Kalapa Clinic: la primera clínica especializada en tratamientos con cannabinoides

According to studies of WHO in 2016 14% of the European
population will have chronic pain 15 people out of 1000 will be diagnosed with epilepsy and 36% of the population will have any type of cancer. Currently cannabinoids are an alternative
treatment for these pathologies but, due to the lack of information the lack of regulation of the sector and the lack of funds for research few patients will have
access to these treatments and even less will be controlled. Kalapa Clinic was
born with the objective of solving this global problem. Positioning itself as a leader in the controlled
cannabinoid-based therapies. To achieve this ambitious goal, we have divided our project in three major areas. From the clinical area thanks to our specialized
medical equipment and team we offer controlled
and effective treatments. Through the training area and through several courses, we share and expand our experience and
knowledge with health professionals. From the informative area through our web, blog and social networks, we spread our knowledge giving access to it to the public. The medicinal cannabis can help many people in need. we are here to make that possible.