Massachusetts Medication Pass Demonstration

[Music] The following is information
I want you to be aware of regarding the medication
administration component of your skills test. Remember: you have 10 minutes to give one countable
medication to one individual. You will not be administering
a liquid medication. The med is a tablet, it’s
countable, in blister packaging and may or may not have a
C stamped on the package. Please be aware that
the medication in the blister pack may have
been popped out of sequence by previous candidates. If so, you will see a sticker on the package calling
your attention to this. This means, you must count
each tablet separately and cannot rely on
the numbered blisters. This is not an attempt
to trick you. The tester will read
a set of instructions. The instructions include being
asked if you want to be informed when 5 minutes remain,
or if you want to complete the process
uninterrupted. After those instructions
are read, is when your 10 minutes begin. At the end of the instructions,
the tester will ask you if you have any questions
as once the test begins, they’re not allowed
to answer questions. At this point, you may
ask for a small piece of paper to write notes on. The paper will be collected
at the end of the test. The tester will assume you
have washed your hands before and after the process. If you forget to mention that
you’ve done so, you do not fail. [Silence] Verbalize when comparing
the 5 Rights during the 3 cross checks. Remember: document in
both the medication book and the count book. If you forget to sign the
bottom of the med sheet, you do not fail; however, if you initial the med sheet
before administering the medication, you will. The remainder of this
presentation is a demonstration of the medication
administration process. [Silence] Welcome to your medication
administration test. Please follow along with me
while I read the instructions. I will be observing and recording what I
see you demonstrate. D&S Diversified Technologies
staff from Findlay, Ohio will officially
score your test. I do not decide whether
you have passed or failed. This is the medication
administration portion of the skills test. You are being asked to
administer a medication to an individual
according to the scenario which I will read to you. Listen carefully. You will also be given a copy
of the scenario for reference. The medication you
are administering is a countable substance. Following the instructions
on the scenario, you are to administer the proper
medication to the individual and document the administration
using the appropriate medication sheet and controlled
substance count sheet. While you are administering the
medication in order for me know if you have completed each of
the 3 checks for the 5 rights, you are expected to
clearly demonstrate to me that you are preforming
the 3 checks. If it is not clear to me,
you will not be credited with completing the checks. You will have 10 minutes
to complete this task. Would you like to know when
you have 5 minutes remaining? No. [Silence] Here is your medication book. In the medication book, each
individual has a designated area and in that area you will find
the Health Care Provider order, the medication administration
sheet, and the medication
information sheets. This is the medication box. Here, you will find the
medications for each individual. Each individual has
their own drawer. Here we have the
supplies that you need to give your medication. And this is the controlled
countable substance book that you will use. [Silence] Today is September 3rd, 2012. Please administer Vi Lee’s 8pm
medication on September 3rd, 2012, document the
administration on the medication
administration sheet, and complete the
medication count record. It would be helpful if you would
verbalize each of the 5 rights as you demonstrate the 3 checks. You need to tell me
when you are finished. I cannot answer any questions
once we begin the test. Do you have any questions
at this time? No I don’t. OK, you many begin
when you are ready. OK I am going to
start my med pass. I have all of my supplies, I
washed my hands, and I am going to unlock my med cabinet. According to my scenario, I am going to give Vi
Lee his medications on September 3rd at 8pm. In order to figure out which
medication I am going to give, I need to open my med book. I locate Vi Lee. I can see that on September 3rd at 8pm Vi Lee is going
to receive Klonopin. So now I locate Vi
Lee’s med box, and I locate the
correct medication. I have the Klonopin. Now I am going to locate
the medication page in the controlled
substance book. I do this by first
turning to the index. I can see that Vi Lee’s
Klonopin is on page 2. So I have the correct
page open and I am ready to start check number 1. Check number 1 is between my
Health Care Provider order and my pharmacy label. I have Vi Lee, Klonopin
1 milligram by mouth two times daily. Vi Lee. Klonopin,
0.5 milligrams. Take two tablets by
mouth, two times a day. I have completed check one and
I am now going to start check 2 between my pharmacy
label and my med sheet. Vi Lee. Klonopin. 0.5 milligrams. Take two tablets by
mouth, two times a day. My med sheet. Vi Lee, Klonopin, 0.5
milligrams is my strength, my dose is 1 milligram,
and the amount is 2 tablets by mouth twice a day. I am going to give the
8pm dose on September 3rd. I have completed check number 2 which means I can now prepare
my medication into the cup. I make sure that I
have the two tablets. I am going to start
check number 3. Vi Lee. Klonopin. 0.5 milligrams. Take two tablets by
mouth, two times a day. My med sheet. Vi Lee, Klonopin,
0.5 milligrams, my dose is 1 milligram, the amount is 2 tablets
by mouth twice a day. I have completed 3 checks. I can now administer
the medication. Here you go Vi Lee,
here’s some water for you. I make sure I observe
for a swallow and then I am going
to do my look again. I can now document the
medication administration. I do this by putting my initials
in the corresponding date and time box and then I sign the
bottom for the signature list. I now come to the count book. It’s September 3rd of ‘yr’
or 12, the time is 8pm, the route was by mouth. I had 24 on hand, I
administered two tabs. I write out the word ‘two’
and my amount left is 22. I sign my full name and I am
done with the documenting. I now need to secure
my medication. And I make sure that
I lock the cabinet. I am going to wash my hands and
I always make sure I continue to observe for the
effects of the medication. I have completed my med pass. You have just watched
a demonstration of the medication
administration process. Please use this DVD to
practice over and over prior to your skills test date. [Music]