John Allen, West Florida Division Infectuous Disease Pharmacist

Welcome to the Medical Center of Trinity Residency website. On behalf of the preceptors
of the Pharmacy Residency program here at Medical Center of Trinity, I wanna say thank you for
taking the opportunity to consider us in your post
graduate residency training. As medication management
becomes more and more complex, the need for post graduate residency trained pharmacists increases. Our residency program
is designed to give you the personalized residency experience. Our rotations include Internal Medicine, Critical Care, Infectious
Disease, Cardiology, Neonatal Intensive Care Medicine, as well as Trauma and
Transplant, and many others. As you consider your
future post graduate needs, I want you to know that the team at the Medical Center of Trinity is dedicated to providing a
nurturing learning environment. Again, thank you for considering the Medical Center of Trinity
Pharmacy Residency Program, and wish you good luck
in your future endeavors. (upbeat music)