I am looking like a full-course meal. I just woke up. Apparently, I fell asleep in my makeup. So yeah. I look so f-ing sexy right now. I can’t even. Today, I’m going to be doing a Valentine’s Day look, even though it’s f-ing January. Literally, still January. But everybody wanted me to do a Valentine’s Day look, even though I don’t have a boyfriend, and if I were to wear this to a date, I would probably get made fun of by said lack of boyfriend. So, here’s a really unnecessarily extra Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial from a girl who fell asleep in her makeup and has greasy-ass hair. I hate myself. Okay. Let’s get popping. “NUT” Ugggggh. Another requested video was the Burn Book Palette, so I decided: Maybe kill two memes with one stone. And I’m gonna do a Valentine’s Day look with the Burn Book Palette. I got this palette for Christmas, and I’ve been waiting for a good chance to use it. I’ve swatched it. I’ve played around with it a little bit. But I wanted to put it in a video, I just didn’t know which one. So now, I’m so excited! [burps] So yeah. NUT Let’s get poppin. Okay. I’m going to prime my eyelids with the Tarte Shape Tape. It’s Sunday, and I’m really not trying to go back to school tomorrow. But I have so many absences, that it’s just, like, I kind of have to go to school. So . . . Yeah. Really triggered. There’s nothing to talk about. Valentine’s Day is such a f-ng overrated holiday. Literally, the only reason why I like Valentine’s Day is because, in middle school, we used to do the little Valentine’s Day . . . like, we used to give each other treats and sh–. But now, I’m in high school, and you don’t do that sh– in high school. We big kids now. Gang, gang, gang. So now, basically, I have no reason to like Valentine’s Day. And honestly, I just kind of hate it, because it’s just everybody being happy and sh–, and then me just being, like, you know. Especially since MC has a boyfriend. Rhianna has a boyfriend. All my friends have boyfriends. Except for me. Because who would want to date me? This entire video is just gonna be me complaining about how I don’t have a boyfriend, and how f-ing salty I am about it. Because I know I’m just gonna die alone. Like, I know. Okay. I’m gonna take the Burn Book Palette, and I’m gonna take the shade “You Can’t Sit With Us.” I love this palette. On the bottom of the mirror, it says, “You’re like really pretty.” Where are you? There you are. Hey! But, yeah. I’m gonna take the shade “You Can’t Sit With Us.” All the shades are named after things from the movie, which is really cute. Have you guys seen Mean Girls 2? You know what a joke that movie is, right? I hate that movie so f-ing much. It’s not even good. I watched it for the first time like three years ago, and I remember thinking that it was gonna be amazing, because I loved Mean Girls and everything. But honestly, I only like Mean Girls if Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan are in it. And Gretchen . . . like the OG people. I need the OG cast. That’s why . . . They’re coming out with a Mean Girls musical, and I’m kind of not here for it, because I think it’s gonna be trash. Also, there are no songs in that movie. If there were songs in that movie, it would sound so f-ing dumb. Ughhhh. I’m in a really hateful mood today. Let’s be cheerful, positive. Amor y paz. Speaking of amor y paz, in my Spanish makeup tutorial, which is still going crazy, by the way. The comments section of that video is still blowing up. It’s like one of my most popular videos, and I don’t get it, because I think it’s one of my worst videos, and I didn’t even want to post it. But everybody’s commenting about my American accent. And it’s just like, whoa. I didn’t f-ing know I had an American accent. It’s not like I’m from America or anything. Like, I can’t speak Spanish. I’m in Spanish 3, and I still can’t roll my r’s. I can’t do a Spanish accent, because I can’t roll my r’s. So like, I just sound so incredibly white when I’m speaking in Spanish, which is why I didn’t want to post the video. But everybody wanted me to post it. So, yeah. But the reason why I can roll my r’s is because . . . It’s a genetic thing. My dad can’t roll his r’s, so I can’t roll my r’s. I know what you’re supposed to do. Putting my tongue on the roof of my mouth and blowing. Yeah. I can’t do it, so. Stop bullying me about it. I’m gonna take the shade “Wednesday,” which is a really bright pink shade. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna do a full cut crease for this look. Actually, I might just do a half cut crease. I don’t really know. I don’t f-ing know. Honestly. I also have mad f-ing homework to do today. I have a math test on Monday on a chapter that I don’t f-ing understand. I don’t get circles. I don’t understand circles. I get it. I get it. They’re like 360 degrees and they’re round. Right? But I just don’t understand the inscribed polygons and the circumscribed d–. I just I don’t understand it. So f– me in the a– and call me Sally, because I’m gonna fail this test. And I got a 38 on my last math test, and I cannot fail this one, okay? I’m having a really bad day today, guys. I’m about to start crying. I’m just kidding. Okay. I’m gonna take the shade . . . Actually, I don’t think I want to go into “She Doesn’t Even Go Here.” I feel like that’ll make it too deep, don’t you think? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just try and deepen up the crease with “Wednesday,” that pink shade that we took. I don’t think I’m gonna do a full cut crease, maybe a half cut crease, but definitely not a full one. See? Even just the sheer thought of Valentine’s Day just makes me f– everything up. I hate love, because I know I’m gonna die alone. This video is so depressing. I feel so bad. I’m going to cut my crease with the Tarte Shape Tape. I haven’t done a full cut crease in a very long time, so please excuse my ratchet-ness. Whoa. Look at me. Look at me! And I’m gonna set it with the Coty Airspun. I like setting my cut creases with a loose powder, because I feel like loose powders are always just better at taking away moisture. But I’m just always afraid I’m gonna open my eye, and then the cut crease is like. . . the concealer is gonna transfer. That’s one of my largest . . . “largest fears”? Biggest fears. I don’t know why I said “large.” I’m just a f-ing mess all around. Okay. That actually doesn’t look half f-ing bad. The end needs some help, but that’ll be cleaned up with foundation and sh–. I’m kind of shook, honestly. Maybe I am a real beauty guru. Ha ha ha. No. Where’s my nut button? “NUT” Yeah. Here’s like a little like Q&A. Not actually, but . . . Everybody always asks me if I’m gonna grow up and do YouTube as an adult. Like, go to beauty school and sh–. No. Not going to beauty school. No offense to people who go to beauty school. I don’t want that to be what I lean back on. I’m going to college. I’m going to med school. I’m gonna become a doctor. I’m gonna become a psychiatrist. Like, I have my f-ing life planned the f- out. YouTube is gonna be a part of that, but the thing is, it’s inevitable. YouTube is going to be the Vine of some year, eventually. YouTube is gonna die. I don’t want it to, but I feel like it’s inevitable. Like, it’s gonna have to eventually. And I don’t want to like lean back on it. Also, I’m not the greatest f-ing YouTuber of all time, you know? So . . . But I do – right now – I take YouTube really seriously. I take YouTube and my schoolwork about the same amount as seriously. And people can’t give me sh– about that. People can’t tell me that school is more important than YouTube, because it’s f-ing not. It’s not okay. They’re equal. I pay just as much attention to both of them. Okay. After that rant, I think I’m gonna fill in my eyebrows off camera, and then I’m gonna come back. I’m gonna do my face makeup and finish up the eyes. We still have a long way to go, guys. Don’t worry. My eyebrows look like sh–. I’m gonna take the First Aid Beauty Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer. I f-ing love this sh–. It’s going in my giveaway, which will be up soon, BTDubs. Like, I have it. I have all the stuff. I just need to film it. I’m sorry! I have a mini size of this in the giveaway, because it’s so f-ing good. [burps] “NUT” I like to fill the silence whenever I can, and usually I just do that with “NUT.” Did I breaks this? No. Okay. And then on the outer . . . Wait. No. I want to put more of this on my face. Okay. I’m gonna take the Wet n Wild Photo Focus “Fond dey Taint” in the shade “Shell Ivory.” I kind of talked about everything in my giant rant when I was doing my eye makeup. Also, my camera is gonna die. That’s cool. Sorry. I ran out of space on my camera. I’m setting my face with the Coty Airspun Powder. I wish that there were more drugstore loose powders that were cruelty free. This one isn’t cruelty free. The Maybelline one isn’t cruelty free. Like, just triggering, honestly. I don’t feel like going out and purchasing a forty dollar setting powder. Okay. I’m gonna do my eye makeup last. I’m gonna finish everything last. Don’t worry. This is not the final look. I’m gonna take the Tarte Park Ave Princess Bronzer. I’m gonna use my mini size, because I’m trying to use this up. I love this bronzer. But I’m trying to use up the mini one because I have a full sized one and I don’t feel like I need two in my collection. And I’m using this IBY Beauty Angled Contour Brush. I f-ing love this brush. I think I might include it in my January Sh*ts and Hits. Who knows. I’m gonna contour my nose with this Luxie brush. Like, my nose is thin enough already, but I feel like when I contour the rest of my face, I feel like I need to contour