Massage Therapy : Combining Reiki & Therapeutic Massage

Hello my name’s Rebbecca Herrick I’m a Massage
Therapist at Everything Peaceful Massage Therapy Center in Wilmington North Carolina, and I’m
going to demonstrate how to incorporate Reiki into a therapeutic massage. After you’ve given
a full body massage, focusing on the areas where you want to have the most effect, therapeutically
on the body, I like to incorporate Reiki at the end. Try and just to wrap things up, close
out the session, make sure the client is leaving on a good note. Reiki affects, massage affect
the tissue deeply, through working with the body’s energy levels and can be incorporated
throughout your therapeutic massage. A therapeutic message incorporating Reiki would involve
a lot of focus and intention and intention to be a, an instrument for peace and help
to really penetrate deeply into the client through their energy levels, and that would
be how to incorporate Reiki into therapeutic massage.