Marine Water Sports First Aid Kits

>>MFASCO: MFASCO Health and Safety is proud
to introduce a complete line of first-aid kits designed for marine water sports applications. The Paddle Sports Marine Watertite First Aid
Kit offers a dry bag along with basic first-aid supplies perfect for small personal water
craft. The Outdoor Watertite First-Aid Kit is packaged
in a Alok sack designed to keep your supplies dry, this kit has ample supplies for small
personal water craft. Our Compact Marine First Aid Kit is in a waterproof
hard case, take it on at any personal water craft where it’s important to keep your supplies
clean and dry. The Marine Emergency First Aid Kit is our
largest waterproof kit offering a great selection of first aid supplies. This kit is large enough to treat most boating
first-aid situations. Our Marine Safety and Survival Kit contains
most frequently used first-aid supplies and survival kit, its box is designed to fit all
standard Plano taco boxes. For more details about each of our marine
first-aid kits click on the link here in this video or go to and search the keyword