my nose. Otherwise, just the center of my face looks like a lifeless ghost. I don’t know. It’s weird. I hate my nose, though. I wish that it were bigger. It’s just so small. It bugs the f– out of me. But at the same time, I feel like everybody wants what they can’t have, you know? If I had a bigger nose, I’d probably want a smaller nose. But my profile it’s just so weird because of my nose. I don’t know-se. I don’t “nose.” Ah ha. I hate myself, too. It’s okay. I’m going to take the Luminoso Blush by Milani because I want a rose gold blush . . . like, not a rose gold, but like . . . I forgot how much I love this blush. Oh my god. Do you see how not overpowering that is? I just put on so much blush, and it just looks normal. I missed you, girl. I need to ponder what I’m gonna do for my highlighter. So, we’re gonna move back to the eyes. I’m gonna do my lower lash line first. And I think I’m just gonna take the “You Can’t Sit With Us” shade first, and then I’m gonna deepen it up with the “Wednesday” bright pink shade. This mirror is also super nice. I feel like this palette isn’t really ideal for traveling because it’s so large. But this is a really nice mirror, and it’s really clear. It’s not warped at all. Taking a little bit of “Wednesday” now. Mostly focusing it as close as I can, but then using a little bit more of the peach shade to blend it out. “NUT” Oh my god! I got a lot of requests to do a Nut Button-inspired makeup tutorial, and I actually think I’m gonna do that. That sounds like an amazing idea. And also, a video where I have to apply all my makeup with the Nut Button, which also sounds like f-ing awful idea, but I’m gonna do it. Maybe I’ll do them in the same video. That would be funny. Okay. And then all over my lid, I’m gonna take the shade “Regina George,” which is a beautiful peachy rose-gold color. Actually makes me nut. So pretty. Should I spray my finger? Can you do that? I’ve never sprayed a finger before. Ugh. My finger’s so moist. Oh yes. That’s a fucking nut. Usually, when I spray my eyeshadows I’ll do one coat, one layer of the wet eyeshadow, and then I’ll go on top with dry eyeshadow. Just to make it pop. And it always works. And blending it out a little bit, just so that it will flick out too. I just did the other eye off-camera because you get the gist. And now I’m taking the little pencil brush it’s by Sigma. It’s the Sigma E30 Brush. And I’m putting that on my inner corner. Do I want to highlight with this? Is it gonna be too dark? Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. Who knows. I’m a woman of surprises. Let me try. Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. I’m gonna highlight with the shade “Regina George.” The eyeshadows are big enough. I think I’m gonna spray her, though. Watch it be way too dark. Oh no. No, that works. So I just think this is nice, because it ties the whole look together, you know? Should I do these? I think I’m gonna do these. These are the Tarteist Lashes in the style “Flirt.” I haven’t put on lashes in a good two weeks, so this is going to take me a while. So I’ll be right back, Okay. Lashes are on, and I used the Tarteist Lash Mascara. I thought it was fitting to combine them. And I also put that on my lower lash line. The lighting is very white right now. I don’t really know how I feel about these lashes. They’ve seen some better days. I’ve used the f– out of them. I don’t know what lipstick I want to use. Oh, should I use this Huda Beauty? Oh yes! I want to use this. But do I use it on its own? Or do I use it over top of something? I think I’ll use it on its own, actually. I think that’s really pretty. It’s in the shade “Snobby.” It’s like a rose gold color. I also love the applicator. It’s kind of bent. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be, but mine is, so . . . Awesome. Okay. I’m gonna set my face the Urban Decay All Nighter. Really drenching my face on that because I want that highlighter to melt into my face. Yeah. Okay. So yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching. Actually, I really like this look. I don’t know. Do you guys think I should have added some hearts on my nose area or down here? Do you think I should still do that? No. I don’t think I’m gonna do that. I just think I’m gonna keep it simple. I can do another Valentine’s Day look that’s a little . . . Camera ran out of space again. I love having to get up every f-ing five seconds to clear space on my camera. But I can do another Valentine’s Day look that’s a little bit more extravagant if you guys want. Just let me know in the comments below. This is just a little bit more subtle, yet girly. A little bit more casual, yet feminine. So yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching. Please comment, rate, subscribe, and keep on not having a boyfriend and thinking that you’re gonna die alone!