[ LXHC75 ] – ( Premium Gun Range Trauma & Bleeding First Aid Kit) – LXWS Episode 24

– All right, HC75 crash
test on three, two… – Ow! God! Ow, ow, ow. – You all right, buddy? Ow! God! (grunting) – Stupid case. Ow! – All right, you ready, Cody? HC75 drop test number two on three… – Argh! – Sorry, buddy. – Ow! Oh, that really hurt. Ow, ow! Welcome to the Lightning
X Warehouse series, guys. You’ve seen what this case to do. It’s very durable. – Cody, what are you doing, dude? – What are you doing? – What is this? The Cody Show? – This is my show. – All right, let’s do this thing. Come on. All right. What’s wrong? – I’m ‘posed to do this video. I do, this is my video. I had my sign that said The Cody Show, and you came in here and… – All right, let me
introduce the case, okay? And I’ll let you do the supplies. – Whatever. – No?
– Whatever. – All right. Welcome, everybody. This is the Lightning X Warehouse series. – I already said that. – I’m gonna do this
correctly here, all right? All right, so this is our new airtight, watertight hard case, and we have it with our LXSMK-R range kit. So a lotta gun ranges out there, you guys have pretty much
every supply you need to shoot and blow up stuff and all that stuff, but if somebody actually gets hurt, you know, a little 19.95 first aid kit from your local drug
store’s not gonna cut it. So we’ve put together a
nice case for you here. It’s a nice kit that you can use in the case of a gunshot wound or somebody clips their hand on the rail of the gun or whatever. And, okay, just, Cody, just start, all right? I’m guilty. I feel guilty, all right? – What happened?
– Just go ahead. – Go ahead, start. Here you go. – First things first, you need your trauma shears. Trauma shears. Is that all right? I’ll need you here to correct me. Cut your gauze. So it can handle all that mess for you. – What’s this? – Depression needle. – It’s a what?
– Depression needle. – Decompression needle. – That’s what I said, dude. – Yeah, decompression needle. – Decompression needle. That’s what I said the first time. See how much distraction this is? Decompression needle, guys. Just to, you know, just to get ’em like that in the chest. Listen, you’d better be
careful about (mumbles) okay? – Okay. – Don’t be going through some pictures. I’m very slightly overweight. All right, next up, guys, we got our CAT tourniquet. C-A-T, CAT tourniquet. You also seen this when, you know, I chopped my leg open and Andy had to use it on my leg. All that, it stops
bleeding on big ligaments. – What’s that stand for? Combat application tourniquet, people. – What? Oh, it does. – It says it right there.
– It says it right there. – It says it, yeah. – We only use North
American Rescue for those. So don’t buy the cheap ones. They’ll break on you and somebody’ll die. – Just letting you know. I can’t say that, never mind. The other… – You’ll notice in this case that… Why don’t you show ’em the case? We’ve got everything custom cut for you so everything fits perfectly in place. But we also offer another one that has just the pick and pluck foams so you can arrange it however you want to, but the coolest way to go is like this. – You sure you don’t wanna correct ’em on how they do their case? – I mean, yeah, if they wanna send a video, then we can do a
correction video, you know? – Undernet, neath the CAT… – Undernet neath. – Undernet neath, right there, you got yourself a nasal airway 28 Fr. Now, I like to do my kit, I like to put it underneath the CAT tourn. – What do we have right here? Oh, there’s two. – Listen, guys. – That says herpes gloves.
– Gloves. – Exactly. Him, dude, listen, he’s a little wild child, okay? I’m, that’s all I’m saying. Wear protection. – You’re the one that’s
always bleeding all over me in the videos. So how many do we get? What do we got here? – Four pairs. – Four pairs, holy cow. – You oughta have… (mumbles) – We could do all extremities with that. All right, what do we have here next? Oh, there’s two in here, yeah. – No glove, no love, people, I’m just saying. If you really love ’em, that’s all I’m saying. – Look and see, you want it? So who’s got all this? – This is your self-adhering gauze. You know, just to wrap up people’s heads. – Like that. – Yeah, and please don’t. That really hurts, dude. You also get your crinkle gauze. What I like to do is
I put my crinkle gauze underneath my self-adhering gauze, so… – What’s the crinkle gauze do? – Some gauze. You don’t know what crinkle
gauze does, don’t buy any. – Well, they might not know. I mean, you might be
watching this video… – All right, crinkle gauze. – …some day and be like,
what’s crinkle gauze? – Okay, so for instance, you cut yourself open, you know, the crinkle gauze, you open it up, it’s really, it’s really, you know… – …compressed in there.
