Y’all, I’m tired. I don’t think I can do this. Hey guys, it’s Annika. Welcome to my channika. I must say, the lighting is really good right now. I’m filming this at 1:00 p.m., so it’s just, like, the prime. I’m so f-ing tired. I woke up two hours ago, but I feel like I woke up two seconds ago. But today, I wanted to do a tutorial. I didn’t know what to do, so I asked people on my spam account, obviously. That’s . . . You guys know the drill. And people said that they wanted another Valentine’s Day look, so I’m gonna give you one. I feel like they were wanting a little bit more chill, low-key one. But I’m gonna give you a more intense one than my last one. I found this picture on Pinterest, and I kind of want to recreate something like it. I don’t have red glitter, and I’m not trying to put red diamonds underneath my eyes. So it’s gonna be loosely inspired. I do want to do that little heart thing she did in the inner corner. I wanna do red liner. It’s gonna be lit. Yeah. Let’s get poppin. I feel like I should start with my eye makeup, because I feel like this is gonna be intense. Where’s my Shape Tape? I took the stopper out of my Shape Tape, and I have to say, it was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I literally cut myself while doing it. Like, it was really hard. I’m really shook. But you do get a lot more product when you take out the stopper, so . . . I don’t know if it was worth it, but . . . I don’t really know what to talk about. I’m . . . Oh my god, yeah! I have some big news for you guys, and I don’t want you guys to hate me. I feel like everybody’s gonna get mad at me for this, but I’ve decided to take off my acrylics. I know. Okay. Acrylics are, like, my thing. I know, obviously a lot of people have acrylics. But I’m the only person in my friend group that has acrylics. Like, acrylics are my thing. And I’ve had them since seventh grade. But I’m realizing, I spend so much money getting fills, and they break a lot ,anyway. I’m probably gonna get them back on in the summer or something but . . . Just think about it. I can blend out my concealer with my fingers. I can play guitar. I can do things. And I’m not wasting my money. I don’t know. I always liked acrylics, and I still love acrylics. I’m gonna take the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, and I’m going to set. I don’t know what palette I’m gonna use. Oh, I’m think I’m gonna use the Modern Renaissance. I haven’t used her in a hot f-ing minute. Also, I’ve been breaking out in between my fore . . . “In between my forehead”! . . . in between my eyebrows. But just right there. Do you see that? And then I have a little cystic pimple up there. But, like, why? I’m kind of triggered. I’m not gonna lie. Also . . . So many things to talk about. I didn’t take my Adderall today. But I’m gonna do a palette declutter soon. I’m really excited about it. And I want to try and declutter palettes because I have way too f-ing many. I remember a few years ago, – by few years ago, I mean last year – I was like, “I don’t understand people who declutter eyeshadow palettes. I will never ever do that.” Then here I am. I literally have like 75 eyeshadow palettes. I’m not kidding. I can count it. I’m taking the Modern Renaissance Palette, and I’m gonna take the shade “Golden Ochre.” I haven’t used this palette in so long. Honestly, I kind of forgot about her. Oooh. I need to pluck my eyebrows, girl. Oh my gosh. Okay, wait. I’m gonna do this. I’ll be right back. I’m gonna take “Golden Ochre,” put that in my crease. Damn. I have some really big dents in this palette. I really haven’t touched this palette since the summer, I don’t think. I . . . No. That’s bullsh–. I used it in my Spanish makeup tutorial. Yeah. Okay. Whatever. Okay. I’m going to take the shade “Raw Sienna,” which is this shade right here. I’m so excited, because we’re more than halfway done with the school year, and honestly, it passed by super fast. I feel like just yesterday, it was the first day of school, and I had no friends. I still don’t. It’s fine. Um, I don’t know. I’m kind of shook. And also, so excited because . . . School is almost out. Yeah, yeah. But like, okay. I know it’s not actually almost out. If it’s going as fast as the past four months have, then we’ll be out of school before you know it. So . . . I’m excited. That’s what’s getting me through. I feel like my grades are decent. A “B” is kind of . . . what I aim for. I know I’m not gonna get an A. But when I do get an A, which is occasionally, it’s a great time. Okay. I’m gonna take the shade “Red Ochre.” Um . . . but, yeah. I have a B in math, which . . . That’s actually way better than I