
and we have other products that have it, and we’re deriving it from sugar. So, squalane’s a big one for hydration. I love glycolic—exfoliation, hyaluronic
acid—I mean, who doesn’t want to plump up those fine lines! Exactly. We’re finding so many different ingredients
now available; there isn’t just one. I mean, the world is our oyster, truly, in
terms of product formulations. And how about the bad—what will we never
see in your formulations? What should we not be putting on our skin? I think it’s important that we need to be
mindful that just because something is natural, that doesn’t mean it’s gonna be good for
you. So, I love to use the expression: poison ivy
is natural; you wouldn’t necessarily slather it on your face. So, I don’t think you can look at an ingredient
and make a claim on it, you know, even if it’s clean, either. So, just to wrap things up, I just want to
touch on one of your brand pillars. On your website, it says, “We believe in
healthy nourishment that promotes emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.” So, aside from skin care, how do you nourish
yourself, and what does your self-care practice look like? How do I nourish myself? How do I take care of myself? Obviously, spending time with my kids and
my pups—that’s a big side. But I practice meditation, so I meditate twice
a day—morning and night. That’s a really important part to keeping
myself spiritually, I guess, happy. I also believe in, obviously, a skin care
regime. So, I happen to use a lot of Indie Lee products. But I’ll use other products, too. But, I am a firm believer in taking spa-day
Sundays. I take time on Sundays to do a facial mask—that’s
the same time that I clean my makeup brushes. ’cause you all clean your makeup brushes
every week. You’d be amazed what I clean—I’m like,
oh my gosh! I don’t even wear that much makeup. I take a bath. You know, I try to carve out 10–15 minutes
a day just for myself. Well, that about wraps things up. Awesome. Thank you, so much, Indie, for being here. Thank you for having me. I love this. This is so fun! Thank you, so much, for watching, Dermstore
followers. You can learn more about Indie Lee and clean
beauty on our website, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions in the comments
below. Bye!