Make a First Aid Kit for Dogs

how to make a first aid kit for dogs DIY list of supplies AlaskaGranny Maltese rescue dog AlaskaSammy as a pet owner you may want to assemble
a first-aid kit just for your dog I put together some first aid supply items in a box for my dog
AlaskaSammy and I wanted to show you the items that I put in my DIY dog first aid kit
the first section includes bandages gauze and tape you don’t want to put a
bandaid on your dog would stick to your dog’s fur and be difficult and even painful
to remove get an assortment of gauze pads get gauze pads in different sizes get some
rolled gauze and then get some flexible tape that sticks to itself and won’t
stick to your dog’s fur next I have some tools I want to be able to get a good
look at anything that might be wrong with my dog so I have some Dollar Tree
magnifying reading glasses I have tweezers and scissors the scissors are sharp but
they have a rounded point so that I wouldn’t accidentally poke and hurt my
dog I have exam gloves cotton balls and q-tips cotton swabs
I have hand sanitizer a tube of vaseline petroleum jelly and some antibacterial
ointment like Neosporin and some eye drops have hydrogen peroxide in your dog first aid kit veterinarians may
recommend using the hydrogen peroxide for a poison control remedy get a pack
of wet wipes for your diy dog first aid kit I store the wet wipes in a ziploc bag just to make sure they don’t dry out
before I get a chance to use them other good items to include in a dog first aid kit are a space blanket
to wrap around your pet and a leash from Dollar Tree if you had to scoop up your dog and rush out of
the house you may need a leash when you get where you’re going also include a
copy of your pets or dog’s emergency contacts the veterinarian the
local emergency animal hospital and the pet poison control number I have AlaskaSammy my dog emergency contacts labeled with his name
on it I have all of his shot records papers in here and I have the numbers right on here in
fact the Animal Poison Control phone number is 888-426 -4435 and they may charge you with $65 if you ever have questions about your pet dog
animals health you can call the Kansas State University veterinary school lab their phone
number is 866 -512-5650 they don’t run an
emergency answering service but they will try to get back to you if you leave a
message and help you with any questions that you have if you think it’s truly an
emergency make sure you call the Animal Poison Control your veterinarian or the
emergency animal hospital nearest to your location put together a first-aid kit
for your dog pet all of my dog’s first-aid supplies fit easily into a shoebox from
the Dollar Tree you could just as easily put your dog first aid kit into any kind of container that
you already have even a ziplock bag you may want to make a smaller dog first aid kit to take with you
if you go camping backpacking or out in your car wherever you take your dog with
you is a good place to bring some emergency first aid supplies gather your
first-aid supplies from the Dollar Tree so that you’re ready to give your dog first aid should anything happen to your favorite
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