would’ve expected. I’m so bad at math, and I’m actually shook that I’m doing decently in the class. I’m shookety wookety. Um . . . I have a B in science, which, actually, I feel like I could do better. I don’t know. I’m trying to stay on top of my homework, because I feel like the reason why my grades are so bad is because of my homework compliance. I don’t know. Like, when I do do the homework, it’s right. But I never do it, so . . . But science is my best subject, oddly enough. I know. You wouldn’t expect that by looking at me. So I feel like I could definitely get myself to an A in that class if I really set my mind to it. I should stop talking about my grades. I’m sorry. It’s probably stressing you out, too. Okay. I’m gonna take a little bit more of a . . . more . . . more . . . more . . . more focused brush. I’m going to take this e.l.f. Fluffy Eye Blender Brush, and I’m just gonna take the same “Red Ochre” shade. I’m just gonna try and get more pigment. It’s really messy over here, but it’s okay, because we’re gonna clean that up with “conciller.” “Conciller.” “Conciller.” “Conciller.” So now that I have the basic eyeshadow done, I’m gonna do the rest of my face makeup, so I can go back and do eyeliner and all that jazz. Or, wait. Should I do that , or should I . . . I don’t know. Maybe I’ll do my eyeliner first. Yeah. I think I’ll do my eye . . . No! Because I have to do a cut crease. Wait. Did she do a cut crease? Yeah. She did a cut crease. Yeah, okay. I’m gonna do a cut crease with my Tarte Shape Tape. But I can’t find her again. Can I just talk about how when I was little, and I hung out with my friends, I would have things for us to do. Like, either I would invite them over, and we would make candy apples, or we would make friendship bracelets. Like, we always had something to do, and I would always plan out a craft for me and my friends to do when they came over. But now, when I hang out with my friends, we all just sit there on our phones, and we listen to music, and we just like vibe out, which actually, I high-key love. Especially when you’re doing it with people you really care about. It’s just so nice. With MC and McKinley, I feel like I can just sit in a room and not talk to them for hours, I’ll walk out and it will have been like the best conversation of my life, you know? Wait. Did she do a full cut crease, or a half cut crease? It’s kind of too late. I think she did a full one. You can’t really tell, because she’s wearing eyeliner. Decent. Good effort. It’s not even red. I want to kill myself. Maybe I’ll put a red . . . like a bright red eyeshadow. Yeah. Doesn’t this look like a brown eyeshadow look? I have an idea. I have a plan. I have a plan. I’m gonna take this NYX . . . It’s a bright red blush. It’s in the shade “Crimson.” And I’m going to take a really focused brush, if I could find the one that I’m looking for. Oh no, the lighting’s gonna get weird. Kill me. Okay. So I’m taking that on the focused brush, and popping that into my crease, just to make it a little bit more red. [burps] I know it’s a blush, but, like . . . No. “Ya yeet! Little brother Jakey try to roast me? (What?)” I feel like I’m getting better at doing full cut creases. They’re still really sh–y, but . . . Also, I feel like it has a lot to do with my eye shape. My eye shape just isn’t the eye shape to do half cut creases, because I have semi-hooded eyelids. So when I open my eyelid, you can’t even see my eyeshadow. So . . . Okay. Oooh. Oh my god. I just cracked my knuckles. And cracking my knuckles is my fetish. I literally love cracking my knuckles. Uhh. I’m so stressed out! I’m gonna take the First Aid Beauty Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer. You couldn’t have come up with a shorter name? Oh my god, I love this sh–. Should I do foundation? I kind of have to, don’t I? [whines] Okay. I’m not gonna do foundation. F– you! I’m just gonna “consill” with the Tarte Shape Tape. Do you guys know what to do when you have a cystic pimple? I actually hate it with all my heart. Because I can’t pop it and, like, one of . . . This is gonna sound so gross. One of my favorite things to do is pop pimples. This isn’t wet. [whines] That’s what good p– sounds like. My favorite thing to do is pop pimples, and I can’t pop cystic pimples. So it’s just like a big fat red thing on my face. So what do I do? Is there an acne cream for it or something? Is there a home remedy? I don’t f-ing know. Who’s the real beauty guru here? Not me! I look ugly. I’m gonna take the Coty Airspun Powder, and I’m gonna set my face. I’m gonna bake at 350 degrees. I’m really caking this on, because I’m trying to make my pimples stick