Minimalistic Skincare Routines for Your Upper 20’s – Anti-aging, Acne, Dullness, Dehydration

so if you were like me at one point and
you were feeling lost or overwhelmed with what exactly are we supposed to use
in our skincare routines in our upper 20s then here is my video to help you
with that skin care doesn’t have to feel like a chore you can feel really
satisfying and be super quick if you stick to the right products that your
skin needs here are my minimalistic routines that
target aging acne scars a dull complexion and combination and
dehydrated skin hello guys so if you’ve watched any of my previous skincare
routines you know that it always starts with drinking a glass of water to get my
skin it ready for facial massage the first step is cleansing the skin and you
want to do this to get rid of dirt and oil from overnight
I used my Garnier micellar cleansing water on a cotton pad and this is the
quickest way to cleanse your face in the morning and my morning routine went from
being like 20 minutes long to 10 really it’s that quick and simple and I use
this all over my face my chest my neck and even behind my ears and you can see
the cotton pad is pretty dirty I even used the rest of the micellar water on
the cotton pad to exfoliate my lips I have two options for toner this one is
my first one and it’s an AJ glycolic acid toner
I love AHEA for keeping my skin clear and smooth and it also helps to fade
scars and gets rid of active pimples and prevents new ones from forming my second
option is using a gentle toner with my vitamin C serum and the reason you want
to do that is because vitamin C and AJ shouldn’t go together they’re both
actives which means that if you use them together they will irritate your skin
vitamin C fade spots brightens the complexion protects against sun damage
and lasts for 72 hours on the skin which is why I don’t use it every day
this is completely optional but I like to use my DIY spray for extra moisture
that my skin can really used it’s important to use an eye cream for the
really delicate sensitive and dry area I have fine lines under my eyes
I want to prevent krills fee from forming I also think that using a
skincare oil it’s fantastic for all skin types it really helps to help your skin
heal faster and to stay really moisturized
I think facial massage is so overlooked it really helps you firm the face soften
the wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming and it really helps the puffs
the face it helps to rejuvenate the skin and help it to keep looking younger by
the way check the description box for a related content to this video I also
have two moisturizer options you can use the oil as a moisturizer by itself and
then pair it with a sunscreen or if you’re not going out then use a separate
moisturizer I like to use vanta cream for that here I’m using the Aveeno
sunscreen which i really like because it helps to even out my skin tone and I
like to use this on days that I don’t wear any makeup except for maybe a
little bit of cream blush because it really helps to even out my skin tone as
you can see my skin is really clean and fresh and moisturized I still have a lot
of redness but that will go down eventually as for the evening’s skincare
routine it always starts with taking off your makeup and I like to use this
microfiber cloth because it’s really gentle but you could also use the same
micellar cleansing water in the morning with a cotton pad or you can use a
cleansing balm or an oil this is the clinic one I love all of them but I
prefer to use the microfiber cloth now I just discovered this before I went on my
trip my mom actually got it for me from QVC and I love it because it’s really
gentle it’s so soft and it really gets rid of all my makeup no matter what’s on
it waterproof or not what I love about this the most is that it’s zero waste
it’s environmentally friendly you can just wash it in the washing machine and
it’s good to use again it does stain so be mindful of that but I just love it
it’s so in soft I cleanse in the shower and I
prefer to use cream cleansers because they’re much gentler and non stripping
if you have acne prone skin like I do I suggest using a physical scrub and a
clay mask once or twice a week to really keep your skin clear and smooth and even
brighten your complexion these are the Loreal skin care products
that I have been really enjoying and this is the skin care spatula that I use
with the mask to help apply the mask to my face and I leave it on my skin for 10
minutes I have to body care videos on my channel and I’ll link them in the
description box down below but I always put on some body butter after a shower
and I put on this 10% glycolic acid cream on my back knee for scars and for
active pimples and moisturize with manna cream I forgot to mention that all you
have to do is dampen the microfiber cloth a little bit and there you have it
I like to use my a each a toner most of the time you can also use a gentle toner
if that’s what your skin needs but I also like to use these facial radiance
pads by first aid beauty whenever my skin is really pimply and really dull
and can use some extra help I only use this once every two weeks because it’s
much more powerful than my aah a toner again this is optional you don’t have to
use a spray and then I also go in with my eye cream I think it’s really
important to choose one serum that will do everything for you this is a
hydrating very moisturizing serum and I’m sure that you get one that targets
your specific concern this is also optional but I like to use
tea tree oil to kill spots on my face that includes rashes and it really helps
to calm down redness I do have a blog post on my oil mix and a blog post on
all the oils in my collection if you are wondering about which oil would be good
for your skin type or for your needs facial massage at night is amazing for
really getting rid of the stress and tension from your face this is a quad
tool but you can also use your hands of course then I finish it off with
moisturizer as a barrier for my skin and again this is completely optional but I
like to use a little bit of aquaphor and put it all over my face as a moisture
mask a sleeping pack if you will and I always wake up with really moisturizing
glowing skin I hope you guys found this video helpful if you did please give it
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telling me what your best products and your skincare routines are and I’ll see
you in my next video bye