Male Patient Returns for a Full Non-surgical Injectables Treatment with The Lovely Clinic

today we’ve got another channel takeover
from dr. Kish and it’s the return of an old patient hi youtubers my name is dr.
Kishan I’m one of the cosmetic doctors at the lovely clinic I’m here today with
Steven and we’re going to discuss some of the objectives of his treatment hi
Steven how are you I’m very well thank you very much
okay so I know you had treatment last year you were one of our TLC celebrities
and in fact I’d like to sort of maybe take you back to some of your pictures
and find out from yourself what you might want to improve now we’ve come to
this stage because the aesthetic treatments that we do tend to build on
on the last treatments that we’ve had done and what we find is some of our
patients look better and better and better as the years go by compared to
the normal sort of aging process so having that in mind and I know you had
some filler treatment and some Botox treatment last year let’s just see if we
can push the envelope a little more and but first of all just to find out what
you might want to highlight or what you might want me to focus on first so if I
take you to your front on picture let’s have a look and with this pen you can
highlight for me any areas that you think need attention okay so one of the
things which I’m conscious of when I look in the mirror is all around my eyes
so around here in particular that feels as if it’s drooping a bit in fact you
can see that whole eyelid there is a bit droopy probably even the same only on
that side and these laughter lines here are a little bit exaggerated and then
underneath the eye here and here it may not be something you can do I don’t know
but that does feel as if it’s sunken a bit and droop down a bit and it might be
nothing that can be done about that I’ve noticed it’s not a big thing but it was
done last year and made a huge difference was that there was a little
bit of work done in here to not necessarily get rid of the lines
too bad but to there’s a bit of an indentation in the middle of my forehead
there which I don’t if it’s come back or not and one of the things which I’m
interested in is you know what difference has been since last year
because it has felt to me you know that this you know I’ve looked better mmm but
that it has worn off but to what degree I don’t know because I’m not it’s not
easy to tell okay going down the face I’m conscious that you know it’s
probably gravity but here and here if anything can be done to pull those up
and again down here and sort of line there and and here that’s sort of like
the area where I guess I’m most conscious of of my face I mean I used to
have quite nice cheekbones and I’m not sure if they’re as defined now as they
used to him but that’s that sort of it’s really I mean so everything they say
you’ve covered the whole face and I actually think you’ve covered everything
that I would probably select for you as well so certainly if we working from the
weight from the top down I mean you’ve clearly you’ve you’ve had treatments
area before so you know the protocol almost I I agree with you I think I’d
start with with some of those lines and perhaps the indentation you have in the
forehead and then work my way around the eyes and the cheekbones and those sort
of the gap between the nose and the mouth and around the mouth and below and
perhaps your chin as well okay so Steve why don’t we have a look at you with
some facial expression and you already talked about sort of the eye area and
those sort of those lovely laughter lines that are actually really nice and
but there’s no harm in trying to minimize them which I think will try but
anything here that that you notice looking elsewhere it seems a bit more
obvious to me now that there’s a bit of an indentation in there just underneath
the lip the lower lip and I always have been conscious that my these are quite
pronounced but also that my jaw lining hasn’t been as strong as I’d like it to
be if there’s anything that could be done in that respect that would be great
suppose one other thing is I have a very thin layer but no there’s anything that
could be done there or not but yeah that’s about it and this pronounces all
of those issues around the around the eyes in particular I mean what I would
say about the loft if we again if we work sort of from top down I think I
agree with you means laughter lines that are there we should minimize them but I
think if you eradicate them completely you will look like some of those
Hollywood car crash faces where they just look completely wiped out they look
like a doll very very porcelain skin and
unfortunately it doesn’t look very natural at all so if we maintain maybe
maybe about three or four of them that would look quite good and I notice here
there’s a little bit of a textural change underneath the eyes and it’s
sometimes you see it in people who are chronically rubbing their eyes with
allergies and things like that but I think there’s some I think we should try
a really soft filler and perhaps some skin booster there to improve the
