Internship Highlight: Athelas Therapeutic Riding

I just love how their personalities are
completely different like they’re different than any other animal and each
one is different individual so there are a lot of fun to work with well I’ve always wanted to work with
horses so this was kind of a great opportunity to do like the hands-on
riding and working in the barn but also doing something completely different
that I never really planned on or even thought of doing they come in they work
with us directly with our clients and they work with the horses some other
more paperwork or office oriented and they do a lot of stuff in the office but
they a lot of them really like to help hand on with the horses and the clients
three you look for someone usually who’s very motivated whose social likes to be
around the kids like to interact with children and adults so much was pretty
independent and able to go out make decisions on their own it is it’s a
tough job sometimes there’s a little bit of manual labor so we look for someone
who is able to you know maybe pick up a hay bale or water bucket a self-starter
so I’m going to you know can look at a situation and say okay I need to step in
and make a difference here be able to find things to do on their own if
we’re really busy and just be able to step in and help out there’s so many
opportunities here you can just come in ride you could to learn you can learn to
jump you can learn to your size or you can do the ethyl is program this
internship has helped me decide what I want to do I’m in the process of getting
my certification to be an instructor so hopefully i’ll be able to do that by the
end of the year and then get hired here I know that I really want to work with
these kids because you’ve got working with them really it just makes you feel
so good that’s what I want to do I want to how to use horses to help others the
way that they’ve always helped me you