MAKESENSE – Everyday Face Makeup (My 3 Basics)

hi today I just wanted to show you guys
the face that I do in the morning it’s a quick face I don’t have a lot of time
obviously I’m for kids have to get ready everyone’s busy in the morning but I
never leave my house without my face makeup on and this is kind of why I
tried to pop a zit when I was pregnant don’t do it I broke a blood vessel I
then I have like a big poor it’s like a crater at this point can you see that I
mean I don’t even know what it is and but I always like to have a little
coverage on to look like I try a little bit and the finnegans has silk its
support and wrinkle minimizer this stuff is great you guys all you need is a
little half pump and you just want to spread it out where your wrinkles are
where your fine lines and your larger pores are and it kind of fills them in
to make a smoother campus for your makeup to go on and you just want to
push down because if you start pushing back up it’s going to bring it all back
up so don’t do that alright so now once that is on it’s my favorite go-to it’s
the color correcting tinted moisturizer and this comes in two colors it comes in
medium and light medium definitely works for most people it actually adjusts
three shades up and three shades down and you can always add in your
foundation to to get a better color match and but if you are very pale or
light-skinned then you might want to go with the light so on this we’re just
going to do a pump and since I don’t have time in the morning to use my
beauty blender I’m just going to use my hands okay now that that is on I just have a
little more of an even tone and then the last thing I’d like to do in the morning
is just go ahead and use my bronze dust this just gives you a little Sun glow so
you can just tap tap tap and that bronzer actually comes down through the
bristles which is pretty cool so you don’t make a mess all over and they lock
it into place I mean on this you guys just want to go kind of along the
hairline you’re just going to kind of swype along the hairline like where the
Sun would naturally hit you and then you’re going to go all right here to
create more of a chiseled jawline i’ve been under just a little contouring same
thing over here do that fish face and then underneath and you guys can also
contour your nose on each side so just have that little sunglo look to it
obviously if you guys have time you can go in with candlelight and do the under
eyes along with any other blemishes that you can still see and if you want
thicker coverage just mix your foundation in with the tinted
moisturizer and that will give you a little more coverage so that is my
everyday face and now i’m going to go ahead and do some lipson i’m going to
apple cider it’s a little more than a natural color it gives a little bit of
kink to my lips and there you have the apple cider on
the lips so once again we started off with the silk and poor and wrinkle
minimizer and then we went to the color correcting tinted moisturizer and then I
just used the bronze dust to highlight my face a little bit and do the
cheekbones and then of course topped it off with ellipses so this is kind of
what I do every day when I leave the house and just wanted to share that
quick face with you guys today all right you