today I’m super excited because I’m
gonna be doing a May favorites for you guys these were all my favorite products
from last month and probably like the months prior to I just haven’t done a
favorites video in a while they so they’ve kind of just been piling up so
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that being said let’s get on into it so my first favorite is a fashion favorite
I think these heels are so pretty they’re all sequence there by gianni
bini and they have a secret strap in a
sequins block heel which I think are so fun I don’t necessarily wear these out
all the time I wear these for my photo shoot that I did for my website that I
launched called beneath the sequins and I think these are just so fun these are
more of an inspirational piece I’m not like a heel girl I’m pretty tall so I
don’t wear heels all the time I love these so much I just look at them and it
reminds me of my brand if you guys want to know a little bit more about my brand
I called it beneath the sequins because I think beauty and fashion and makeup
and all of this is so much fun but where it really matters is what’s in your
heart and beauty begins within that is my motto that’s what I tell all my
clients beauty begins within it starts with the heart if you have a gracious
and loving heart towards others that will reflect in your appearance so that
is my brand motto you guys can go check out the link down below if you want to
alright so what should I start out with next I think my next favorite which I’ve
mentioned before is this bye bye pores bronzer I did a video all about this I
gave you my review and I absolutely love this bronzer I’ve never loved a bronzer
so much in my life it just gives a really beautiful radiant glow it blends
out so nicely it’s not chalky at all and when you put it on your brush it
smells like coconut it’s really good it’s not too overpowering at all but I
just I love this bronzer so much it’s so smooth it looks really
and it’s perfect for summer and then the next makeup favorite I have is this
flawless fusion ultra long wear concealer concealer by Laura Mercier and
I just think this is so beautiful I think it reminds me a lot of the NARS
radiant creamy concealer I just feel like it’s a little bit lighter and
blends out really really nicely I’m in the shade to see I got it a little bit
darker because I noticed in my Tarte shape tape I was going like really
bright underneath my eyes and it almost kind of made me look very white and
washed out so I got a concealer that kind of matched my skin tone a little
bit better and I’m really really liking it so if you guys are in need of a new
concealer this is one of my favorites it’s so much more moisturizing than the
heart-shaped tape and it just is a lot lighter and prettier on the skin I think
I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before it’s the eye duty triple remedy
by first day beauty is that what it is yes it Brightens deep puffs and smooth so
I’ve talked about it before in some of my past videos but if I want to go like
without makeup all day sometimes I’ll put a little bit of this underneath my
eyes and it just brightens and it really does it’s smooth it’s kind of has a
pinky undertone which really helps with the brightening effect so I just put a
little bit of that on and it kind of just makes me look more awake and alive
so I really really love this it’s pretty expensive though I feel like it was
almost the price of a foundation for 30-point 34 fluid ounces I mean I use a
dot so it lasts a really long time but it was really pricey so if you go
without wearing a lot of makeup and you just want a little bit of brightening
under your eyes I would get that but if you don’t any wear makeup pretty much
every day and you don’t feel like you need it I wouldn’t worry about that but
that is one of my favorites so my next favorite are some brushes and I don’t
have the other two little brushes I don’t know where they went but I love
them so much these are the Eco tools like little travel sized brushes and
they fit right in my travel size makeup bag which is perfect and have hairs all
over them but they’re so nice just to put a little powder on a little blush a
little highlight and I love taking these brushes with me because I have
a lot of brushes and they’re all very bulky and big so just having smaller
ones that I can just throw in my makeup bag and go is really really nice and
then they also have like two eyeshadow brushes that it came with as well so my
next favorite that I’ve been really loving is this Tarte clean slate
timeless smoothing primer and Tati has talked a lot about this primer if you
guys know who talked to you she’s another beauty guru not that I’m a
beauty guru but she’s a beauty guru here on YouTube and she’s talked all about
this and it really does just mattify your skin down and fills in your pores
it’s super super nice I really really like it so I just put that in my t-zone
it fills in my pores and just kind of mattifies my t-zone cuz I do tend to get
a little bit oily if you guys are dry you might really not like this product
you might want something a little bit more moisturizing but I really really
love this my next favorite is the NARS natural radiant long wear foundation I’m
in the shade Patagonia this is just the most beautiful daytime natural
foundation you can also build it up and wear it for a night time as well it just
looks so pretty and it does last a really long time and wouldn’t say that
it’s like 12 hours but I’d say it’s about like 6 to 8 and it’s really really
pretty I love it it’s super natural looking it doesn’t look too glowy it
doesn’t look too matte it’s right there in the middle and it’s perfect and in my
last beauty product which one of my friends told me about is this Mario
Badescu facial spray with aloe and chamomile and lavender so you just spray
it on your face it’s so nice and refreshing I don’t really know if it
does anything for your skin but it feels really nice it has vitamin C in it and
it says it combats skin aging free radicals leaving the skin balanced and
bright so you can either spray this on in the morning after your skincare or
you can spray it and kind of set your makeup with it which I kind of do both
with this it smells so good and it’s super refreshing this was $5 and they
also have a big bottle that’s like $12 so it wasn’t that expensive at all the
Urban Decay like setting spray I think is like $30 and I don’t even know if it
does anything so this was really nice and it smells so good and it seems
pretty natural as well it seemed like you’re putting a lot of
chemicals on your face so the next one’s kind of weird but this is what I use for
a body wash this is the dr. Bronner’s pure castile soap this is the hemp tea
tree and it’s just a very natural body soap it’s a very liquidy so you might
want to put it onto a loofah which really helps just like lathering on your
body or else it’s kind of like pouring water into your hands but I really
really like this stuff and it just feels better that you’re cleaning your body
with like natural ingredients so I really enjoy it
they have different like sins as well and for my last favorite are these joy
cocoa color balance blue shampoo and conditioners I just got my hair like
Bali arched I’ve had it done like two times in my hair tends to go brassy just
because I have super dark hair so she told me to get a blue shampoo and I can
tell it really helps just keep my hair toned for a while I wouldn’t say that
it’s like takes all the warmth out at all it doesn’t do that but I can just
tell that it makes it a little bit more actually not so coppery so definitely
check this out by joy Co I think these are like seventeen dollars a bottle and
I got them at Ulta so that is the end of my favorites I hope you guys enjoyed it
leave some of your favorites in the comments down below I love trying new
products and new things if you guys want to go check out my website I’ll have
that link down below as well thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you next
time bye