quality of the skin there I also notice a little bit of hooding in the upper
eyelid there and we could think about trying to rate either raise the brow in
total or perhaps eradicating some of the skin tissue there as well with a
blepharoplasty vaporises islands of skin tissue and then the remaining skin
tissue of the upper eyelid starts to contract and it becomes a lot tighter
and it gives you that look of a bit more sort of a wider awake eye there is a bit
of downtime about that but we can we can talk about that as well I think you’ve
got you’ve got really good sort of facial features I mean here the cheeks
you mentioned that your cheekbones were a bit more defined and we can we can
augment that with some dermal filler and the lip and this sort of mental crease
area here as well yeah I think we can do some structural dermal filler just to
give you a bit more of a holistic improvement so yes I think let’s book
you in for that and lastly we’ve got one more picture too
look at just here I mean if there’s anything else that you notice let’s talk
about it um I mean I think that you know I’ve got quite a quite a recognizable
nose and I think that my my chin here doesn’t necessarily you know do justice
to the rest of my face so there’s anything that could be done to augment
my chin I think that would be good other than that I think we’ve already taught
you can see the under eye mmm issue there there’s there’s nothing else apart
from perhaps that line there which goes down but but from the side of my mouth
that’s a clear sign of aging you know to me and that that too so thinking about
those in you know in conjunction with the other suggestions or treatments or
issues you know I think that that would definitely give me the the sort of boost
I was looking for sure and I might also see yes so I suggest perhaps a little
bit in the upper lip there as well a little bit down here a little bit of
definitional the jawline cheeks we talked about certainly I agree with
these areas that I think by putting some support in the chin and the jawline
you’ll see that a lot of these lines and folds and shadows that you’re worried
about will actually be minimized naturally so that’s a that’s a really
good strategy it’s a well-known strategy for sort of giving a bit more smoothness
to the skin the nose is is a really recognizable nose it’s good and you’ve
got this a slight depression here so we might work with you to put some volume
back there as well okay so we’ve got a treatment plan in mind and do you have
any specific concerns or any questions at all about the treatment will this be
building on what was done last year or will it be a fresh start from you do you
think I think this will be building because you’ve got a little bit of
structure left from last year some of that product will still be there so
we’re just building on the foundations that you’ve already got one of the
things which I really appreciate about the treatment last year was I looked
like a better version of myself I didn’t look like that plastic kind of yeah look
you mentioned earlier that that’s my only concern that I wouldn’t want to
look inauthentic in in trying to achieve something which we know wasn’t you know
wasn’t a sensible you know strategy yeah I mean I think with all of our
treatments our aim is just to make a slightly more optimized version of you
it’s not really about turning the clock back
I mean signs of facial aging a sort of shadows and creases on the face which we
can you know we can smooth out but I think actually giving you just making a
slightly more attractive version of your faces with the end goal of our treatment
yeah I mean I did notice after the treatment last year that I you know I
certainly improved my confidence and self-esteem and and that filter
through into other parts of my life and I think that you know I want to see that
sort of light reaction again and if I can and build on that a bit she aren’t
going to silly then that will be fantastic great perfect now I think
we’re on the same page so we’ve got a treatment plan in mind and let’s see
what we did so we start with filler for Steve and I’m doing some Volift in
his forehead I’m placing one mil centrally with the cannula I then moved
to voluma at least one mil on each side to get some structural support I’m now
using Teosyal Ultimate in the cheek area again with a cannula to build
volume switching back to voluma I place one mil in the nose
I then treat the alar base or nasal base with 0.5 mils of product I now switch to
Juvederm Volux and treat the chin area with one mil I’m
now switching to one of my favourite products Radiesse and I use this to
sculpt his jawline and I used three mils of product now the jawline is sculpted I
move on to Juvederm vole if can treat his lips with one mil now we have
structural support in the cheeks I moved back to voluma and start to work on the
deflation of the fat compartments with two mils of product in a cannula to
finish off with a filler treatment I move on to Profhilo and I place 4 mils
in the face and neck to work as an injectable moisturiser and to get some
skin tightening and to top off his treatment I do a
