Minuteman – Big Bag vs. Little Bag – Which Medkit is the Best – One Minute Battlefield 4 (BF4) Tips

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: Let’s talk bags. First up, the Medic Bag, also known as the
“Big Bag.” It’ll heal in a radius, heals constantly once it starts, but is paused by
suppression. I like to run this in very crowded infantry conditions like Lockers and Metro. And then there’s the First Aid Kit, also
known as the “Little Bag.” It has the advantage of healing through suppression so
you can keep on attacking. It’ll stick to friendlies if you toss it roughly near them,
and one is enough to heal from zero to full, as long as no damage is taken. The First Aid
Kit is pretty much my go-to in almost every situation. Now, you could combine them both, but giving
up a revive spot isn’t worth the synergistic effect. But it’s not a bad idea to hover
near a Big Bag if you’re running the little bags as their effects do combine. Something you might not know is that the Medic
Bag heals more slowly on higher tickrate servers. It gets more pronounced the higher the tickrate.
So the big bag becomes quite inferior to the little bag on higher tickrates. This is why
I almost always run the little bag. That’s it for this episode of Minuteman.
As always, thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time, YouTube.