Medication: Why choose Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin?

Giving medicine to kids may seem pretty simple. The smaller the kid, the smaller the dose — right? Not necessarily. Kids’ bodies are still developing, so they react to medicine differently than adults. Sometimes it actually takes more to help
kids get better. Other times, even tiny amounts of medicine developed for adults can have serious side effects in kids. Adult doses are relatively standard, but about 80 percent of the medicines we use don’t come with pediatric recommendations. And doctors and pharmacists who treat mostly adults may not know how to prescribe the right amount for kids. At Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, we have 350 doctors and 40 pharmacists with special pediatric training. They are able to factor in age, weight and metabolism to get the dose just right. And because getting kids to take medicine can be tricky, our pharmacists go that extra mile to make it taste better. When medicine doesn’t come with directions for kids, you can count on the Children’s experts
who are 100 percent focused on kids and teens.