Maple Leaf Mitch Marner visits SickKids

(Soleil) Mitch Marner, it’s so nice, my name’s Soleil, I’m a clown.. oh whoa formal okay okay. So we’re very very grateful for your
wonderful donation. Thank you so much, that we got all of our friends here at
SickKids. We made a card from all recycled hockey
(Rachael) From before you were born (Mitch) Okay.
(Rachael) They were in the back of A. Leboo’s closet.
(Soleil) Yeah and we got all of her friends
at SickKids to write a thank-you card. (Mitch) That’s awesome.
(Soleil) Hi Mitch from a skater to a skater. Great giving. Yours, Kurt Browning. So now you have Kurt’s autograph. So we have a Zamboni that we’re decorating. We thought we’d save for you.
(Mitch) Okay.
(Soleil) Now okay, we have a bunch of stickers from all the teams in the league. So we could choose any
sticker. We were thinking, I don’t know Montreal
(Mitch) No… (Soleil) Oh, No….okay, which…
(Rachael) Vancouver Canucks?
(Mitch) No. I like that one. (Soleil) Oh, Toronto Maple Leafs. Would you like to put it on the Zamboni for us.
(Mitch) Sure.
(Soleil) Mitch Marner, we have a question for you about last night’s game .
(Mitch) Should I put this on the front or the top.
(Soleil) Oh my gosh let your creativity run wild (Soleil) This is a craft show
(Mitch) We’ll go on the front, so everyone sees it.
(Soleil) Congratulations on last night’s win.
(Mitch) Thank you. (Soleil) Now, you did a really cool assist…
(Mitch) Yeah.
(Soleil) And it bounced off the goalies pad , the puck. Was that planned or not.
(Mitch) I mean I knew John was going there, so I kind of just tried to place it, hopefully just bouncing off, and luckily enough it did, right to him, so.
(Rachael) You must have to think so fast.
(Mitch) A couple times. Obviously you play against really big guys so, gotta
think pretty quick, or else small guys get crunched pretty easily. We don’t want that.
(Soleil) Wow well congratulations, that big.
(Mitch) Thank you.
(Soleil) Now, I noticed you’re
putting on cars. Are you a car fan.
(Mitch) I like cars, I mean, I’m not like crazy into them. I mean, I don’t know, just like the shininess they brought to the Zamboni So that’s what we’re going with.
(Soleil) Okay.
(Mitch) Actually I’m gonna go with the unicorn now though.
(Soleil) Mitch Marner is putting unicorns on the Zamboni. So Mitch Marner are there any like fun spots you like to
hang out in Toronto?
(Mitch) Oh any fun spots? (Soleil) Yeah.
(Mitch) I’ve been bowling a couple times
I can’t remember the name of it. I go there with a couple of teammates. You
know, just time to kind of loosen up I guess, have fun with each other.
(Rachael) That’s important.
(Mitch) Yeah, exactly it’s fun to kind of getting away from the season a little bit, playing a different sport.
(Rachael) Just like when you are in the hospital, you need to go have some fun sometimes, or play, or play in your room. (Mitch) There you go, I couldn’t get this off. Oh my god.
(Soleil) Sometimes stickers are sticky. (Mitch) Someone’s calling
(Soleil) Hello, who’s this, Projet Soleil.
(A. Leboo on the phone) Oh, hi, this is definitely not A. Leboo calling. (Rachael) Oh no.
(Soleil) It’s like the maple leafs in the fall. It’s just representing what’s happening in real life. Very meta. Okay this is definitely
my brother A. Leboo the clown but he’s pretending..
(A. Leboo) This is Jamie calling. This is a multiple choice question. Are the Maple Leafs going to win 3, 4 or 5 Stanley Cups in the next 5 years. And the correct answer is five. (Mitch) I’ll say five.
(A. Leboo on the phone) Yeah!
(Soleil) Yay! (Soleil) How cool is it to have John Tavares on your team this year? (Mitch) It’s really cool. I mean, obviously
how well represented he is in Canada and I think just the hockey world. It’s awesome that he picked our team and I think as a young team it made us
feel really good about ourselves and obviously we’re excited about the future.
(Everyone) Oh no!!
(Mitch) I’m be gonna be glittery all throughout the walking. It’s gonna be nice
(Soleil) I think glitter goes with everything, just like pearls so. (Mitch) That’s true.
(Soleil) I really like your outfit.
(Mitch) Thank you.
(Soleil) Fashion’s my passion. (Mitch) Yeah, I like your outfit.
(Soleil) Thank you. Do you have
a passion, outside of hockey.
(Mitch) Video games I like doing on outside of hockey.
(Soleil) I saw that you are a gamer.
(Mitch) Yeah it’s just something I think to get my mind off hockey. So, I enjoy that. It’s also another way, if your friends are not
always around you can talk to them on the video games.
(Soleil) That’s what our friends do in their rooms.
(Rachael) We just got the “wrap it up”.
(Soleil) Yeah okay in the biz that’s what they say. It’s not like woohoo, party time.
(Mitch) That’s what everyone thinks. Balloons come down from the roof. (Soleil) Well the sign might come down on us.
(Rachael) Thank you so much for joining us, at SickKids but also on our craft show today. A joy.
(Mitch) Thank you for having me, it’s been awesome.
(Mitch, offscreen) Who wants the Zamboni, I can sign it and give it away.
(Soleil and Rachael) Oh my goodness. (Soleil) Okay, and we have a mini stick too.
(Rachael) If you wanted to sign that mini-stick while you’re at it. (Mitch) You want that Zamboni.
(Soleil) Yeah okay.
(Rachael) We’ve got it. Amazing. (Soleil) Okay you guys, Mitch Marner has M-M on his cuffs. I just saw it. Fashion is his passion too.