just like, down. Okay. I don’t look that crusty. JK. Psyche! Okay. I need to pull down the shade, and I’ll be down . . . I’ll be back. I’m back. The lighting is really yellow right now, but I feel like it’s gonna adjust in just a sec. So now that I have my foundation and concealer on, I’m going to do my eyeliner. And I want to do a red, really dramatic eyeliner. I have a red eyeliner. I’m gonna take the NYX Vivid Brights eyeliner in the shade, “Vivid Fire.” I’m really nervous, because I suck at doing eyeliner with these kinds of brushes. But we’re gonna try it. See? I already f–ed it up. I went too high up. It looks like somebody perioded in my eyelashes. That was nerve-wracking enough. I haven’t even gotten to the wing. I’m gonna dry that. Oh my god. Eww. I went way too far out. It’s okay. We can fix that. Yeah. If we just make that shorter. Step one. There. Look how cute. Aww. It’s not as dramatic as this girl’s is. Like, hers is way more dramatic. Should I try and make the wing a little bit thicker? I might just a little bit, because I feel like it looks really small. Okay. I’m gonna do the other eye, and I’ll be right back. I’m back. This wing actually turned out a lot better. Maybe because the camera wasn’t there. I don’t know. If I did have a red glitter eyeliner, I would totally put that in my crease right now. I really want to, but I don’t think Urban Decay has a red glitter liner, because I don’t have it. And I feel like I would have bought it if I saw it. So do you think I should do a gold? Or do you think I should do a pink? Or do you think I should just not do it at all? Comment down below. I’ll take your requests. I’m gonna do the gold. I need some glitter action. Actually, no. I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t. I really shouldn’t. I should. I should. I should. Eh, it’s fine. It’s not . . . It’s really different from hers. I wish that I could have pulled off an all-red look, but I don’t have enough materials, I don’t think. But I’ll do a red lip and it’ll make it poppin. It’s fine. I’m fine. I’m gonna fill in my eyebrows, and I’m gonna do my contour and everything, and I’ll be back. I did the rest of my face makeup off camera, just because I felt like it was gonna take a while. I don’t know. My eyebrows are a little dark, but I feel like with mascara, it’s gonna look okay. And also, I think statement brows would look really cool with this look. So I look really whack right now, because just . . . my face is half done, but . . . Oh sh–. I got Coty Airspun all over her. Ugh. She fu–ed. I’m going to basically use these two: “Golden Ochre” and “Raw Sienna” on my lower lash line. And then I’m gonna take “Red Ochre” and run that really, really close to my waterline. Okay. I’m going to take the same red NYX Vivid Liner, and I’m gonna do a bunch of hearts in my inner corner, because I feel like that will look cute. Hopefully, I won’t f– it up. The way that I’m doing it: I’m just drawing little V’s. I feel like that’s an easy way to do it. That’s so cute. Aww. Okay. I’m going to put on false lashes. I don’t know which ones I want to use. I’m gonna do the “Sasha”s by Huda Beauty. I need to find my sh-y tweezers, though, so I’m gonna put them on. I’ll be right back. Now for the best part: the lips, girl. My lips are crusty as f–. Also, my mascara is moist as f–. My lips are crusty, so I’m gonna exfoliate them. Okay. Milani Make It Sweet. Also, when I have short nails, I can take things out of pots. What a concept. Honestly, I just eat it all. So I’m gonna take this NYX lip liner, in the shade “Hot Red,” and we’re gonna line my lips. I look like a five-dollar prostitute. And I have red lipstick on my chin. Hey! Okay. And now I’m gonna take the Fenty Beauty Red Lip Paint. I haven’t tried this yet, and I’ve had it since December. I’m so excited. Oh my god, yes. Oh . . . my god. Jesus. This is just like the perfect shade of red. So yeah. I know that that wasn’t really like . . . It didn’t actually turn out how I thought it would. The only thing that makes it look like the other girl is the hearts in the corner. But I really like the way that it turned out. I think this is such a cute idea, and I’m gonna wear this on Valentine’s Day at school. Do I have school on Valentine’s Day? I don’t know what day of the week Valentine’s Day is. Valentine’s Day is a Wednesday. So . . . Yeah. I’m definitely gonna wear this to school. I think is such a cute little look. I don’t know if this would be cool to wear to a date, but it’s definitely very festive. So . . . Yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching. Please comment, rate, subscribe, and keep on not having a boyfriend