Hey everyone it is Kayla and Connie from We Are The Davises today we are going to be doing something super exciting for Kayla and she is going to be getting some hair coloring done I’m gonna be a unicorn when you do the colors, is it two colors or more that make you a unicorn or do you need to have like a rainbow You need to believe that your a unicorn okay so Kayla’s going to turn into this unicorn it’s going to look really awesome there going to do a couple different techniques on her hair to get her to that level one of them is called balayage I believe balayage or beyleyage Something like that And it’s basically they paint the highlights into your hair so it looks real natural and you still get to keep your roots and then there going to do another level where they use fashion colors and the fashion colors are going to be what turns her into a unicorn she wants to be They’re going to ombre it there’s a doggy that’s making a bunch of squeak sounds it wasn’t Harley it was Hershey Hershey Hershey give me that we’ve got doggy squeaking in the background so any ways we gotta get out of here and we get to see how they do it so you see Kayla’s hair right now turn around so this is what her natural hair color is we will see the different steps and we’ll get to see the highlights and then we’ll get to see the fashion colors and it’s going to take hours It’s going to be along time for us but for you guys it’ll only be a few minutes and you will get to see the whole thing so lets go do our hair magic Hi Kayla’s ready for her hair appointment Would you like a drink any cute lemonade like a cucumber water get a comforting tea pink lemonade Fancy All right guys so Kayla is getting prepared right now they’ve decided on doing an Ombre she’s going to make Kayla a Unicorn she said everything she ever hoped for we’re not doing teal we are changed it to purple They said teal was really risky for her hair and they didn’t know how it was going to turn out it could of lasted 6 months it could have come out in a couple of days it could change color so what colors are you going with? we are going with like a light ish pink and then we are going to go with a purple we don’t know how light the purple is going to be but I think it’s going to look good no matter what so And it’s going to ombre Like I wanted so they are going to try and start natural keep the roots natural and then there going to highlight all the hair down so that the color will pop and then there going to put this cotton candy pink and then it’s gonna ombre to a purple And she said Unicorn hair like I said not Mermaid hair so with a little bit of unicorn magic we’re going to hopefully be able to show you guys a little bit of the technique and how this is done is it dinner time? yes so are you excited? look how much Tin Foyle I know does it feel heavy? nope okay I’m going to do a quick spin around her head is completely covered they’re bleaching it right completely covered with tin foil right now she’s getting the belyage it’s a really good cihcken rap Kayla’s focusing on her chicken rap because she’s starving to death I skip breakfast this morning so you’re almost done with this phase they’re going to wash your hair and see what the highlighted look looks like before the fashion color yes and then you will be a true unicorn right yes look at you I’m buried alright so here is the final part of phase one her hair is actually lighting right now and then they’re going to wash it so you’re saying the tin foil does not feel heavy nope no can you hear me yea clear yea okay see the tin foils covering her hair so I thought maybe that meant she couldn’t hear me very well but apparantly she can hear me just fine and then as you can see at the very top is not be it’s not being lightened so you will still have your natural roots so it’s going to look like a it’s going to look like you were spending the day in California and getting sun bleached until we turn it pink and purple yea so we get to see what the highlighted part looks like before we actually put the fashion color in yea what do you think it’s really blond that’s pretty blond you sure you want to keep going yes alright that’s the whole point on to the color this is like the best part this is a massage chair so it’s massaging you while you’re getting your hair done yes I’m jealous very pretty blond so we’ve got really nice looking purple there on the ends we’re working on some pink and we think what do we think here not enough pink showed up so we’re going to try and see we’re going to do a phase 2 yea alright I say you look like a mermaid today let’s say phase one is mermaid and phase 2 will be a unicorn like a fairy or something going to make that a phase 2 which be in actual 10 seconds in YouTube time so you guys will see phase 2 in just a sec here alright we’re back home hi Harley k Kayla turn around show them your hair it’s absolutely gorgeous we do have the purple going but the pink is missing right through the center so we went ahead and we got some more pink and added a little more pink just a baby touch to give it the final look we need to make her a true unicorn the unicorn she always wanted to be what do you guys think is she a unicorn now or what I don’t know the difference between a unicorn and a mermaid is I would say one has a tail and the other one has a horn and four legs obviously I guess that makes you a unicorn I have 4 legs so I match the requirements so what do you guys think do you like it she’s got the pink and purple going I love it it looks really cute it turned out great I want to do the little bun thing but I feel like it’s not close enough to the roots so maybe once we get it closer we’ll try and do the little buns with the glitter in the roots in the split now I’m going to keep dying her hair yea because this is semi permanent so it will wash out so let’s try new colors so as soon as the purple starts to fade I got more color I’m going to add some brighter purple brighter pinks and brighter purples for next time and I want to try blues and try greens maybe a little red maybe we got all summer to play with this yes I’m so excited and she’s getting my little manikin girl I’m going to play on her I don’t have that beautiful blond hair other wise I would try it on myself but this is a Kayla thing for sure I love it I wanted to do like this much hair dye for a while I’ve done a little bit of hair dye like for the last day of school with Jayla with like the purple and then we did’nt do anything on top and then one time that was really issue and Tara helped him with that and she did a really good job with that and then we did blue streak one time and we did a lot of cool aid dyes this is like my first official dye where I went to a salon and it’s like all the way to my scalp yea so it’s blended nice and even so now it can grow out stay stuck in her hair it’s not a big deal because it’s settly turns pink and then goes to purple so I’m not stressed out about it I thought it looked awesome I’m happy this is good and I think that’s it for today I did a lot of sitting today she did a lot of sitting so now it’s time to do some jumping jacks push ups and cart wheels I have a trampoline though yea just use that alright guys so I hope you guys enjoyed this video like subscribe comment down below what I should try and do with colored hair any fun like styles that are fun for colored hair and until next time bye