MassPAT Tutorial #2: Pharmacist Account Registration

In this brief demonstration we will show
you how a Massachusetts pharmacist can quickly create a user account in MassPAT,
the proprietary system called PMP AWARxE. To start the account registration
process, go to the MassPAT login page and select the Create an Account link
below the Login button. Before you do this, we suggest that you review the
Frequently Asked Questions about registration. Click the Need Help? link to
view the Frequently Asked Questions page. Here on the Create an Account page, start
by entering your professional email address (if applicable), which will
function as the username for your account login. Otherwise, enter your own
primary email address-that is, if you don’t have a professional one. Setting up
the registration based on your email address is important for ensuring that
you as an end user will receive any system-generated notifications. In
addition, if you subsequently add delegates to your account (for instance, a
pharmacist’s staff assistant might establish a delegate account to generate
patient prescription-summary reports to be reviewed before new prescriptions are
filled), those delegate accounts need to be associated with you-the primary
account holder-through your username, which is your email address.
Note that management of delegate accounts is covered in a separate MassPAT
tutorial. Next enter a password for your account. As you start entering your
password, a pop-up will open listing the requirements for creating an acceptably
strong account password. Enter your password again in the Password
Confirmation field, where a green check-symbol will appear when confirmed. Now
select the Save and Continue button to proceed. Here on the User Roles page,
select the Healthcare Professional category link from the short list
displayed, which will open an expanded list of specific user roles for you to
select from. From this expanded list, it’s important that you select the most
appropriate role for establishing the needed access rights for your account.
For this demo, we will select Pharmacist. Next, select the Save and Continue button
to go to the next step in the process. This Registration Process page presents
a two-section form for capturing your Personal and Employer information. Note
that red asterisks next to the input fields indicate that almost all these
form fields require input. Complete the Personal section first. In the first
field, enter your Professional License Number.
For pharmacists, this is the Mass Board of Pharmacy number. Importantly, this must be
both valid and active. Enter the full license number, which includes the “PH” at
the beginning of the license number. Also select the License Type from the drop-down menu. On the right-hand side of the form,
input your name to the respective fields. Importantly, enter your name exactly as
it appears on your professional license. Also, be sure not to include any title or
affiliation text in the name fields, only your name. Then input your date of birth
in the required format. For instance, you must enter the forward slash between the
month, day, and year. And then complete this section of the form by entering your
primary contact phone number. Before moving on, review all the personal
information you entered to ensure that all required fields have been completed
correctly and that you have addressed any field
validation issues. For the Employer section of the form, provide input to the
required fields indicated by the red asterisks and to the other fields as
applicable. For this demo, we will complete only the required fields. In the
first field, enter the DEA Number for the pharmacy that is your primary work
location. If applicable, you can then add DEA numbers for any other pharmacies
where you normally work by using the Add button
adjacent to the input field. Then on the right-hand side of the form, enter the
name and address of your primary work location. Now review all the employer information
entered in this section of the form. If you are you delegate to a pharmacist,
click the box to designate yourself as such. Then enter the email address of the
pharmacist for whom you are a delegate. You can enter additional pharmacists by
clicking the Add button to enter their email addresses. We will uncheck this box since we are registering as a pharmacist, not a delegate. That
essentially completes the input for your account request, which you can now
submit by selecting the Submit Your Registration button at the bottom of the
form. When you do that, you will be prompted to read and agree to an
End User License Agreement in a pop-up window. Next the system runs validation
checks on your submitted information and then points you to one of the following:
Your user Dashboard with the ability to conduct patient searches, if your
registration request has been accepted. A registration landing page with the
message “Your Account Is Pending Approval”, if the system has identified
questionable input to your registration form-for instance, if the information you
entered does not match what the Mass Board of Pharmacy has on file -in which
case, you will be contacted by the MassPAT system administrator. When your
registration is accepted, this is the Dashboard you will see. This concludes
this demonstration. You should now be able to create your pharmacist user
account in MassPAT. Should you need assistance in using the system, call the
Appriss helpdesk phone number that appears at the top right of every page
of the system.