///wow Asked this girl on the bus What would be the scariest costume ever To wear for Halloween? And you know what she told me? She told me to go look in the mirror Tobu – Such Fun Welcome back to the spookiest episode of Murder Run, ever… We are playing: Halloween Edition Crainer, do a spooky noise Yes You had a messed up childhood didn’t you? *laughs* Okay, so what we’re doing As you guys know Murder Run, we have four different modeled heads Thea, come on out Halloween Themed Who did you pick? Thea’s the first murderer Who did you pick? ROUND ONE (Vampire) *laughs* *being scared* Crainer sleep at a different city Sleep in a different England if you want to come to our house you can’t Go away What the heck was that? She is Dracula That is sick Thea, I like that voice Continue that the rest of the episode let’s do this Let’s do this *inside laughs* So there’s two new traps For the survivors this episode We have, “/TP ME AWAY FROM HERE” Which– When you throw it you tp (teleport) in a random spot and then we have another one this is called, “Six Sense” Detects the killer if they are close to them Oh my gosh Thea, what is wrong with you And then there’s a new trap for the killer Spent some stars and get stuff from players’ dead bodies Craner you might want to move To a different house tonight So I think what I’m gonna do this round I want to see what this sixth sense acually does It says it shows the killer when they’re close by So I’m gonna get this And I also bought a full set of armor as you guys saw So let’s grab that This thing costs two and a half stacks, though If this isn’t good, I’m suing I think Neo I think you guys know Neo I think he makes the traps if this thing isn’t good. I’m suing him I’m gonna sue him for everything he’s worth I’m just kidding, that’s rude Okay, so I have two and a half stacks left So if this shows when the killer’s nearby How can I make this good? Oh that’s what I can do Buy a bunch of these free straps right there It freezes the killer in place And whatever I see Thea get close I can throw freeze traps at her That is gonna be sick Because I can see exactly where she’s coming from That is gonna be good Okay, What Who am I now since that I–? I oh, I’m a skeleton look at me I? Oh I’m a skeleton Look at me *laughs* Alright let’s get in a call let’s do this Alright are you guys ready? Are you guys in the portal? Okay, I’m coming through *laughs* What is wrong with her Dude look at this map This map was specially made by Mar. Jo and Tsts *laughs* Okay, so let’s find it– *laughs* Let’s find a spot Yeah, we got to find a respond Thea go hide in the hole somewhere All right is everybody ready? Freakin Thea stay turned around you freak *laughs* Okay and since Madelyn won last week She had two extra stacks of Nether Stars so Madeleine carry us carry us to Can’t turn around can’t turn her out don’t you look at us you ol freak alright is everybody ready? I am ready, okay. It’s on Qian oh Okay, I’m using six cents. I have my six cents activated. Oh nice boat ramp Don’t let her take those Don’t don’t let her eat your blood. Don’t let her eat you Okay, so whatever she gets close to me I can see her I Don’t know my Grater don’t want to take your blood don’t want to take your So it’s me and Dracula Okay okay my sixth sense is tingling my sixth sense is not tinkling she sees me, but I don’t take her I hit her with this I hit her with the free You can so good at this what’s going on with you? I’m just gonna say this. I don’t know if she’s Dracula. She’s Russian All right Madeline you’re the next killer who but what you saw oh Dude, what you crap was that you know who I am Hey, okay, come on out I want to see who are you? I Don’t have a head She’s a pumpkin I don’t know. What is it just a pumpkin? Oh? It’s the Headless Horseman oh Hi Madeline stay away your headless freak digger get away get away headless freak No get away. Get away, so I think what I’m gonna do this time. I haven’t done this in a while I am gonna protect this city So what I’m gonna Do okay, so let’s go into this merchant you guys remember this trap right here the corpus warp Which teleports you to a random? Dead body right. I’m gonna grab one of these so if Madeline kills somebody before she kills me I’m gonna use the resurrection stone and res that said person let’s go hey Let me buy four of these nether warts. Just like this at four three. Good lord. This is so expensive. I’m trying to fit okay, so if I get the Resurrection stone I have a stack and almost a half left. What can I buy with this maybe armor? Yeah, let’s go ahead and get I’m gonna get a full set of armor Just so I can’t get one shot by Madeline there. We go okay. I’m gonna protect this city I’m gonna be a selfless human being we will rest somebody from the grave. Okay. I’m coming in you got everybody ready Okay, okay, okay, I’m gonna go find another spot. I think I found a spot now is there here. Did you find pizza crater? Pizza carrots, you know the same thing Grater what the crapper you’re Joey bear do a little freak? What is wrong with you’re dead, okay? It’s I can’t it’s on cue Death walks among us we’ve spotted Okay okay, Oh No Oh, No who’s she going to yeah, yeah? I think she’s coming to you TIA hey, I think she’s coming to you I’m just looking around Tia. Where did