Industry’s Smallest Wireless Hearing Aid Benefits

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. I’m Dr. Luis Camacho with
Starkey Hearing Technologies. And along with some of my
friends in the education and training
department, we’re going to bring you the
top four highlights of the brand-new wireless
SoundLens Synergy. Number four,
wireless programming. Thanks to Starkey’s proprietary
wireless technology, SoundLens Synergy
can be programmed in your hearing
professional’s office without hooking you up
to any wires or cables. Number three, easy controls. With the SurfLink remote
or the SurfLink Mobile 2, wearers can quickly make
volume and memory adjustments without having to remove their
hearing aids from their ears. Number two, ear to ear
phone capabilities. The wireless SoundLens
synergy offers dual-ear phone transmission. That means, when
talking over the phone, the wearer hears the
conversation simultaneously in both ears. That stereo sound can
greatly enhance the ability to hear over the phone. And finally, number
one, SoundLens Synergy is the world’s smallest
wireless hearing aid, which means it’s
virtually invisible when worn, and it provides
full connectivity without the need of a
body-worn relay device. So those are our top four
highlights for the new wireless SoundLens Synergy. For more information on
this topic and many others, please visit our website. [MUSIC PLAYING]