Ipsy Glam Plus Box April 2019- My first Glam Plus Unboxed!

hi and welcome back to it’s America beauty we are a channel that does Beauty reviews subscription box reviews pan challenges shop my stash it lets goes on so I hope if you like this video you will check back in and our other videos and that is easy to do if you subscribe entering the valve for notifications as that will keep you informed every time we upload and would do us a great honor if you like this video if you will click like or share it to your social media and without further ado I am gonna be reviewing that it see Plus this is very similar to boxycharm it’s twenty-five dollars and you don’t get your bag sleeve that there we should get a bag especially as cute as this month’s bag is in the regular Ipsy that’s going to be another video I film today the bag is essential for Ipsy like they’re amazing I love giving them as gifts I love having them myself so it’s just one of those things that I don’t think that they should stop doing because it’s a bigger box so if we open this it does look like this when you receive it and again very similar to boxy charm it’s got the checking and everything so this is the booklet that you receive and it does give you pricing and everything for everything inside so the first thing I see is a gold fat and MD bright eyes dark circle radiance this is a concentrate it doesn’t only have point five fall outs isn’t it so let’s see what the prices fifty five dollars probably not something that I would purchase cold without knowing the product but as a great introduction that’s fantastic I do unfortunately suffer from dark circles in fact I think today they are large and in charge despite color correcting and all the beautiful things that you can do however I do think that it’s part of life either you have them genetically or from aging or all the different things that can cause them and in my family its genetic so next I have you know I wanted to see what that looks like I apologize does it look like this so next is Paris Hilton Pro DNA advanced skincare system dual action cleansing gel this is four ounces and it’s $29 again that perfect for my opinion I think that eight ounces will be better but it actually is if you like to rotate your skincare like I do then this is perfect it does have enough that by the time I get tired of it then it will be time to next is the Lovecraft Beauty blush palette and this retails for $39 and it has a theta da Fein and a Scalia inside see if I can get this there’s a plastic hold on already some crumbles and that is what they look like so this is all Scalia this is Dauphine and this is alt L theta so I am NOT a big fan of blush palettes when it’s a face palette and you have like the cover effects woman I’m completely obsessed with right now that has bronzer it has brightening powder has highlighters and it has blush and then it has an inner corner highlight that is just amazing so I personally love those but just a blush palette for me isn’t perfect for me next I have an it brush it cosmetics brush it’s heavenly skin skin smoothing complexion brush see if I can get this okay she was easier than I thought or maybe I just jinx myself does look like this I don’t know if you’ve ever used it cosmetics but I personally absolutely love their brushes them and NYX literally out of the ballpark don’t get me wrong I love my Sigma’s I love my morphe I mean these though they just put a little bit more into them that are just amazing so this retails for $48 that being said I would never pay $48 for a brush maybe if I ever am a millionaire then I wouldn’t care about my money by smell not gonna happen last is the moods palette by Laura Sanchez I had never heard of this brand previously until I saw what was coming in this month’s box that and I love crafts for that matter I just never have heard of them so the inside does look like this and it comes with a brush looks like for mattes and for shimmers my brain went like a large white one and a highlight and of course you get the brush as well so it doesn’t say I’m here just trying to see if it said exactly what they were but it doesn’t it does give them like cute little pictures and names on the back that retails for $35 so this cost $24.99 and absolutely I mean even if I give away the two pellets because I mean I have plenty and they’re not completely down my alley that’s saying I’m going to I’m not sure you had to be honest I take that back the blush palette I’m definitely either putting in the contest or giving away because I have so many face palettes and never use them so that is definitely going somewhere else and it’s no offense to the brand it’s just my collection the pillow though I’m kind of tied on these colors they remind me kind of Julio’s place Zulu palette which I have and is one of my most favorite palettes in the entire world so I don’t know if I had need to keep this so that’s what I’m going to be reviewing is if I need to or not that is the glam bag plus from Ipsy for April of 2019 what is your favorite product what you know have you got this box before is there a better product this is my first month of converting over well I guess convert technically I just got it in addition this month but what is your favorite product this month Inc you’ve already got your box if you haven’t got your boxing you’re still kind of deciding if you want to join to any of these motivate you I’m really in the skincare right now I have to say I did not take proper care of my skin when I was younger so the fact that it came with some skincare really made me happy and anytime I get a brush I am so happy so I’m very happy with the box even if I don’t keep those it’s perfectly okay with me so I hope that you liked this video if you did if you would please click the like button and share this video on your social media and I do hope that you subscribe and ring the bell for notifications so you can see more have a great day