oh my god, that’s so sour! thats like really sour holy crap! hello everyone and welcome to another episode of Joey’s creative corner of the room thing pinterest whatever you want to call it, anyways it’s been a while uh I haven’t posted in a vlog in a while I’m so fricken sorry I’ve been on set you know shooting a movie just kidding not a movie it’s my youtube red show uh just wrapped on it, it was wonderful it was great uh and that will be coming out in.. I dunno sometime later this year heh I was almost about to say but then I was like wait can I say? okay anyways uh today we’re going to be making a tie dye t-shirt made out of Kool-Aid is that crazy? Kool fricken Aid uh I sorta came up with the idea but I didn’t because no idea is original anymore and uh there actually are pinterest things but they all aren’t crap so uh I’m going to try and make a tie dye t-shirt out of Kool-Aid people have done Kool-Aid hair dye and I was like well I could do that but I don’t want to screw up my hair it already is screwed up anyways um let’s get on with the fricken video all you need is Kool-Aid, water some like containers? or I guess you could just do cups uh to put the Kool-Aid in um and then t-shirt and rubber bands because that’s the key to making tie dye t-shirts is the rubber bands to keep the t-shirt together, scrunched in a specific way uh to make a design so uh we’re going to get started with the t-shirt uhhh and we’re gonna you know just put it on the table and take like a stick or something weird and then I guess you’re just supposed to oh god I’m just gonna twist it myself you just grab it here and twist in a circle like this until it’s all scrunched up nice and tight like okay Never Mind Am I doing it? Its a nice spiral.. Okay.. and then I think you just like ..Uh oh.. UH OH its coming apart Oh shoot! Okay how do we do this? This shirt is not going to turn out right, I-I don’t know Also.. I’m not using purple Kool-Aid because I think that is just going to look too muddy and dirty Alright so now I have it all scrunched up into this thing I don’t know if it is going to turn out okay uh but it’s all gorgeous now for the fun part uh So we’re gonna take our Kool-Aid (Oh god, how do I take this off?) (I haven’t had Kool-Aid for 12 1/2 billion years) Oh! You can just twist! Oh! That tastes pretty horrible It tastes like cherry medicine. I hate cherry medicine. How may of you guys had cherry medicine as a kid? and would ohh.. memories My mum tried to like force fed me cherry cough syrup and I was just like spit it out I don’t know why they think like cherry is a good cough or like medicine flavor it’s like disgusting Alright, so I’m just gonna fill this up nice and good like. Alrighty. We got some water we’re get make some Kool-Aid Imma have a sip… not of the cherry cause we know I don’t like it I don’t even know is it going to work? I feel like the more… uh Kool-Aid you use the more uh potent it’ll be just want to shake it up Alright, moving on We’ve got the red Lets move onto yellow Only got the packets so this is all I got for the yellow. Kay You know what thats what scissors are for That’s why I brought the scissors Good source of Vitamin C it says. Ugh this doesn’t even smell that good. Gonna try a little… OMG that is so, sour! That’s like really sour. Holy Crap Not even being dramatic at all That’s super potent holy crap! that’s like extreme. Guys if you ever go to the grocery store get a
packet of this if you liked sour stuff holy crap I was not expecting that oh ok
so much as the red but whatever it’s gonna be crazy look at how potent that is like a
real nice yellow ok same thing with the green which is
lemon line and yes i am going to try Oh same thing ya think they all go aw hi so i didn’t have
that much green packet but hopefully this will do uh Oh making a mess okay and last but not least is the blue
barracuda I’m going to try this one it’s not sour it’s good mmm that yummy you know what it tastes like fun dip that was a lot a lot of blue in there this isn’t blue this is red oh no I feel very deceived this is misleading packaging no it’s not there’s frickin’ red on the front of it dang
it we didn’t get the blue cool-aid are you
kidding me what’s the point of having a red kool-aid that’s a whole cherry and a red one
called blue it’s misleading and I was sueing. Sueing you kool aid it’s poor unfortunate
soul but we’re gonna have to make do with what we have what we have is red
yellow and green ok so what we’re going to do is I’m
going to put a little bit of red yellow green red yellow green ok let’s try it no it’s not sticking to the sharp get on it there come on scweeze it good like
oh it’s a mess this shirt is rebounding it’s like I don’t
want this kool-aid oh no that’s not good we got the red
their let’s move on to yellow oh my God how come it just bounces
off is it the kool-aid or is it the t-shirt I don’t know probably the t-shirt probably has like stuff on it so if you’re really thirsty just sweat a
lot and you’ll have naturally made kool-aid maybe are you supposed to wet t-shirts
first maybe okay breathe loop back on to read I mean
these are not the color i would choose i’d probably go with other colors all right last let’s go back to green oh green was so
good alright so the red and green is mixing together not in a cute way um I think you’re supposed to let this dry but for the sake of the video I’m gonna untangle it and see whats here ready to reveal yummy it actually doesn’t look bad on camera oh I
should squeeze out all right so i waited a little bit and it’s dry like for a few
seconds and now i’m going to take the rubber bands off and have a big reveal still really wet so if I were to do this
again i would definitely get the good kool aid colors like a variety and also
i would do it in the rainbow color because the red and green just like blended together and not in a cute way Wooooooooahhhh It worked! holy crap! holy crap! oh my god! oh my god! look at this I did it holy crap! I didn’t think it would look like a tie-dye t-shirt but it does from freaking kool-aid are you insane I’m insane are you? this is literally everything and more
holy crap like the biggest test would be to like put it in a washing machine
and see if the color stays it’s really sour it smells good really really strong okay so anyways this is
insanity thumbs up if you are freaking out of the
sight of this because i don’t think this is going to work yeah that’s all for today’s video i love
you guys give the video a thumbs up if you
enjoyed it you want to see more pinterest DIY test things that’s all for
today I love you I will see you all tomorrow oh sorry warming up hey how do you work this thing just need
to find a crafting table