hello guys and they for joining me again for this video as I said in the previous one fantastic advent calendar the boxes itself is just gorgeous it’s a blueprint with gold snowflakes and it says beauty in Wonderland it looks like this it’s a big box but the print is just amazing amazing and the box itself it’s it’s just gorgeous it’ll it opens like this and it has the print with whatever this is the trend and also on the top it says look fantastic and it has a lid which opens all the way up and this is a great space from storage actually the box itself it’s a great organizer don’t try this inside you can keep in here wherever you want from makeup to any other things it has four drawers and inside of each drawer are the boxes with the items like this so it’s very nice that it has the best box from the previous year of them thousand dollars yeah now I believe we have to give in each one for for day number one so very few guys because it’s in fact I have four points again and again and again so yeah day number one it’s here so for day number one we have the llama illamasqua on the look fantastic used to seven lots of the Illamasqua items in the row fantastic description box so this is a lipstick look at this guy’s isn’t it gorgeous so this is the color and it says love our lips it’s just amazing some hombre with white pink red so yeah this is the color very nice you know Moscow is a very expensive brand and yeah they have very nice problems beginning again and go stores but you know guys I’m gonna take out the drawer so it’s gonna be more easier to find them and not to keep you waiting so me and the boxer side like this without drawers yep so now for day number two we have it right here [Music] CRM fierce flicks yeah that’s my liner I’m gonna try to open it so I can show you exactly how these moves that’s very very black very nice and the tip is nice too yeah yeah they on the treats are big box we have the grow gorgeous called the tops exfoliating pre wash treatment I think I got something from this brand in another box some drops still I have treatment which I really need with the with all the hair loss and then for day number four so we have the first stage beauty beauty ultra Repair Cream I believe this is a full sized first stage great brand remove them all so this was the number four for day number five from balance me we have the flesh cleans micellar water from this worse we have in transit camera close-up mask moisturizer and primer all in one it’s a good size I just got a lead to the different bus and so yeah this was the number six and then for day number seven by James Reid gradual tan illuminating 10 mr. Boddy this will be something interesting to try it has a cold color yeah whenever I read can no blood dry MVD every cream I think it’s a styling cream yeah it’s nice to have something for day number nine [Applause] the banana setting powder this size by Ostia on them it’s a mask this I think I saw this in another this this was the number not ten and then for day number eleven Wow it’s molten Brown I’m under ginger lily body wash this smells amazing it smells amazing it is it is so expensive I was looking for that and calendar but I know it’s about it’s about $250 the molten Brown again Canada but yeah worth it expensive anyway that’s a good size and it’s a body wash ginger lily no fantastic send another one in the Easter box which was so so nice yeah that’s for bathing for day number 12 let me let me find it first okay where is that right in front of me of course but where I didn’t see day number 12 the big buzz with small items which we have the color name we know source the moist sorbets moisturizer another great item called le is one of my favorite brands favorite brands again for day number 13 where is that number 14 is the Moroccan royal treatment because it’s in this size this item is very [Music] this was a number 13 and for day number 14 by Korres or something like that I don’t know exactly how to pronounce that wild rose it’s advanced repair sleeping facial it’s a mask very nice you can the brushes very soft comparing with the clinic 1 this is really soft just make this and this called rosy gold is just it’s just beautiful another brush also very well but then on March 6th in yeah by mobile call instant browse now it’s a brow product so it doesn’t have a number it’s in light meeting so let’s see the color is the color look like this very nice number 17 the Amarok visa or wherever how you pronounce it it’s the Hungarian mist this smells amazing and feels amazing on the skin I got another one in another calendar world whatever another box yeah it smells so so nice and feels so nice on the skin another great item they have a fantastic have now one-celled a limited-edition it’s on Marathas are $100 the box 50 are great items I will have an unboxing later for that so that one to maybe next week or when I receive the box for day number 18 and let’s see if I can find that one yeah there are lots of goodies lots of great we have this little guy which is dr. leap I believe it’s a treatment original nipple da bomb so small 1819 which is by gosh what it says here Crabtree and Evelyn London la source ultra moisturizing hand therapy so we have a hand cream tonight I can’t open it but anyway it’s a hand cream so this is day number 19 for day number 20 remember when we have the LME’s pro-collagen marine cream another great great brand so that was day number 20 then for day number twenty one twenty first we have the Magna mint on London wipe out the amazing microfiber cleansing cloth this is what oh you can wash it in the wash machine were manually this is so soft – reminds me of baby stuffs I said this color is just so so nice and it’s really really soft yeah that’s a great wash part first okay number any second okay as soon as this is by high definition I shadow palette wow that’s not bad at all the box there are the colors you trust those fool you that’s the darkest one all of them are nude colors as the first one it feels very creamy does the second one turned one this is a gorgeous gold I don’t know if you can pick the color you can’t see it very well and this is the base color you won’t be able to see it yeah so we have the palette with five eyeshadows you we have a brush – mm then which looks like this like this on the side and like this on the other side so you have full size eye palette not bad colors and you can use anytime in location very nice very nice [Applause] we have a mascara this one is by the share like I think this is the way you pronounce it to share is the Mac slash volumizing mascara like this another brand that comes off onion for day 24 [Music] [Applause] this looks familiar to me is the botanicals dr. botanicals moroccan rose super food facial oil is very pink this was the 24th and it looks like this calendar has a 25 days we have pixi by petra it’s a kid and it has the illuminator the blush and highlighter and a glossy lip plumper so let’s open this roughly the globe was that it’s peach called the blasto it’s peach honey and lip lift marks it’s honey punishing great size very pinky I don’t know if you can see it very well does the illuminator and then we have to brush the door blush Channing I’m gonna try to swatch this I don’t know where so start to sing over the night so it’s a in gold color and the other one you can really see it because it’s very light [Music] yeah I’m sorry you can see the color but looks very great especially the this one the pink one and then this is the lip gloss which looks like this you know again you can see in very well this one so yeah this is in the pic saket very nice so about this calendar I think from the point of packaging from the point brands inside the box from the point of variation night and say yeah I like this one side this box with the other advent calendars so yeah this is for this video thank you so much for joining joining me again and I’ll see you in my next video thank you again bye-bye