Laser Vision Cataract Surgery Patient Story | Donna

– Hi, my name is Donna Stegemeier, and I’ve been a patient over
at Ocala Eye for eight years. Mostly for annual exams,
glasses, contacts, but this year the doctor suggested I see the cataract specialist. My husband had successful cataract surgery with Dr. Jank a year ago, So I immediately suggested Dr. Jank and made an appointment to
have my cataracts checked. I highly recommend Ocala
Eye for cataract surgery. If you’re considering this procedure, it’s a wonderful change. You can see things that
you haven’t seen in years, in a much, much brighter perspective. I can’t guarantee this for everyone, but I’ve been playing
golf most of my life, and less than a month
after my cataract surgery, I got my first hole-in-one. Thank you Ocala Eye.