hi guys we’re back again but today we’re
gonna open the lookfantastic – 2017 advent calendar look at how massive this
box is it’s quite heavy as well so honestly I’m very excited about it it is
beautiful but you can already pre-order it so the link to buy this little box
it’s gonna be down below the official sale day begins on October 10 I don’t
know the stock they have so I would advise you to be quick before it sells
out it’s so worth it even if you don’t like doing event calendars which to be
honest I usually just tear open everything the first day because I’m too
curious you can think of it like a special beauty box so this costs 75
pounds so just short of 80 pounds and it is worth over three hundred pounds let’s
open this up if you don’t like spoilers I’m still gonna open this up
day-by-day on my Instagram stories when that time comes but in the meantime if
you want to know everything that’s inside then please watch it so before we
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notification so let’s go right ahead I’m gonna try to lift this up but this box
is quite heavy illustration is honestly quite amazing it’s kind of an Alice in
Wonderland theme so this has like four drawers and you can open the first
drawer and this is what it looks like so we’re gonna go like day by day
there’s no lost space I love that that it’s all like figured out together this
is a really really good like makeup storage box I can’t I won’t throw this
away because this is so beautiful and it’s so practical you can just pop this
on your vanity table and just store makeup so this is a first drawer and has
the first day this is the first day oh it comes all wrapped up and stuff so you
don’t see what it is it’s an Illamasqua lava lips marble lipstick and
it’s the shade vixen so I don’t know if all the shades are gonna be the same if they’re
like randomly assorted but this is vixen it’s weird that’s the like white only
comes down so you have to use it all up to get to the white but it looks really
cool it’s kind of like a candy cane a muted candy cane color it’s really
really cute let’s go to the second one and it has a very slim packaging so I’m
like wondering what this is yeah I eyeliner this is from ciaté I’m trying to
figure out how to open this but this is the fierce flix it’s like a felt tip
eyeliner it is hella dark definitely want to give this a try let’s go through
number two three this is like Christmas already
honestly if you want to give someone an amazing Christmas present even even
though this is an advent calendar I’m guaranteeing that smells amazing
I knew this this is the grow gorgeous scalp detox exfoliating pre-wash
treatment I have this already and I really like it I like all the grow
gorgeous range to be honest they’re really really good I also really love
their cleansing conditioner because I have scalp psoriasis so I really like to
exfoliate my hair before washing it especially because I only wash it once a
week it has a little bit of buildup number four whoever’s number four door
number three honestly as I was saying if someone gave me this for Christmas first
of all you spent so much time opening so it’s so like rewarding I love opening
presents and second of all it’s so worth it
are you listening I love stuff he says he knows okay so this is the first aid
beauty ultra Repair intense hydration for dry parched skin and this is their
one of their best sellers I think they have the tub one ultra Repair Cream and
this I don’t know if this is the same formulation is the tub one or if it’s a
lighter version I have to delve into that and in search but I am starting a
new like acne treatment phase so my skin is gonna be pretty dry and
parched this is gonna come right in handy I love first aid beauty I love their
products they’re so like innocuous but fun to wear which is kind of hard when
you have one of the sensitive skin and you want to use things that are quite
non-irritating they can sometimes be so boring you use I love it using exciting
stuff on my face I don’t know if you agree with that actually really really
like their oatmeal mask which is amazing one of my favorite masks of all time is
the first aid beauty oatmeal mask which I haven’t used in a while and I have to
have to rebuy because it’s gonna be good for winter right away this 25-1 I want
to open it okay it’s so big and like a little child number five smells amazing
as well it’s the balance me face cleansing micellar water you know I love
a good micellar water but this is a chamomile infused blending water when
natural peptides to boost hydration and radiance it’s not drying in transit
camera close up mask moisturizer and primer in one this range is that range
that you’d use like in the city and also in flight and living in London you know
you know that when you blow your nose black comes out sometimes the James
Read gradual tan h2o illuminating tan mist body okay so I have the regular one
that is not illuminating that is face and body and I would really like it cuz it’s
its gradual tan anything that is gradual tan I’m up for if it’s regular tan
regular self tan I’m like hey it’s you lazy to do it properly but gradual tan
