May 2014 favourites ♡ (First Aid Beauty, Benefit, Stradivarius, Modcloth, ect.)

>>Hi giugizers and happy June to you all, new month, new favourites video so make your self comfortable grab a tea, a coffee some water or whatever you prefer and let’s get started! The first product I’d like to talk about is a face scrub the refined finish facial polish by Benefit. I’ve been looking for an effective non irritating scrub for quite a while because scrubs often have a nubby texture which tends to irritate and redden sensitive skins like mine while the refined finish has the perfect texture in micrograins with a light yet effective abrasive action I used it once a week for the past 20 days and I liked it also because it has a clay formulation which purifies and soothens the skin. So it gives a nice result, the skin is brighter and more toned up it removes the dead cells so I highly recommend it, the only down side is the price because the package containing 127.5 gr of product costs 30.50 euros. Even if, to be honest, you just need a tiny bit to get a good result so it should last quite a long time. If you are interested you can find it in Sephora stores or online. The second product is a face cleanser by First Aid Beauty the face cleanser I already spoke about this brand because it has a wide range of products and a good price-quality ratio, at least on the items I tested personally and this face cleanser is a good example. As you can see it’s a light mousse that mixed with water turns into a cream which cleanses, removes the make up remains degreases and offers an antioxidant action. It also has a clay base which soothens the skin and it’s perfect for sensitive skins like mine. It is also paraben and coloring free and it helps balancing the natural skin acidity. So if you are looking for an effective face cleanser suitable for sensitive skin don’t miss the First Aid Beauty face cleanser, it costs 17.00 euros and you can find it online on the BeautyBay site I remind you that on my blog you’ll find the link for this product and all the other ones I’ll talk about in the video and my blog address is in the infobox below as usual. Lately I developped an addiction for the Body Shop body products The scrubs have a perfect texture and the butters and shower gels leave the sking silky and soft and they are available in many different fragrances. In May I got tempted by the mango line and girls you need to try it because it’s amazing. It’s sweet but not too intense, it’s fresh and perfect for this season. The three products used together are lovely because the shower gel, here it is, it’s soap free so it cleanses without drying out the skin, the scrub as I said has a perfect texture because it exfoliates without irritating and it’s made of natural salt and biological sugar and the smell is …mmmmm… and the body butter here it is, it’s very rich yet light and it’s made of mango oil and cocoa butter and it’s perfect for drier skins like mine. used together they leave a lovely perfume which lasts after the shower To save some money I purchased the medium gift set which contains these 3 products plus a sponge and a soap and I paid it 35.00 euros if you are interested in the prices of the single products the shower gel costs 6.00 euros while both the body butter and the scrub cost 15.00 euros each and you can find them in Body Shop stores or online. Speaking about hair I’d like to suggest this argan mask by Babyliss because it has a very good price-quality ratio the package contains 250ml of product and it costs 8.60 euros. I used it on the last month and a half and I loved it. It’s very rich and it’s perfect for damaged, dried hair. As I said in other videos I’m often using the curling wand and the heat as you know damages the hair so it’s important to use products which protect and thanks to the argan oil formula this mask is really effective. It protects and hydrates the hair and makes it healthier, it’s really easy to use it must be applied on wet hair, with particular care of the ends which tend to get more damaged, left on for around 5/10 minutes and then rinsed off and the hair immediately look healthier, softer and more shiny. If you are interested you can find it on BeautyBay, as usual the link is on my blog the adress is down below. I open the make up section with Benefit color perfector, the Big Easy. I already showed it in my Milan haul video, if you missed it you can watch it by clicking here… and here it comes again among my favourites and it couldn’t be differently as I really liked it. I would describe it as a mix between a BB cream and a foundation because it’s light weight and hydrating as a Bb cream with the good covering of a foundation. It also has a powder matt finish The texture is fluid, really easy to apply it perfectly blends in and the final finish is natural and light you forget to have it on. Moreover as I said it’s matt so it reduces the shininess and it’s perfect for this season in which we tend to wear a bit less make up I didn’t mention yet but it has an SPF 35 which is amazing and even in lazy days when you don’t fell like sporting a full make up you can wear this to even out the compleaxion add some mascara and be ready to go out. It’s available in 4 shades to match with everyskin tone. The price is 38.90 euros I suggest you to try it because it’s the perfect product for Spring and Summer and I’m sure you won’t regret it if you are interested you can find it in Sephora, in the stores and online. The next product is Sephora Luster Matte Long-wear Lip color I found this product through a Youtube video and I immediately got curious about it because it apparently looks like a classic lip gloss while it actually is a matt finish lipstick Being liquid makes it easy to apply on the lips but then the finishing turns matt with a really long wear. It will last throughout the evening, even while eating and drinking. The only down side is that it tends to dry out the lips but if you are looking for a highly pigmented long wear lipstick without