June Empties (2015)

Hey everyone, thanks for joining me. I have a few empties today. A lot of the stuff I have seems to be makeup
removers so here goes. Erm, the first item is my Loreal Absolute
Makeup Remover Eye and Lip. This was in my Project Use It Up video. I enjoyed using it but there are other things
I prefer more. This was s dual phased eye makeup remover
and it was a shake the bottle up kind of remover. It worked quite well but I found that it didn’t
quite work as well as I’d like it to with my mascaras so I probably wouldn’t get this
again. So that’s that one. Erm, I have my Garnier Micellar Water. Again this was in my Project Use It Up video. Its a water so again, the same kind of problem
really. It does the rest of my face quite well but
when it came to removing my eye makeup, it was very difficult. And I actually did resort to using another
product which is my favourite one… which is my Clinique Take the day off eye
makeup remover to remove stuff after I had tried to remove it with this. So I knew for sure that there was still product
on there because I was still getting lots off with this product. So I used this one up, my Clinique Take the
day off which is what I have got in a full sized version. I have repurchased and I really do like that. It is a little bit pricey, but it does the job. I would get this again for my face but I wouldn’t
rely on it to remover my mascara. The next couple of items I have were makeup
remover wipes. You guys probably know I have a thing for
Garnier products so I picked up and I used up three packets of wipes. So the first ones…these two are the same. Simply Essentials, and it says it removes
waterproof makeup without rubbing. Hmmm, it does remove some mascara but again,
same problem. It doesn’t remove all of it. There is a residue after I’ve used these so
I generally tend to use these just for face makeup and on my lips. I enjoy using Garnier wipes. They’re really
moist as well. As are these ones which are the cleansing wipes. It says “goodbye dry” “removes even waterproof
makeup” again. This one actually says its got “two doses
of cleansing milk enriched with a rose extract” They smell really nice, they’re very moist. I would recommend and I have repurchased because
I do like their makeup remover wipes. They’re really refreshing as well. Definite
re-buy for those. For the ….I have cotton wool pads, the Sainsburys
Basics. I use these all the time. You guys have seen
those before. And the Cotton wool balls. I tend to use the balls for removing my eye
makeup and the pads for removing my face makeup when I’m using a liquid based cleanser. So em, yeah, so I think because I’m trying
to resort to using the facial cleansing wipes, I shouldn’t need any more of the pads but
I will continue to buy the cotton balls. That’s those. Emm, for moisturiser I managed to use up,
lets see, my Avon Skin So Soft Supreme Nourishment Cream Oil Body lotion. You guys will have seen this if you watched
my Project Use It Up Video. I really enjoyed using it. It did moisturise my skin and it did feel
really nice, so I would buy this again. Em, its just that currently I don’t have access
to an Avon rep. so… I’m resorting to means.other Em, my Hand Food by Soap & Glory, again this
was in my Project Use It Up. I wasn’t using this for my hands, I was using
it for my body because, as you are probably already aware, my hands are prone to eczema so I’m trying to just use one product for those. But, yeah, I used this for the rest of my body. I did like it. I do like the smell. I would
recommend it to anybody that doesn’t have skin issues as I do (sensitive skin issues
that is). But yeah, I managed to use that up so that’s
great. I used up my Lancome Hydra Zen Nurocalm cream. This is the day cream. I used this…its got
an SPF in it, SPF15. I’ve had it for about a year so I needed to
use it up before it expired (the SPF that is). I finished that all up. I enjoyed using it. It was very moisturising for my face and my
face didn’t dry out. I applied it and my face felt nice and moist
and the moisture stayed. So it didn’t just kind of dry off within an
hour or so, it stayed moist and I enjoyed using this. It was a little bit pricey. I think it was
around about the £30 mark so not sure if I would get it again in a hurry. But, I would purchase it again if I had that
kind of money at my disposal and I wanted to buy something luxurious. So that’s that. I also have a sample of the Lancome Hydra
Zen Yeux Neurocalm. Its an eye gel thingy. I have used most of it, I can’t get any more
out of the tube. I don’t tend to reach for eye gels so its
not something I would purchase the full size of. It was okay but I didn’t see any miracles
going on there. So that’s the eye gel. I have a couple of samples that I used upas
well, let me show you what they are….so I had one, two, three, four, four of these
Missha Soft Finish Sun Milk Safe Block. They look like that. Sample Sizes. I got these from Miranda Pierce in a swap.