stuff I really like so I’m sure I’m gonna like this this would be more of a
summer item though number eight this is the redken no blow dry for medium hair
so I know they have for thin and for thick hair I think so this is like a
styling cream for air dry so for me probably I need the thicker one this is
a banana setting powder and the brand is from
Bellapierre I’ve never had any any banana powder always been curious but
never went there so I’m excited to try this because I’ve always always used
translucent powder and never went for the banana 3rd box and this might be
either the most exciting video for you guys swatch or the most boring one oh
this is the Oskia renaissance mask I love oskia their renaissance cleanser
I haven’t used it in a while but I went through bottles and bottles and bottles
of the renaissance cleanser it’s so good and I love the Renaissance mask as well
I’ve had two little tiny tubs of this because I got them in goodie bags before and if we actually bought the full-size one because somehow I never
run out of them they always come back to me it’s a very very gentle exfoliating
mask so if you have very very sensitive skin and you’re afraid to use
exfoliating mask or toners or whatever but you feel like your skin
it’s a little brightening this is a really good one third little drawer I
really love this this really is like Christmas if you open it all at once
this is oh oh my god I don’t know what this is and I love it this is one of the
molten brown body washes I love their body washes I have one they came in past
look fantastic box it’s the pink Pepperwood I think that’s what it’s
called and I love it I I love it like when I’m really in the bad mood I’d love
to take a shower and use it I know that sounds so dumb but it really calms me
down the scent is so powerful and it just calms me down a little oh it smells
so good this is the scent ginger Lily oh I just
want to smell this forever still here in the third drawer this is
the magnitone wipeout which is an amazing microfiber cleansing cloth
yes I love cleansing cloths but this is one of those where you don’t need the
product and this just removes your makeup to be honest I prefer to use the
product anyway and just use this because otherwise I have to really tear into my
skin and it’s quite sensitive so I don’t like to do that but I really like these
microfiber cloths they were so so gentle for something
skin so I’m glad to have this anyway but I’d still use this with product 13 is in
the second drawer Moroccan oil little tiny bottle any time I don’t think I’ve ever tried Moroccan oil
I’ve tried macadamia hmm this smells amazing 14
still in the box so this is from Korres and this is their wild rose advanced
repair sleeping facial corrective facial skin retexturizing
anything that is skin retexturizing I’m in okay 15 fourth door this is from
lookfantastic themselves I love when they do brushes because they always do
the cutest little brushes so this is kind of rose gold and then the brush
itself it’s so cute like beigey and taupe so
soft as well this is like a powder brush this is so so soft number 16 this is
another eyeliner no brows instant brows by model co this one side is a pencil
like a slated pencil and I love the color right up my alley
like a grayish blonde and the other part is just a spoolie like a tiny little
spooley you know you guys know I love my brows right you can tell that I love
brows number is 17 oh yes yes this is a limited edition version of the queen of
Hungary mist by omorovicza I love this mist I’m gonna mist it
in my hand just oh my god I love I love this it’s so luxurious it smells amazing
it just peps your skin up it’s very very expensive though so this is 18
we’re about to clear out box number three oh my god I know what it is I love
it I want it it’s a dr. lipp original nipple balm hmm I
had it I have you I have had it in the past absolutely adored this the last
time I did accutane it tore up my lips so bad I had to go
the doctor and it like I couldn’t eat or sleep they I just felt them pulsating
through and it hurt so much my lips are like double the size I had like an
outline of like I want to say half a centimeter of crusts outside of the lips
and it was just so disgusting and the only products that called my lips down
enough for me to continue with the treatment was the dr lipp nipple balm
and so right now I’m doing antibiotics in about three weeks I’m gonna start
accutane again it’s a whole separate conversation and if you want me to talk
about it let me know and I will but yeah I’m gonna start accutane again so I
wanted to get this in advance and I’m still at that it’s in here cuz honestly
if you have dry chapped lips if you’re going to extreme conditions like snow or
acne treatments this is the best and not it’s not expensive but let’s go to 19
honestly so far I’m so so impressed with this box oh yeah this is the crabtree and
Evelyn la source ultra moisturizing hand therapy cream if you follow me on
Instagram and you see my instagram stories stories you know that already have this
and I’ve been using this non-stop it’s very good to keep on your purse because
