Hey guys, it’s Annika. Welcome to my “Channika.” Today I am going to be doing my Ipsy unbagging. I have not opened this at all. Like . . . Last month, I kind of fibbed. I just fibbed. I’m sorry! I said that I didn’t open it, but I did open it. The biggest lie I’ve ever told. Exposing Annika. I’m actually so excited, because, you know how I said that Cori got hers and I didn’t get mine? This isn’t really an accomplishment I just really wanted mine. Um, is there anything in the bag? Yes, there is. Oh my god! Okay. So . . . First that I got in this bag, I got this fluffy crease brush from the brand Skone. And it says blending. So this is a blending brush. This is so nice, and it’s really soft, too. And it feels like it’s gonna be good quality. So, this is the bag this month. I think it’s supposed to be folded over. But why would you do that, when you can just do this? It’s really cute. It’s like a dusty rose kind of thing, and then it has this kind of black fabric over top. So this is what the inside looks like. It’s like a pink kind of cringy noise material. First thing that I got . . . I got this Tarte Lip Paint in the shade “Rosé.” I saw this on the website, and it was three different shades, and this was the lightest one, and I wanted this one so f-ing badly, and I’m so happy that I got it. Let me just . . . Sorry, I have swatches right here, but let me just swatch it for you. This is beautiful. This is totally my color. I love it so much. So I got that by Tarte. I’m really excited that I got something Tarte in my Ipsy bag. Oh my god! I also got this First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer. This is like . . . this brand is expensive. Also, just to like compare to you, I guess . . . This is the NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer, just for size. And then this is the Tarte lipstick. So it’s very, very small. You know what? I have one like this, so it would be cute to have two. And then this is the First Aid Beauty little moisturizer. And this is it compared to the Tarte. So it’s a little bit taller. I’m really excited about this. This brand gets a lot of hype, so I’m excited to see if it’s good. And I’ve been looking for a new moisturizer because I just ran out of my Clinique one, and I really liked that one. Oooh, I just busted a f-ing nut. This is great. Oh my god. And it doesn’t smell like anything, which is good. So I’m really excited to try that out. Wow. I’m such a f-ing beauty guru. Okay. Next, I got this Ivory Lace Highlighter. Oh. It’s like a little eyebrow highlighter pencil thing. This would be nice for carving out my eyebrows. It’s this right there. Actually, I saw this on the website, and I was confused. But I feel like this would be really nice to carve out the eyebrows and I’m really . . . like I carve out my eyebrows everyday. But I use a concealer, so this might just make it easier. So, you know what? I’m kind of excited about it. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe it’ll be my favorite. Probably not. Oh yeah, this is by the brand Chella? Chia? It’s C.H.E.L.L.A, So I don’t know if that’s Spanish, so it’s “Chee-a”? Chay-a? Chell-a? Okay. And then the last thing that I got in my Ipsy bag is this little like, it says Blush and Glow. It’s wrapped in bubble wrap. Um, okay. It has the f-ing annoying-ass plastic sh– that they put on everything. I just got my lipstick all over it. F–! Why do you want me to end my life? I mean I want to, too. But, like . . . If I break a f-ing nail, I’m suing this company. I broke a nail the other day, but I had to glue it back with literally Gorilla Glue. Sorry. I’m shaking the camera. I’m trash. So this is . . . it’s by the brand So Susan, and it says that it is Blush & Glow. It’s a luminizing blush, and this is in the shade “Rose Rust.” This is what it looks like. This would be a really pretty eye shadow. I’m gonna swatch it. It looks so much different on my finger than it does in the pan. Like, woah. It looks so much more peachy. See? It’s this right here. I mean it’s really pretty, but like, it’s . . . why does it look so different? So that is everything that I got my Ipsy. I’d say . . . I’d say it was a pretty good Ipsy bag. Not as good . . . I think my February one was better. But I really like this one. Honestly, I’m really happy that I got the shade that I wanted in this lipstick. It’s pretty good. Thank you guys so much for watching. Please comment, rate, subscribe and . . . Bye! Also, check out this look. I did a tutorial on it. So, yeah.