you come from oh? No I was loved we Wait where am I why am I here we got sloppy? Oh did Madeline swap us. Yeah, we got swap dude. I’m sorry for putting you in such a crappy location by the way You guys need to run right now you guys need to run right now Okay deal Thea THEA Give me ten seconds to you trust him dad. Do you trust me? Come back to us. Are you here – no? We got swamped did you bring her back to life? Yeah, you are back Flashbangs better greater use a choke on a trap yes Crainer look up You need to survive. Where are you? You literally watch me die no I didn’t. I saw it too late my worst time ever Your body What I don’t see you I’m sorry. I mean to you Alright, so Thea was the first one. Dead she has to pick who’s the next killer me or Crainer? Who do you choose? Crainer You are jerk Let’s do this alright crainer. Dude. You are you for this Halloween? Who did you choose? Yeah? I’m ready Crainer you’re supposed to be a scary werewolf not a little poodle What is wrong with you Go ahead try this oh, okay, go ahead I Look pretty cool, dude. I like that’s much better stick with that. Just just don’t be a little toy poodle anymore. Hey Is wrong with you, so I think what I’m gonna do this time versus crater I’m gonna try this new trap, which TP you anywhere on the map. It’s kind of expensive it does cost two stacks of nether stars for each So let’s get I think I want to get three of these and the reason why I’m gonna do this cuz you guys know the other trap Which is the diamond it teleports you backwards five seconds? But all the killer has to do is turn around and act kind of chase you but this This teleports you anywhere on the map so you can get away Three different times a completely be hidden. I think this is going to be op also I have 24 extra stacks of nether star or extra nether stars. I don’t know what to get with this hey Maybe maybe a chest piece Wait, maybe we could be part skeleton. We are part skeleton. Let’s do this. Hi everybody ready. Hey Crainer Don’t you look you are such a weird dog you sit in your doghouse you sit in your doghouse look away doggie Kehaan Did I think that was a Madeleine Sorry Thea Thea take careful careful thea look to your right hello Why are you crawling? Somebody spying I Didn’t have that on my screen. Maybe she’s looking at me Thea Thea run. Do you get away get away Thea run? Thea, rise oh, no, did you use the corruption? No no thea’s alive to help him oh No No Maddy Wait oh I see somebody So you teleported me with Madeleine yes, because I knew you would like do some weird strategy So I knew I should just get Under here Oh my gosh, I thought I could stay there forever All right, I am the final killer, are you ready for this I? Have no clue what this guy said so I’m gonna do this Take that back Take it back Crainer you take that back I am much prettier than this Kinda, so what is Frankenstein say does anybody know? All right, I’m muting you guys don’t listen to my strategy ever don’t know listen. I’m nude I’m gonna kill all of you So I think I want to try this this new gamble a trap whenever you kill somebody apparently a chest Drops on the ground and it gives you a random Powerup or another trap I kind of want to try that it’s only two and a half stacks And you get three extra tray or two extra traps for killing people And if somebody raises somebody you even get another trap That’s good. If he’s sick, okay, so let’s buy two of these nether warts and let’s get this gamble trap And I think the next thing I’m gonna get to get it started on me getting random traps from the gamble I’m gonna get the infrared vision so I can see anybody on the map for like ten seconds Let’s get this and I think the next thing I have two stacks left this trap here the all-seeing eye I think it’s what Crainer used I can see through somebody’s eyes Which means I can see what they see and find them easier, so I’m gonna grab that let’s see if we can do this Hopefully we get some good traps from this gamble. Everybody go hide. I’m gonna kill everything Okay, not looking not looking not looking. I promise Three two one Okay, I just did I did the new trap gamble so if I kill on today who glowed me who glowed me who did Madeline stop that okay, so he’s over by the house I Think he’s going into the house Something nice Shift hold on hold on Thea is it you in the house oh No, she is the invisible Trap Hello thea I Had the all-seeing eye Okay right right only given your brain Okay, so I’m supposed to get a gamble. Yeah, we’re just Oh Crainer. Are you ready for this? Hello crainer wait why are you so tanky Crainer? You need to die? Why did that take too long to kill you So you went the tanky route yeah, let’s head back to the lobby, let’s see who did this the quickest all right We’re all here. We all got our Halloween heads. This is like turtlenecks sweater bunch halloween edition we today should do turtleneck sweater I kehaan it’s on you who won the special Halloween episode in three two By seven second and poor Madeline I think that’s my worst time ever I Won this special Halloween edition there’s if you guys have enjoyed this episode Hit the like button down below. Also if you go outside during Halloween be safe. Don’t eat too much candy. You’ll get dead and We’ll see it gresum I’ll see you dudes next time