Making my hearts is therapeutic to me

We made a Facebook group, the Heartfelt
Revoution, and we have the Instagram, as well, @heartfeltrevolution. And that’s
just so that you can get in contact with us. It’s me, Tate Ashley, and Emma Dines
that sort of, you know, check into it. And we have tips and stuff about,
like, how to make hearts and, you know, different stories that we have,
over the course of the last two years that we’ve been doing it. But really, I mean,
you can do it all at home by yourself. I make these little templates, we could
probably, like, get close-ups on these, which are, like, just made out of sort of
card stock paper. And the templates, I use fabric. This is felt, but you can
use any fabric that you want. And I cut these strips, and so when I cut
the strips, I fold them in half, and then I put the template on top of it. And
then with scissors, I just cut around. And that way, I can make like a heart
shape with the felt, and then you have a heart. And then I put a safety pin through
it. Not many people are very…like, you know, it’s hard to cut the heart
sometimes. Like, you get like, jagged edges and stuff. But the more
practice, the more the hearts look really nice, and then yeah, pinning them
is pretty easy. You just put a pin on them, that’s it. I have a heart pin.
If I’m, like, feeling very meditative, I’ll sit and I’ll make hearts, and
I’ll say blessings and prayers, you know, for each heart. My mom
actually suggested I do that. She was like, “Say ‘Ohm mani…'” You know,
like, she was like, “Say these prayers.” And I was like “Okay,” like, “I’ll say
some prayers.” And sometimes I’ll just be like, you know, “I bless
this heart,” or like, “Help this heart gives whoever gets it good luck,”
“Good luck,” you know. And then I also like the, you know, just, like, the
fact that, you know, I get to, like, touch them, and, you know, I’ve touched
everyone’s heart. You know what I mean?