any need of touch ups you need to try it, it costs 14.00 euros it’s available in 8 shades, I went for the number… 3, Strawberry kiss which is a strawberry red perfect for Summer. If you are interested you’ll find it in Sephora’s stores or online. In May I experienced for the first time Stradivarius not that I didn’t know the brand, it’s just that I never went inside their stores because I thought it had a style more suitable for very young girls. Now even if that’s not far from the truth I was pleasently surprised. The first thing I noticed as soon as I entered the store where the blouses. There was plenty of them with some bright and cute prints amazing colors and also the cut and the weight were so good. After a long indecision I ended up buying this one I love the glasses print on the soft pink fabric As you can see it’s very light and comfortable and it’s easy to pair with jeans and skirts. I like the 3/4 sleev3 I suggest you to go check Stradivarius, on the web site if you don’t have a shop nearby and check the bouses because you’ll find some amazing prints and lovely shades for this season. I paid it 16.00 euros, a very good price and I already wore it a lot. Always at Stradivarius I had a lovely surprise when I saw this guy a cropped 3/4 sleeved denim jacket I’ve been looking for something like this for a while without finding anything I really liked While this one is perfect it has the ideal length to wear with my flared skirts because it’s just above the waist I love the 3/4 sleeve it fits perfectly and I like that it doesn’t have a collar I paid it 30.00 euros which is not bad and I’m sure I’m going to wear it throughout Spring and Summer If you are interested you’ll find it at Stradivarius. As last thing I couldn’t avoid including a dress here it is! I bought it on the american web site Modcloth, I spoke about it a thousend times because everytime I visit the site I fall in love with at least one thing, which is what happened with this dress which is perfect for Spring and Summer, it reminds my of pic-nics in the park the color is a strawberry red matched with white on this peculiar pattern the shape it the classic one I adore, if you follow my videos I have no need to add more I paid it 80 $ and if you like it run on Modcloth and grab one before it’s gone! Tadaaa, here is my first favourite accessory a necklace I know I already showed it in my Milan haul but I couldn’t avoid including it among my favourites because i love it. I love the coral red color which is perfect matched with everything, it’s perfect for this season, I like it because even if it’s a big piece it’s not too rich , it’s quite simple it’s easy to pair and it adds a bright touch on every outfit, even the most boring ones. I’ve been wearing it a lot I love it and I bought it in Zara for 23.00 euros If you like it go find it before it’s sold out because I think it’s going to sell well. Speaking about my creatons I can’t help showing you the new parure I made inspired by Frida Khalo, who as you know is always one of my first inspirations This time I chose a black and white picture of Frida that I really love and I paired it with pendant, charms and chains in silver color obtaining a retro and chic result. I created several accessories among which this necklace, this round ring these earrings and some other accessories which I already sold If you like these pieces or if you are curious to see my whole collection I suggest you to check my facebook page you’ll find the link in the infobox below Check the photo albums and read the descriptions to get all the info about the products and if you are interested don’t hesitate to send me a private message on facebook or an email to the adress you’ll find in the info section of the page. The book section which ends my favourites video is back and this month I’d like to suggest you “the color of memory” by Care Santos sometimes books come to us in an unplanned way I discovered this book thanks to my friend Antonellla who gave it to me and I officially thank her I read without knowing the plot or the author and I approched it with some suspicion like you do when you feel the water before you go to swim but right after the first pages I fell in love with it. The plot is set in a fascinating Barcelona between past and present narrating the Lax family saga a rich and powerful family from Barcelona through 5 generations. The story is fascinating and the narrative choice is peculiar because it alternates chapters with a regular narrative form to others with emails, extracts from art books newspaper articles , letters always bringing us back and forward between past and present to the point where the characters end up overlapping in the mind of the reader, or at least that’s what happened to me. Obviously through the narration of the Lax history many secrets come to the light and they become more and more disturbing while the plot develops If you like historic books, even if this one is a peculiar historic book, you’ve got to read it. if you like family sagas you’ve got to read it if you like a bit of mistery you’ve got to read it. Now it is ready to come back to its owner, thanks Anto If you are interested you can also find it online on IBS at the price of 14.88 euros. Et voilà, that’s it for this month As usual I hope my suggestions will help you in your future purchases If so please give this video a big thumbs up and share it, or the blog post, with all your friends I also remind you that on my blog you’ll find the complete list with direct links of all the products I talked about I think it’s time to wrap it up have a good life and I’ll talk with you in my next video…ciao! The refined finish facial polish by Penefit..PENEFIT!!?? The second product is a face cleanser by First aid beauty the face cleanser… The second product is a face cleanser by First aid beauty, the face cleanser… why can’t I pronunce it?? perfect, the ba..bababa… Lately I developped an addiction for the Body shop Body products Lately…llllaaaaaatttteeeelllllyyyyyy….