little bit of upper face Botox ok guys welcome back it’s been six weeks since
we saw Steve for treatment and welcome back so how has it been fantastic thank
you very much indeed ok so fantastic in what way um since
I’ve had the treatment and this is the second treatment I’ve had I had my
initial one about a year ago there is all a dive into the unknown at that
point but on this occasion I have felt it’s been much more natural very minimal
discomfort my expectations you know are in a line with what reality is so
there’s a very simple progression I knew there would be some minor discomfort for
a few days and it was but nothing unmanageable and I was able to work and
to the outside world although you know we had quite a lot of treatment that
you’ve very you know we decided upon it wasn’t something which anyone else
noticed at all and you know I was very pleased with the results from the word
go perfect so are there any elements of the treatment that you particularly
liked I think my favourite one was the one where she surprised me was the nose
straightening part that was something that you know really did make an impact
I have always been slightly sensitive about the size of my nose even though
people tell me it is a character statement or something like that the
fact is this has actually helped to straighten out a bit so it’s a quite a
minor part that the whole process but it was something which I could notice quite
quickly surprised I hadn’t even thought about it until yeah I mean I don’t often
point out things patients because I don’t want anybody to think there’s
anything wrong with any of their features but when we’re doing something
like this and we’re working on the areas of their world there’s a little bit of a
bump maybe we could just straighten that out a bit for you but keep it natural so
no one will really know that you’ve had it done but I’m glad it’s made you feel
feel good yes and the other thing which we did which I felt has been really good
as strengthening up my cheekbones yes so that’s something which i think is you
know made me look perhaps yeah more handsome maybe that’s not anything to
say the right thing to say but it’s something which I can see and it what is
interestingly is although we had a lot of different treatments it’s not
something which I can even see or notice obviously but part the cheekbones I can
yeah so I think with these kind of full face treatments it’s it’s difficult
almost a pinpoint like one area because we’re working in so many areas and all
of them in combination together kind of bring that final result but we did a lot
we did a lot and I’m glad that you’ve been happy with the results is there
anything that you would particularly do again in the future I think that all of
these things what’s been obvious to me is you can’t just do one element and
what I thought was the problem especially when I came the first time
what I realized is it’s it’s something where you need to take a more holistic
approach so there were loads lots of things which are pointed out on both
occasions and of course I remembered a lot of it from the first time I mean
that I would never have even contemplated so I think the proof the
truth is that I am probably not a very good judge of what I need and and so
actually coming here and having an honest conversation and a discussion
with an expert put me at my ease and and it was actually a relatively easy
decision for me to go for the entire package and I’m and certainly there’s
the second time around I think we went a bit further and I was very comfortable
with everything he did so one thing I would like to talk to you about is that
you had some filler in your lips yes now I often get asked from male patients
what are lip fillers all about for men I don’t want to look feminine
I mean clearly yours don’t look feminine no no what was the decision
process behind there and if you could reassure some guys thinking about it
perhaps how it goes afterwards yeah sure that was funnily enough the bit where
there was the most instant discomfort when you have the surgery so it’s quite
a painful prick into the into the into the lip but after that it wasn’t
noticeable so the reason behind that is I particularly had a thin upper lip and
and so we were only talking about a very you know a marginal treatment to do not
create something which looked odd or wrong or unmasculine for me it was
because I think I’d had the confidence of going through this the first time I
was very comfortable with going through it a second time and I can honestly
reassure anybody who’s had it that I certainly haven’t had any any regrets I
think that it’s you know help the overall balance and look at my face yeah
I think it looks good so is there anything that you would maybe like to
try in the future this time I stopped short of one treatment which you
recommended when I first came in which was Plasmage I did that for a number
of different reasons one is it took me slightly further out my comfort zone I
was to go at this time secondly the downtime meant that it
didn’t suit me on this occasion everything else there was no downtime