it’s not it’s a very heavy but at the same time quick drying hand cream which
is good to carry around finishing another box and this is a second drawer
so going to keep this box I don’t know what I’m gonna put it but it’s handy and
I’m gonna have it ready a bit this is the Elemis Pro collagen marine cream
anti-wrinkle day cream hmm let’s try anything
plus my first wrinkles are starting to show up and I don’t like it nothing I
don’t like I’m not against wrinkles but I think I’m a little bit too young I
just have had so many drying and damaging acne treatments done on me but
you know wrinkles are bound to come 21 okay I have no 21
where is 21 no I opened 21 instead of 12 I’m such a bad blogger
so 21 was the magnitone wipeout cloth remember this? so this
is 12 this is the caudalie vinosource I don’t even have to look at it it’s
those sorbet moisturizing cream love this most right but out
of this moisturizer for me this my perfect summer moisturizer if you like
very lightweight but very moisturizing day creams this is definitely it I’ll
still keep this for summer locked and saved cuz always good to have it’s legit
my favorite moisturizer for summer because it’s very lightweight so it
doesn’t weigh heavy on me when it when I’m all sweaty and stuff but at the same
time heavily moisturizes which is what my skin needs because it’s very
dehydrated even though it’s acne prone so it’s not like clogging at all you can
use it if you have acne which is amazing 22 just like a palette like so this is
the high definition eyeshadow palette yes from what is the brand oh the brand
is higher definition so I’ve never heard of them but I will look them up now and
this is their little kind of neutral eyeshadow palette which I’m going to
swatch and it has like a little brush that I actually think it looks sweetie
what yeah it’s very good quality Oh creamy 2 mattes 3 shimmers you can never
get enough of like neutral palettes that are so compacts for traveling the shade
names are truffle bronze honey golden and bear some cute 23 well looks like a
lip balm no mascara hmm so this is the max lash volumizer mascara from the
brand called deuce never heard of the brand but it looks like this and the
brush looks so interesting I’ve never seen one like this so this is 24 we’re
so close guys to the big ones this is oh it smells good
this is the doctor botanicals moroccan rose superfood facial oil it
got me at facial oil my god guy is pink the oil is pink so this contains
high levels of vitamin A and C which aim to rejuvenate the skin even skin tone
and reduce visible signs of aging it also has an almond oil that aims to
deeply moisturize and nourish skin while brightening and renewing the appearance
of dry skin 25 box and this is not one of those boxes that like is
big but have nothing big inside is big what is it it’s pixi its pixi beauty oh my
god I’m so excited it’s like a bronzy and gold rose gold so
this is the pixi by petra hello glow kit you know I love pixi I love their
products and I’m excited for this so this has the liquid illuminator blow
booster this also has the Beauty blush duo and it has a lip lift max so it’s
a volume maximizing lip treatment that has a cooling sensation very good one
for a last one and I might actually soon be doing a full face of Pixi because I
have a few of the products like scattered around I think I’m only
missing the foundation or so so the glow booster is in the shade peach glow
definitely very cute oh yes highlighter is subtle but cute and the blush the
blush can be kind of a highlight too for darker skin tones or it can be a
blush for skin tones like mine and finally the lipstick it’s kind of a lip
gloss it smells like mint of course because it has a cooling sensation it has a peachy hue as well so
it’s a very peachy rose Goldy trio guys you should see my bed right now it
looks like I heaven on earth but I’m done I am so excited for this box and I
hope you guys are excited too it’s in my opinion in my honest very honest opinion
you know you guys know that I’ve worked with look fantastic a lot but nothing is
actually sponsored they just send me out stuff and I talk about what I want so
really in my honest opinion this is one of the best advent calendars I’ve seen
out there so obviously if you don’t have a lot of beauty it’s great because you
have to fill out a lot of blanks but even for someone that has a lot of
beauty like myself I feel like this wasn’t too
like repetitive or it wasn’t too much of the same it was very very exciting
there’s always one or two products that you might not get along but to be honest
for the price and for what everything is worth I think they did an amazing job I
would definitely definitely recommend you pre-order this cuz it might sell
out I hope that it doesn’t because I still want to open every single one of
these things when December comes and that’s where I’m gonna end today I think
I bored you to death already hopefully not don’t forget to subscribe
to the channel and click the little bell button to pre-order there’s a direct
link in the description box which will take you directly to that page I will
see you in the next