June Favorites

Intro Music Playing HI guys, so this month I am going to be doing
my june favorites. i haven’t done a favorites video in quite a while so lets just hop right
into it. For starters, I have kind of been out of the
makeup game, I’m not going to lie. I may be a little late to the party. Liquid lipsticks
have been some of my favorite go to lip looks for the past month. In June I have been rocking
a lot of liquid lips. Especially because I love that they dry matte,and
it just, I don’t know, the colors are vibrant and vibrant colors is what I have been looking
at. So the one that I am rocking right now is Coloured Raine in Berri Raine *pose with
lipstick* And this is just like I said a great purple,
bright, fun colors. I am all about bright, fun colors for the summer and then the other
two that I have been rocking are from a company called Jeffree Star. Yes, look at those blues.
How amazing do they look? they look so great. This one, the darker one is called blue velvet
and then you have this one, which is called Jawbreaker. This is a very beautiful bright
blue. They are also great to do an ombre look with
and I have done that but I need to perfect it a little before I share it with you guys.
I mean it’s killer…KILLER (laugh) Like I said liquid lipsticks are just, AMAZING
for me. I use the word amazing a lot, I know but that is just how I feel. They are just
GREAT. I LOVEliquid lipsticks and these three have
been my favorite to rock for the month of June because its bright out, its sunny, its
just perfect. speaking of bright, another thing that I have
been rocking for the month of june is(sighs) the urban decay electric palette. I have been
eyeing this bad boy for a while now and I finally decided to just go ahead and take
the leap and purchase it. I will post some pictures of some looks that
I recently did using this palette. Just look at these beautiful, beautiful bright colors.
the pigmentation is just to die for(kiss) Ijust loe it. The one cool thing that I will say is that
I found a dupe that is so close to this and it is going to cost Ten dollars. (slow motion video) Ten dollars the price point for urban decay I believe
is about $54 or $59, I can’t remember but I will post the exact price it is (It is $49) But me looking out for you my viewers, I was
able to find something that is a dupe and it’s pretty close so keep an eye for that
video coming soon. Next I am going to talk about the first aid
to beauty. It is the ultra repair face moisturizer(picture is of the product close up) I was very very
sad when Sephora told me they discontinued my staple moisturizer. Which was just the
sephora brand that had SPF in it. So of course I was a little sad and Ijust
couldn’t believe that they had discontinued that. Well I started using this I’d say mid
May so May, June this is great. There is no fragrance to it, it is perfect
for sensitive skin. My husband and I both use the same moisturizer and he has really
sensitive skin. Mine sometimes can be a little sensitive, Depending on the product. This is very light, it goes on great. Its
not oily. Its just one of my favorites so now I have a new staple Speaking of your face. I featured this one
on my skin and body regimen and it’s the Supergoop. It is the setting spray that is also SPF 50(
picture of product closer up) This is a setting spray, it dries matte. I
love this I keep this in my purse for when I am on the go because I spend a lot of time
outside running around with my toddler I want to make sure that my skin is no sun
damaged because sun damage equals wrinkles and early aging and we don’t want that. So Iwant to make sure that Iam covering my
face and covering everything that needs to be covered, yeah(laugh) So this is a great
product as well Now moving on to hair. During the summer months
I like to rock Le Puff because I like to have my hair up or have it in twist. Or I wrap
my hair up because its just a hassle sometimes to just do it Summer months is the time to rock those wraps
and twist. Well if i do have a twist out and Iwant to extend it for a couple of days. If
by chance does get a little dry cause lets face it, Its the summer time, you’re out in
the sun a lot more and your hair is exposed to the sun. You’re going to need a little bit of a refresher
and what I love is this design essentials naturals. It’s the coconut and monoi coconut
water and curl refresher. This is awesome (sprays the product in the
air) So light, so airy. It smells Devine of course it smells good because of the coconut.
It is a great quick pick me up for your curls and for your hair. So its one of my favorites. This is my second
bottle, I got this from CurlBox. Can’t remember what moth I got it from but it was from my
curlbox and I had to run out and get more because YES, I love this stuff And last but not least of course you guys
know that I am obsessed with wraps. Yes, Fanm Djanm is the name of the company it is located
in NY and (pronounced FUM JUM) means strong women in Hatiain Kreyol, which I think is
a DOPE name for a company. I have been rocking three go my favorites(picture
of three different hair wrap prints) Lets show you the first one. Her name is Celia. I remember that only because
Celia Cruz is one of my favorite salsa entertainers ever. May she RIP. She was amazing. If you
y’all don’t know about Celia Cruz get up on it! But anyway this is a perfect summer, just
wrap, just the purples and oranges and greens and blues and just aww perfection. And then secondly, forgive me I forgot the
other two names but you guys can go to their website, I will put a link in the description
box. Not a sponsored post, just something that
I found that I wanted to share with all of my viewers. This one is beautiful lie green
and blue and yellow and just(sigh)If this doesn’t scream summer I don’t know what does. So um this is another one of my favorites,
Then lastly this one is a great to rock not only during the summer but when I saw it,
it reminded me of fall and being that I live in FL now and I am from MI. MI has some of the most beautiful falls EVER.
If you have never been to MI during the fall, get on it. It is AMAZING to see all the leaves
change colors. This one reminded me of my leaves, I mean
just the orange and yellow and blue. Perfect for summer because they have such bright cools But again, a great, great wrap to rock also
in the fall. So its kind of like a two for one. So its great You can rock them in so many different ways
and just they’re great for protective styles. They’re great to accessorize and if you want
a headband. They’re great to cover up a your protective style. Just all in all great So those are my June Favorites. Like I said
you guys keep a look out for that urban decay electric palate dupe video. It will be up
soon. And like always, thank you so much for watching and I will catch you later. Bye Hey everyone, so feel free to check out my
previous video. Which is Six ways to wear a hair wrap. That way you’ll find some really
fun ways to rock those wraps this summer. And as always remember if you see a video
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will be up. Thanks again. Have a great weekend.