Kidney Patients ko Sardiyo Mein Rakhana Chahiye #6 Bato ka Dhyan | Ayurveda | Treatment | Hindi 2019

Hello, you are very welcome to our channel Kidney Treatment in Ayurveda. Before proceeding further, subscribe to the channel and press the bell icon to get all the latest updates. Hello, I am Varnika, welcome you to the YouTube channel of Karma Ayurveda where you can find all the vital information associated with the kidneys. Today, we tell how to take care of your kidneys in winter Our constantly changing lifestyle is harming the health of our kidneys. Also, with the changing weather, we should do some things to sustain the health of our kidneys. Winters invite some infections or diseases, which influence our body and pressurize the kidneys to work more. As you all know that winter has started and cause health ailments like cold, cough, viral and infection in the body. In this condition, by keeping some things in your mind, you can sustain the health of your body, including your kidneys. 1. Drink plenty of water – Stay 🥛 hydrated, if you don’t 🤷‍♂️like to drink normal water, then drink boil water. But at least drink 2-liter to 3-liter water per day. 2. Drink juices like carrot, cranberry, and apple to keep your kidney disease-free. 3. use onion through which you get vitamin C, manganese, vitamin B and pro-biotic fibers that keep your digestive system strong and healthy. Also, it prevents kidney illnesses 4. Radish and its leafs you can consume them in the form of curry or salad Along with that, your use leaves of radish that contain low sodium. By the consumption of radish juice, you can prevent kidney stones. But, kidney patients should avoid eating a radish. 5. Red grapes that contain Vitamin C and antioxidants that is known as playbonoits reduce swelling. Red grapes contain resveratrol that is a type of playbonoits reduce the risk of getting health ailments like diabetes and heart problems.