Lowrance Elite Ti Switching Sonar Modes

Ok guys, so one thing I do want to talk
about is this: yes this unit does do CHIRP and yes this
unit does do side scan but you can’t run CHIRP and side scan both at the same
time. So if I’m up here and I want to put this chart in CHIRP, I touch it right up here. I select it.
Right now we’re 200. If I tell it High CHIRP, as you can see it’s not letting
me go into High CHIRP and that’s because I have structure scan running down here.
So if I come down to my structure scan and I say Stop Sonar, then I come back up
here to my 2D sonar now I can go into High CHIRP. So I get
that clear water column and better target separation, but I don’t have my
structure scan scrolling at the same time. So now that I’ve got my CHIRP running, if
i want to go back to being able to use my structure scan, it’s really simple. All I have to do is
come back and say 200 on here, come back to there, I take it off of
Stop Sonar and it starts scrolling again.