Masha and The Bear – Call me please! (Episode 9)

We’re broadcasting live from one of our nation’s major soccer arenas where the final game of the season, the World Cup game, is officially underway. Both teams have already entered the field, and the referee has placed the ball… And the game is on! Everybody’s attention is on the field now! The host team is again in control of the ball and is now approaching the penalty box of the visiting team. The ball passes from one player to another one, who tries to score! The ball bounces off the defense player, but the visiting team goalie reaches the ball first, then jumps and covers it. Good afternoon, dear viewers! This is our weekly health program. Today, we’ll be talking about different methods to relieve stress. Stress? We can recommend a few relaxation techniques that can relieve and reduce stress in just 10 minutes. The simplest one is to sit down in a recliner or a comfortable chair, relax and breathe normally. Or you can savor a warm cup of coffee or tea. Try to avoid having any serious thoughts while you’re enjoying it. Or you can take a warm bath and do some breathing exercises in it like taking a deep breath through your nose with your mouth closed and then submerging the lower half of your face into the water and slowly breathing out through your nose. Just remember, you shouldn’t try to find solutions to your problems as soon as they arise. Never mind that! Fatigue and exhaustion can make your life very difficult but try to keep in mind that you will find a solution to your problems in due time. Oh, a cell phone! Give me! Give me! Give me! Give me! To go walk in the forest? What about the wolves? Checking the connection. OK, I’ll walk with the cell phone. OK, OK. Dialing the number… Oh, wow! The second half of the game is about to begin. If you remember, at the end of the first half, the referee has disqualified one of the guest players for misconduct. The players are on the field once again. Don’t panic! Dialing the number. The extra time that was added by the referee is running out… Dialing the number… He passes the ball across the field… Dialing the number! The forward of the host team dodges the defense… Dialing the number! …and suddenly kicks the ball towards the goal! And now… we run! It bounces off the bar! Another kick! And another one! Score! I got through to you!