– Compact. – Compressed, it says right there. – Well, you couldn’t come
up with a word in time. – Anyway, so you can use that and you wrap the wound
and keep it, you know, kinda stop the bleeding a
little bit if you need to. So the crinkle gauze goes
underneath the self-adhering in this little slot right here. See, you can look right
here on the camera, dude, and you put the stuff in
here right over top of it. All right, next, so give me the hard case, please. – The hard case? You meant the CPR hard case thing. – All right, guys. – You need help with that? – I get put out to be the stupid one. I do. But I just want y’all to know from that, that right there, it’s not just me, okay? This is all an act, really. – Can we, can we… – I’m really smart. I have a… – Keeping the productivity.
– I had a 5.0 GPA. – This is why you don’t
get to do your own videos. So what do we have in the hard case? – Listen, can y’all please do something in the comments for me? Comment something and tell him that I’m a nice guy. Now, I’m very sensitive-hearted. – He’s this dark soul.
– And I… (sniffling) – You got this, Cody. You’re not stupid. All right, guys, back to it. We got a hard case CPR
mask right here, guys. It’s pretty good. Comes with a little instructions. – Should we demonstrate for ’em? – No.
– Yeah, you can do it on me. – You ain’t got your gloves on. – You can do it on me. – I don’t have my gloves on. – I’ll do it on you, then.
– No. – Yeah, here’s how you do it. Just pop this little
sucker out right here, and then you shove that down their throat. No, you put this in here, and it’s got a little band on it so you can put it around their head. (mumbles) And turn around. See, I can breathe on him but he can’t breathe back on me. And so, yeah, it’s a really nice CPR mask. – Hey, listen, if y’all could donate gum to him, that would be great, too. Gum, mint, you know, mint spray, whatever, you know, that’d be great, too, ’cause God Almighty, son,
what’d you eat for lunch? – What do we have? – Triangle bandages. You know, you use it
for your arm a few days, to hurt their arm when, you know, this is your gunshot kit, or gun range, so if they got shot and they
fell on their arm wrong, you can bandage it up a little bit. – Yeah, don’t worry about their gunshot, just make sure you get
that boo-boo on their arm. Put a sling on it while
they’re bleeding out. They’ll be all right. – Or you can make a
turban with it, whatever. – Plus all that blood’ll be gone, so it’ll be easier to lift ’em up. – Can I say what I gotta say, please? This is my show. Also, you can use it to make
a turban if you want to, but I wouldn’t suggest going
to a gun range with that. You might get shot. – Oh yeah, don’t do that. – Don’t. (whistles) All right, this is your emergency blanket. Very nice thing. You know, if you’re cold, you can get cold, you know, if you get cold, open this bad boy up… If they get cold, you wrap it around ’em, you’ll be good to go, guys. I’mma hurry up and get
through this real quick before he wakes up so I can get this video
done, all right guys? All right, so next up we
have our quick clot 25 grams. If you have a good open wound, you put this little packet in your arm and it soaks up the blood and it stops the bleeding
instantly, okay guys? It’s not like the old grandma stuff where you pour the powder in there and then you can possibly
lose the arm at that point. So you put that in there. Next up you have your
Israeli bandage, guys. Y’all saw this, what
happened in the last video, me cutting my leg open. You just put the ABD pad that’s on this and you just wrap it around and you pull it really tight so you’ll be good to go with that. All right, next up you
have your roll split, our Lightning X Ware roll splint. You know, it can bend any
shape or form you need it to and it’s really good for, it’s really good to have
on hand at all times no matter what the situation is, so we threw a roll splint in there. Let’s put that in there. Next up we have our
Lightning X burn dressing. If you have a burn or anything for… Whatever the word is. For your patient. You could always throw that in there and it’s really good. It’s really good for your skin. Smells great. Smells great. Put that in there. Next up we have our twin chest seal. So if you get shot and there’s an entry and… Well, there is an entry if you get shot. But if you have an exit wound, you have one for each wound. Allows air in but not anything out. So you’ll be good to go with that. And this twin chest seal goes right here in this little slot. Has a little extended on it so it fits in there perfectly. And last but not least, your first aid guide. It has every scenarios in there, so if, you know, have a heart attack, a nose, you know, nosebleed or heatstroke or anything like that, especially if you’re in a gun range, a heatstroke, you know, it’s really common, especially if it gets all
hot and everything, it… – [Andy] Mommy. (mumbling) – So guys, that’s our LX HC75 case, guys. We hope y’all enjoyed it. We’ll see y’all next week on gearbags.com. Also, guys, we have a poll, we have a poll going on right now as to who’s the star of this show. Is it me, Cody? (clicks teeth) Or is it him? So y’all let us known in there, guys. Have a great one and see y’all next week. Get offa me, dude! Get offa me. – Oh, you’re not my mommy. – I ain’t. I might, you might be my kid. Other than that, back in (mumbles) I was wild back in those days, I tell you. – We’ll see you all next week on gearbags.com warehouse series. (electronic music)