Kandee Johnson Body Care Line Purlisse Is Amazing | Unboxing & Review On Kandee Johnson’s Purlisse

hello so today I’m going to open up one
of Kandee Johnson she’s a YouTuber body care product stuff inside this box
yeah okay so if you’re wondering Kandee Johnson is like a makeup person she does
really cool videos she like she’s really good at makeup making herself look like
Snow White Princess Peach mariokart
and so Kandee Johnson she’s my mom’s favorite YouTuber so you should check
her out she’s really fun to watch okay so let’s open it up
my mom’s gonna want me to open this stuff cuz I did my nails in the video so
in the link down below or just make sure to watch that video really fun putting
on my nails and I’ll give you information in that video about me putting on my nails
where I got them and what I did how to do them here we go so it’s Kandee luscious body
collection so it comes with like body wash body scrub and body butter okay I’m going to open up it and smell it test it
cleanse me orange creamsicle body wash orange creamsicle orange creamsicle
Cleanse me orange creamsicle body wash buff me orange creamsicle body
body scrub butter me orange creamsicle body butter okay so I’m gonna smell
these two and then actually use this one so this is the body wash it smells really close to creamsicle
orange creamsicle and then they’ll smell the same but you know why not smell mmm
it was really good too okay so now we’re gonna use this smells really good I give this
product a thumbs up and make sure to leave a thumbs up down below and