Medical Marijuana Patient Stories – Brian, William Britt and Victoria Zavala

I have arthrogryposis its stiffness in the joints I was born like
this and I’ve had about fourteen operations since I was born until I was
ten one of the lucky last few to get polio systemic lupus and degenerative
disc disease I have pain in my hip because I’ve had my hip fused twice and
I’ve had six operations on my foot and five on my other foot when I was a baby
I contracted polio mellitus and it went into my leg and just storied nerves in
my leg so they had to fuse my ankle and I later developed epilepsy when I turned
18 anybody who’s out there that knows about love this who knows the pills that
I’m talking about knows about the steroids knows about the swelling that
happens knows about how the Sun just aches knows about the feeling of your
veins and the cramping your stomach what it endures off the pills and then you
find yourself taking that pill you know to cure that problem and then that pill
has a problem and you’re just pill after pill patch after patch you talk about a
condition with very similar to multiple sclerosis but you don’t know muscle
spasms nausea chronic pain scoliosis
so basically when I wake up in the morning I open my eyes and say I’m gonna
be in pain today and one of the reasons why I did choose
marijuana it’s an area of expertise like mental health and illness there the
stigma is really high and you can combat that stigma with a little bit of
education because people the fear and the the stupidity in the you know the
lies out there just so prevalent that when you when you address those issues
it’s so rational when you say no it’s not you know this is a plan I told him
you know I’m gonna go back to canvas this is what was working for me and this
was a hematologists and an oncologist and he said go ahead so I did and I said
I’ll see you cuz I’m gonna try to sell and it took me about a month to detox my
body before I tried the cannabis because I had to use the hemp products I had to
get off the fentanyl patches some oxycontin with the morphine the Selma
the ultram the the steroids the beta blockers more damages caused by the laws
you know then then actually by the cannabis itself people just really need
to understand that if cannabis is gonna work for you or you never tried it and
you tried it and you’re on a lot of pills and it’s in the back of your mind
or you did it in the 60s because I hear all these stories and they look at me
like this girl is cuckoo but I’m not cool if I know it work nobody knows a condition like somebody
who’s lived with it all their life that’s why I smoke medical marijuana so without it it would be you’d almost
be you know you just be lost I guess I would word I’m looking for you you