They were really nice. They smelt quite nice emm, just a small sachet and it was fine. If It was available maybe I’d give it a try
in a full size but it had and SPF50 in it. I didn’t have any skin irritation so yeah. Fine for me. I also used up the Skin Plumping
Gel Cream ermmm, which is lightweight and fragrance free…..by Hada and Labo. I’m not sure I have pronounced that correctly
but that was the sachet. It was okay but again, I don’t use plumping
creams and things like that so I gave it a go. It was fine. Nothing something I would be looking for a
full sized version of. I used this little body lotion packet, it
says “hand and body lotion from the Dead Sea” with Shea Butter and it was by Deep Sea Cosmetics. A tiny little sachet there. I enjoyed using it but there wasn’t enough
of it so erm… I would like to get a few more sachets of
this to give it a proper review and see what I really think of it. But that’s that. So those were my samples…hang
on a minute I have another couple of samples. I’ve got this Tony Moly Red Appletox Honey
Cream. I think this was a massage cream or something. I just used it on my feet because it just
didn’t look like the consistency of anything you would use for a massage. It smelt nice, it was okay. Verbena Soothing Body Gel Lotion. This was
a bit odd feeling for me. Not something I would pick up but I gave it
a try after being in the shower. It was okay. A slight refreshing feel to it
but it dried very quickly. It wasn’t a moisturiser so not something I
would look for in the shops. I had two sample pots from The Body Shop. I had the Mojito Body Butter which I really
love and I bought a full size version. So that was that. And I had the Camomile Eye Makeup Remover.
I used all of that up but it wasn’t something I would be looking to purchase. I don’t think I like the …. it was a water based and not a two phase eye
makeup remover, and I tend to prefer the two phased ones because they get the mascara off
a lot easier. So that I wouldn’t buy.
I finished up a lip balm by Balmi. You guys will have seen this in my Project
Use It Up. You can see I got down to these little four
nubs there so I stopped using it. Its not comfortable to use it anymore and
the lids keeps falling off so…it keeps coming apart in my bag so that it gone. I enjoyed using it though, I liked the coconut
smell and it was really erm….moisturising for my lips. I did enjoy using it. Sugar & Spice Self-Heating Mask. This was
by Superdrug. I did not like this at all. I applied it ….you apply it to your face. What does it say? It says “Splash face with
warm water and leave wet. Gently massage the lip mask into your face avoiding eye and lip
area and embrace the warming effect for 10-15 minutes.”
I did that. It was …erm I did feel it warm up on my
face but I just felt like I smelt like caramel, I was sticky like caramel and I really didn’t
enjoy using it so I only had one use out of this and I could have got two because there’s
still some in there but I decided to ditch this. I didn’t like the way it felt, I didn’t like
the stickiness and I didn’t like the smell in the end, not on my face so I gave up on
that one. I wouldn’t be buying that one again. Erm, I managed to use up a shower gel. Simple shower gel with aloe vera goodness.
Shower cream even. That’s what it looks like. We have since purchased this. We have used shower gels as a family so these
are regulars in my empties. I managed to finish up my Frizz Ease Dream
Curl shampoo. I can’t remember how much this cost but I
bought this particularly because I have been trying to embrace my curly hair and I didn’t feel that it really did anything
different than my normal shampoo so for that reason I wouldn’t buy this again. It was quite pricey too. So yeah, not reaching
for that one again. I wasn’t wowed by it. Mascara, I managed to finish up my Loreal
Miss Manga mascara. I was kind of on the fence about this one.
I enjoyed using it towards the end coz it got drier. That was the brush. I don’t actually think I liked the fact that
it bent like that. I didn’t enjoy the bendiness in it. I actually preferred the drier formula for
my mascara but at some points it felt like it was too dry to get a good application so
it was time to throw that one away and move on to something else. Rimmel Finishing touch Ultra Shine Top Coat.
I don’t like this. I mixed and eyeshadow in with this to see
if it would entice or or encourage me to use it more or make a difference to the texture. It still chips like crazy and nah. I decided
to just ditch this and move onto something that I do enjoy using. I also have my Urban Decay de-slick makeup
setting spray, the oil control version. This is nearly done. I’ve got a little little
drop in there. This was £9 because it was like a trial size.
That’s what it looks like. It’s got a little pump up there. Its got two lids for some reason and a pump. I do enjoy using it coz it did kind of control
the oil….coz when I use my Makeup Forever foundation I seem to have an issue with oil
so I bought this to combat that and it did work somewhat. So I’m not sure if I would buy the full size
version. Ermmm, because of the price and the fact that
I don’t tend to wear foundation all the time so, it probably wouldn’t be a huge benefit for
me to continually buy that and maybe I will try a different powder with that foundation
to see if it works better as opposed to the one that I had previously tried with that
foundation, that didn’t seem to suppress the oil. So, I can kinda save money by trying different
powders I guess, rather than buying the Urban Decay setting spray. Plus I have another one which is the All Nighter
Makeup Setting Spray that might actually do the same job erm… so we’ll see. I haven’t used this one very much at all yet. I will start using that as soon as I have
finished this one to see the difference. So that’s that. Erm…lastly my Kiko nail
polish which is a mirror nail lacquer. What is the colour???? erm…I don’t think
it has a name colour but its a lovely green colour. It was on sale in Kiko. I really liked it but then I’ve been trying
it with different top coats and it makes no difference to the chipping. As soon as I put this on and I put a top coat
on top of it, without hours my nails are … the colour is just chipping away and I just
can’t stand it any longer so its going. So that is it. Those are all my empties. If you have any
suggestions for oil control for my Makeup Forever Foundation let me know in the comments
section. Ermmm, but yeah, that’s it for now. Those
are my empties. I hope you’ve enjoyed and I hope to see you
all in my next video. Bye for now. xx