whatsoever I was working immediately with clients
face to face and it was fine although I was aware of a bit of a bit of what
should I say swelling yeah and difference and nobody else was yeah
that’s good good so with the plasmage is that’s something that I would consider
in future but again that’s not something you know I could say definitely at this
time yeah just a consideration so for anybody watching at home that doesn’t
know glass smashes it’s a plasma treatments
as a high-energy treatment for the eyelid area and sometimes under the eyes
as well and we make small little burns on the skin sounds crazy but what they
do is they contract the skin at the site and then in between the sites of healing
you get a lot of collagen stimulation so for anyone with any excess skin above or
below their eyes it can really tighten that up and improve the skin quality
so yes you are right there is some downtime with it it will be about five
to seven days downtime sometimes people have more so yes definitely want to plan
around a work schedule and I knew that wasn’t right for you so I think it was a
good idea that you avoided that one on the day so there was one other thing I’d
like to mention and that was the work around my jaw and chin so I have been aware
of the fact that I have what I would perhaps call a slightly weak chin and
jaw line I wasn’t aware of the jaw line but that was pointed out to me that was
part of the overall solution so we had quite a lot of work done there and and I
feel that that was really worth it and really feels like it strengthens my
jaw line do you feel that the changes at the front or is it from the jaw line
aspect at the side are a bit of everything what would you say so the bit
which I feel is the side bit so that’s the bit I can physically sense yeah but
a bit I can physically see it’s the front bitch yeah yeah
so we used a product called radius in the chin which is quite nice for male
jawline it’s quite firm so it does give good definition but like Steve said you
can feel it especially at the sides beneath the skin for the duration of it
being there which is about a couple of years but as long as it looks good it
doesn’t tend bother people too much it it’s something I
can feel but not in a bad way yeah it’s just a sort of feels like it feels like
my faces change shape slightly in that area and that feels good excellent
obviously my motivation for doing this was I wanted to look as as good as
possible and I wanted to you know if possible I know we talked about looking
the best you can for your age but I wanted to look younger too if I’m being
completely honest yeah and I feel this has helped me in in that respect but
this is part of an overall series of things which I do so I eat well you know
I exercise well and I make sure I need a good decent healthy lifestyle and and
but this feels like an important part of the of what I can do to help me lead as
good a life as possible and it wasn’t just the fact that I’ve changed the look
of how I am on the outside it’s actually been something which is really given me
additional confidence and improve my self-esteem in in ways which I think I’m
only aware of because I’ve done this twice and I felt the same way after I
had it the first time so this has been another boost on top of that but it
feels like something real which I can which I can use to further improve you
know my life so I’m very grateful that I’ve had this done you’re very welcome
so again this is something that people do add into their health they really
lose a lot of we and then you know everything’s great but they noticed some
changes in the face and small tweaks gives you confidence
leave a good like you know it’s up to up to each individual what they want to do
but certainly for many of our patients having these small treatments
really does make a massive impact so I’m glad you brought that up thank you thank
you and in fact since I had the treatment I’ve lost about half a stone
in weight without putting any great effort and it just feels like it’s
helped me to change myself am eating the wrong things into eating the right
things have an impact on your whole life then which is fantastic so finally are
there any comments that anyone’s given you I did anyone notice or not notice
that I’ve had general comments that I’m looking good at the moment nobody’s said
have you had anything but you look different you look well you look better
and I think that this is you know just my little secret and I’m not embarrassed
about it and if anyone was wanted this treatment
I would definitely speak openly about it and recommend they had a look and decide
of you if it’s for them or not but I have had a lot of comments from family
and friends who’ve talked you know about how well I look generally without being
able to understand why my work here is done guys thank you so much guys for
watching this video I hope you enjoyed it and thank you to Steve again for
being such a fantastic patient if you have any comments leave them in the
section below remember to Like and subscribe and we release videos every
two weeks and we’ll see you soon