InForm Add a Concomitant Medication and Associate It with an Adverse Event

In this tutorial, you will see how to add a
concomitant medication and to associate it with an adverse event. Click Subjects. The adverse events and concomitant medications
are recorded under the AE/CM visit. Click on the icon for the required subject
to open the visit. Two adverse events have already been added
for this subject. You could add another adverse event by clicking
the New button. However, in this example, you will add a concomitant
medication and associate it with an existing adverse event. Click the CM form to open it. To add another concomitant medication, click
the New button. Fill out the form. And click Submit to save the data. The new concomitant medication record appears
in the detail view at the top of the page, and adverse event records appear in a summary
view at the bottom of the page. Select the checkbox for the adverse event
you wish to associate the medication with. And click Submit to save the association. To confirm the association, select Summary
from the drop-down list in the upper-right side of the page. The Concomitant Medications page appears with
the new instance of an adverse event at the bottom of the list. And the association with the adverse event
is also shown.